RAF jets escort Air India flight to London after bomb threat



MUMBAI: An Air India flight from Mumbai to Newark packed with 327 passengers was flying over Ireland on Thursday when the airline messaged its pilots about a bomb threat received via email from a sender who cmed to be from an anti-Israel terror outfit.



Sarthak • Delhi • 1 day ago

I hope everyone is safe and no bomb is actually present there. Culprits for threatening should be brought to justice.



JustSay That• Bengaluru • 21 hours ago

Nice Brit sends fighter jets at supersonic speed! only India has been backward when it comes to national security, thanks to italian barmaid and corrupt dynast family.



GANGSIN SINGH• 1 day ago

Air India itself is a threat to passenger''s safety.



Sssssshhhhh • 1 day ago

Award death penalty to the person who had made hoax call


Ramesh Pai • 1 day ago

Death penalty too easy. Callee should be given life sentence without parole, under any Kaushlesh Rcircumstances.



awat • 1 day ago

My son is on that plane. Hope everything is ok



Abhishek• 1 day ago

don't worry. i bet it must be a fake call.. there is no benefit to anyone planting a bomb and then calling the authorities.. so chill



mkgupta2310• 1 day ago

Don''t worry. The plane has already landed safely.



Thomas Cheenath • India • 1 day ago

I recollect a recent judgement ag inst a hoax caller at Mumbai court. He was given life sentence for the fake call.. likewise this call also to be traced and apt punishment to be meted out to the criminal



Rn Kay • 1 day ago

If this is prank and someone to be be held accountable. The miscreants be caught and levy the fine equivalent of the money wasted!



Sarthak• Delhi • 19 hours ago

Hoax caller to be treated as real te rort.



Vigneshwar Shankar • 1 day ago

With Dawood Ibrashits airline Jet airways junked!!! There is a new operational destabilization threat to Air India... 1st with their sy ems.... then there flight delays and now Bomb scare!!

捷达航空废了! ! !



Anushka • Surat • 1 day ago

Culprit must be hanged to death.



Edulearn World School • 19 hours ago

Consider it a mock drill.



Jai Bharat • 1 day ago

Hope every thing is ok



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 12 hours ago

The culprits who created the hoax must be caught and punished.



DharmamSatyamNyayam• 1 day ago

When there is a bomb threat on board what can Typhoon fighters flying adjacent to this aircraft can do ?? very puzzling


Solomon Coutinho• 23 hours ago

Also to ensure that the plane moves away from capital/crowded cities just incase a lunatic Te rort is behind the steering



Pradip • 10 hours ago

Somebody trying to SABOTAGE Air India sy ematically, here in India..! RAW must investigate thoroughly..




Guest • 1 day ago

These callers need to be hanged in public.


Truth Hurts• 16 hours ago

Since when have we started hanging people in public. India is a civilized nation. Not like the barbaric Saudi Arabia you live in where public execution is daily.



bhasi_krishnan• 1 day ago

I am not clear about the need to intercept.


Truth Hurts• 16 hours ago

It''s not intercept, it''s called an escort, all aircraft get this when in distress signal is send..



ASHISH CHOUDHARY• 10 hours ago

fighters were there to shoot and destroy plane if it diverts its course of travel as done in 9/11 attack



Thinker • India • 22 hours ago

Toilets overflowing, pilots drunk, crew smuggling, aircraft returning due to a technical snag, rude ground staff, passengers loaded and cockpit crew missing and now this. Air India! You rock!!

厕所人满为患,飞行员醉酒,机组人员走私,飞机因技术故障返航,地勤人员粗鲁,乘客超载,驾驶舱机组人员失踪,现在又发生了这些。印度航空公司,你太棒了! !


Indian • Patna • 23 hours ago

Culprits should be thrown in the Atlantic Ocean.



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