IAF Jaguar suffers bird hit, pilot's action saves aircraft and lives



AMBALA: A video released by the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Friday showed a Jaguar pilot jettisoning payload after encountering bird hit, shortly after taking off from the Amb Air Force base. The action became necessary due to the failure of one of the engines after the bird hit.


The IAF in a tweet lauded the pilot for demonstrating "the highest professional standards of the IAF resulting from extensive operational training," that helped avoid collateral dge and loss of life and property on the ground.


In the video released by IAF on its offi al Twitter handle, the Jaguar is seen being hit by the flock of birds, barely ten seconds after take off. The young pilot was swift in reacting, and within seven seconds he jettisoned two additional fuel drop tanks as well as carrier bomb light stores (CBLS) pods and went on to safely land the aircraft.

在印度空军官方微博公布的视频中, 该“美洲虎”攻击机在起飞后不到十秒与一群鸟迎面相撞。年轻的飞行员反应迅速, 在七秒内抛下两个副油箱和训练用弹,安全着陆。

IAF offi als said litter thrown in open areas around the airfield attracts the birds. They urged that civilians should not throw garbage in open around the airfield in Amb Cantonment.



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paedru fernando





Great and timely response to situation, salute



Pbch Chowdhuri • India

This young pilot must be congratulated and rewarded for saving lives including his own and saving an expensive aircraft from crashing.



Nation • Others

Indians will appreciate when Pilots will shoot down enemy planes but not this type of activity.


harsha ale

What do you mean? They had to do it to save the aircraft and their lives.



shaleen mathur

Littering should attract 1 crore rupees penalty and 10 year jail.



Hi Sudip • 2 days ago

Brilliant !



aki Banerjee • NYC • 2 days ago

Great work!! That IAF pilots demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism is beyond any doubt. What concerns us all, is that in spite of their dedication and unflinching dedication for the cause, they are not allowed the best in terms of training facilities, aircrafts and related support owing to go nment apathy and bureaucratics ineptitude.



Sajal • 2 days ago

the corrupt and inefficient municipalty shud be pilunished.. laurels to the pilot



Babloo Sharma

Thank you sir. We are losing planes in these accidents than in wars. You saved the plane and about 300 million dollars of the exchequer.



Irfan Khawaja • Frankfurt, Germany

Indian pilots these days killing birds more than enemy targets. A big flock of Indian air force modern jets killed one black crow and four trees in raid on Bkot. Now they killed another bird. hahaha....



shankar nat • 2 days ago

Great and simply superb move by the Pilot... He improves the performance of his airplane by removing the exceeds weight which would be added burden to the already crippled Engine which was hit by the Bird.... Master stroke...



Shaun Xalin • 2 days ago

this shows the professionalism of IAF



Dalip • New Delhi, India • 2 days ago

Selute to brave young Pilot.



Calvin • 2 days ago

indian aircrafts are antique. even a sparrow can bring it down. never upgraded any aircraft in 50yrs.



Anantha Prasanna • 2 days ago

Civilian settlements especially slums, in and around airports have been a menance. Birds flying aimlessly are a common sight and is a nightmare for all pilots. Wonder why there is no progress in technology to scare away birds from the planes, instead of atrracting them in the engine.



Mandar • Canada • 2 days ago

Well done for keep presence of mind. Keep it up IAF, we are proud of you more than you know.



Tara • New Delhi • 2 days ago

disposing their waste is common arriun airfields. No one adhered to rules and common sense.. And these shops mostly belongs to mus ms.



Ram Pyare • 2 days ago

Congrats and thank you young brother pilot. The nation is inde ted to you. May you get award from govt.



Mitu De • New • 2 days ago

KUDOS...  he deserves am Award


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