What do young people in Iran think about India and Indians?




Abbas Nderi, lived in Iran

Iranians typically feel very close to Indians, both culturally and genealogically.

Let me cover the points you have mentioned:

1.Iranians are not really upset by the attack of Nader Shah, as it is only one of the few offensives the Persian empire has launched, so they are kind of proud of it too!

2.There are still plenty of Zoroastrians in Iran. However, the Parsi community is not tied directly to them, as the Parsi community is much more influenced by the Hindu culture.

3.Did you know that Khomeini, the supreme leader who did 1979 revolution, was from India?

4.I don't think Iran supplied weapons to Pakistan as you claim. Maybe they did for the fight against Taliban, but Iran does not hold a position towards Kashmir.

5.There is almost no influence of Bollywood in Iran.

6.I have no idea what kabaddi is!

7.Iran's relations with India are so-so, mostly because India has good western relationships.

8.The Hindu-Muslim problems are typically because of Sunnis. Iran does not endorse Sunni activity.

9.Iranians consider themselves as Aryans, but I'm not sure whether they consider Indians Aryans as well













Pooria Han, A Developer, Dreamer and Cinephile

As a young iranian

1.I feel I can understand young indians and arabians much better than europeans and americans, this is because we are more related in culture, tradition and life habits apart from religion also we have common problems that others never could understand what those are!

2.When I hear about young indians, the first thing that come to my mind is hardworking and talent people with a open-mind that want to communicate with the world.

3.I'm not very interested in indian movies maybe because those are very similar to old iranian movies(I don't like new iranian movies either), mostly with a story about revenge, love in first meeting and suchlike, but there are fair amount of iranian people that watch indian movies all the time. I was knew Shahrukh khan and Salman khan when I was very young.

4.And about India, I can tell you if I had a choice to live in india or iran in current time, definitely I would chose india, because of uncomparable freedom.

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3.我对印度电影不是很感兴趣,可能是因为印度电影和老伊朗电影很相似(我也不喜欢伊朗的新电影),大部分都是关于复仇、一见钟情之类的故事,但也有相当多的伊朗人一直喜欢印度电影。我很小的时候就认识Shahrukh khan和Salman khan。



Joe Abasa, Persian and Turkic heritage, fascinated in world history

As an Iranian I find Indian culture to be extremely close and similar in some ancient aspects, and much more distant in some modern ones.

First of all, the ancient societies were very similar. The ruins originally uncovered from the Indus valley society have lots of vague similarity to the ruins of the two Persian capitals of Persepolis and Pasargadae. Ancient Persia also had multiple gods, and fire worship was a major aspect of the culture. Old Pre-Persian societies of the Iranian plteau may have actually shared extensive similarities with those of the subcontinent, both due to the expansion of Farming but also due to the already inherent genetic similarity. Pre-Islamic Persian architecture, though very similar to the architecture of the old Babylonian and Mesopotamian civilizations, also has a very ‘Indic” element to it not found in the others.

Today, the languages maintain a lot of similarity. The numbers are all very similar, as opposed to the Arabic ones which are totally distinct to Persian or Hindi (The two largest respective languages for both Iran and India), and familial, as well as natural, distinctions remain very close and there’s been a surprisingly low amount of divergence even after several thousand years. The words for mother and father, siblings, and others. Iranian culture also continues to share a lot of similarities with Indian culture. Invasion after invasion into both Iran and the less invaded India has eroded this similarity a little bit, but many of the customs in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India seem to have a common origin in a way.

They are two very distinct societies however, but I would say Iran is more similar to India, save for its immediate neighbors like Turkey or Afghanistan.






Kaushal Desai, Engineer by day, dreamer by night

As a graduate student, I had quite a few Irani lab mates and one of them is a good friend. What prompted me to answer this question is your mention of the fact about grou Iran generally with the Arab countries. I don't know if it generally is the case with people from Iran, but he was quite offended when another friend of ours asked him about life in the Arab countries. He's very proud of his Persian heritage, and says he is upset when ignorant people lump them with the Arab countries, because they belong to a totally different culture.

The impression he had about India was formed from all the Bollywood movies he had watched, and he happened to be a big Aishwarya Rai fan (I hadn't heard that from any guy in almost a decade!). He told me that our movies and some of our music is quite popular in Iran. The other part of his perception about Indians in general was moulded as a result of the stereotypes that have been depicted a whole lot.




Farshid Palad, studied at Simon Fraser University

Since I grew up in Canada, and then moved back to Iran, I maybe a little biased and little uninformative. But since I was asked to answer this question I am taking a shot at it.

As an Iranian in Canada I faced many Indians on a daily basis. The youth are among the most intellectual people I have met, especially when it came to post secondary education. They are hard working, dedicated, and really helpful. And this feeling was mutual among all other Iranians toward Indian youth.

When I think about Indian youth, I have an image in my head, hard working individuals, who make great engineers, have a great knack for software development, and deep down their parents want all of them to be doctors :).

They have deep family connections and their culture and heritage is very important to them.

Now, for Iranian youth in Iran it self, the feeling is somewhat similar, I run into Indians here at least once a month, again same qualities are seen here.

As for India itself, I believe it to be a very exotic place and a must see country in a life time. It is among the list of destinations I would like to visit before I kick the bucket.








Visakh V Krishna, Have travelled a lot.

I am a student in Europe. I have met a lot of Iranians in my college. Most of them (if not all) have an idea of India as can be seen from the Western media (Mainly the ones based in UK and the US.)

Mainly they are inquisitive about the Indian food and the variety of spices used. They particularly love biriyani. They also surprised on knowing the amount of diversity in India and express interest to visit the country once.

Generally they are quite friendly and you get to relate a lot with them.

On the downside, I have frequently encountered questions on women safety and the reason for the situation (especially when I mention I am a Delhite :P) As far as their idea of the life in India is concerned, it can be summed up from the following question a friend asked me once:

One of them asked me this question:

"Why are you guys develo missiles and nuclear weapons when the poor are literally starving on the road?"

I feel that some of them do not seem to realize the fact that not the entire population comes under the category above and that poverty is one of the curse that comes along in a develo country.

Nevertheless, they too are changing their opinions over the course of time due to international exposure, but the same cannot be said about the ones living in the country.










Atessa Mahan

Most of Iranians, as far as i know, have a positive feelings about Indians on the whole.

 India seems so interesting and old and colorful and mysterious country that almost all Iranians would like to visit it at least once.

Also Indian films have always been so popular among Iranians. Of course in recent years American films have been much more popular. When i was in high school, i remember many girls learned Indian dance and the pictures of Indian actresses could be seen in young people's rooms.

We certainly have heard about Maharajahs and how incredibly wealthy they are and how lots of people in India are so poor. Iranians usually talk about this when it comes to talk about India. Also I have heard a lot about how dirty the streets and many places in India are ( I am sure it is not all the places but it seems it is a lot of places) and this is not a very positive point of course.

For more educated people, the caste system and the recent rape problems are some other negative points too but of course for them India is also interesting in more intellectual ways.






Amir Starr, Iran hides surprises aplenty.

Iranians don't have a habit of thinking about develo countries people much, generally.

I personally like Indian engineering students (the ones in a good university :D). Well, I personally like all high-achieving people for that matter, but as the indian students resemble iranians quite a lot, i have a sense of sympathy toward them.

As for the general population in india, i kinda pity and dislike them. I've been there, and the country looks like a hotpot of extremely poor people who are either asking for money or engaging in useless jobs (like selling useless things to people and bargaining for any deal) etc. Also, all indians there seem to have a knack for fraud, and were quite dishonest (i mean their shop clerks, tax drivers etc. I didn't speak with the normal people much.).

But i also think that india is in the right track, and is growing quite great.







Farid Taee, lives in Iran (1994-present)

I as an Iranian think that:

1.India is cool

2.72 nations live together in it

3.There are a lot of strange and cool traditions there

4.A lot of nice places to see

5.People drive very bad

6.People are very poor and the hygiene is not good there

7.Most of the Indian dishes have a ton of pepper in them and they are too hot to eat

8.India is one of the programming centers in the world

9.Indian students are clever and smart and hardworking

10.Shahrokh Khan and Amitab Bachan are very well known and popular in Iran











10.Shahrokh Khan和Amitab Bachan在伊朗非常有名,很受欢迎


Haseena Pandey

My best friend is an Iranian girl and I have never heard a single word against Indians from her mouth. The funniest thing is that any Irani I met call themselves Persians. As compared to our so called seculars who debunk history just to please a minority the Persians are very open to say that Islam was a caliphate and it was enforced on them. It was a very big surprise to me.

They love our food, have very nutritious meals, are very health conscious and their built is very strong it seems. They loooove Indian actors like John Abraham and HrithikRoushan. They are very welcoming people and very polite at the same time.

I am in absolute love with this culture and yes the fact that they are very proud to be persians.





Niaz Mahmud, Secular Muslim

Many North Indians have Persian ancestors. They are of Indo-Aryan (Iranian) race. They are very similar in look with Iranians. They just look a bit darker than the Iranians but features are similar.

Iranians can relate to them but those from South or North-East India Iranians have little to no resemblance with them.

In general Iranians know Indians mostly from Bollwood / Hindi films. Also many Iranians go to India for study or medical treatment. It gives them chance to interact with Indians closely.

Iranians can relate to the North Indian culture Since its influenced from Persian culture.

Indo-Aryan languages in present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka







Shahab Dehghani, Senior Advisor

Hi there,

Generally speaking Iranian people have pretty good feelings about India and Indian people.

We (Iranians) feel quite close with Indian culture and have plenty of common Sense & beliefs . Moreover Indian people are found to be quite kind , humble and above all the true peacefull nation on Earth..

By the way I myself did my University education in Panjab University (Chandigarh) back in 1978–1981 and have excellent & unforgettable memoires ; so much that I consider India as my second home and am quite proud of that..

Jay Hindustan






Amir All, lived in Iran

In some respects, we have a lot in common.

We both eat rice as a meal and abuse tea for our daily uses.

Many Iranians love bollywood so much so that they won't watch anything else. We have a channel that its work is basically dub Indian movies and show them, though I'm not a fan.

We respect Indians, we are fascinated by their culture and we find their attitude towards life as a goal.

Now that I'm thinking of it, it's very fascinating that we have so much "Indian" in our culture, and I've never faced with a person who holds an strong opinion towards them.

I think we would get along really well :)








Hanieh Mohammadi, studied at Karolinska Institute

As an Iranian I consider Indians out cousins due to the great cultural exchange we have had with each other. We like Indians regardless of their religion. India gave refuge to the zoroastrian Parsi community during the arab invasion. Religious Iranians know that there are 40 million Shia muslims in India, making it the second biggest behind Iran. We have the same roots (truth with modifications) the Aryan people who settled in Iran and India- sharing many linguistic elements. Indian culture is very diverse vibrant, overall a beautiful country. 



Mohammad Yamini, Proud Iranian Azeri

We mostly know India through its movies! :) the dancing happy Indians singing and dancing in the jungles and behind trees! the people who have lost their family members for years and then they find them dramatically! Or super REALISTIC cinematic graphics! of the Indian movies (Just Kidding!) other than cinema we mostly know them as a populated country with several religions and languages, mostly peaceful people who throw out British colonialists and their hero Gandhi is our hero too! We also know that they have a beautiful country! Thats it!


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