US IT company sues government for denying H-1B visa to Indian professional


NEW DELHI: A Silicon Valley-based IT company has filed a lawsuit against the US government for denying the most sought-after H-1B visa to a highly qualified Indian professional, terming the renunciation "arbitrary" and a "clear abuse of discretion".

新德里: 总部位于硅谷的一家IT公司对美国政府提起诉讼,称美国政府拒绝向一名高素质的印度专业人士发放最抢手的H-1B签证,称这是“武断的”,而且“明显滥用自由裁量权”。



Arjan SinghLocation - 21 hours ago

The real reason for denial is that he is a Gulti (Telugu guy). The US has had enough of noisy Andhra people who never assimilate with the local population but instead hang around with their groups talking loudly in Telugu. They are harmless but they love to show off their wealth which leads to them being shot by jealous locals.



Sam Santra1 day ago

His H1B should have been denied for having such a long name. Praharsh Chandra Sai Venkata Anisetty.

应该是因为名字太长而被拒签,看这名字Praharsh Chandra Sai Venkata Anisetty。


Avon OH - 22 hours ago

USCIS is right Business Analysis does not qualify as advanced profession locals can do the job - don’t require outside candidate - sorry



T PatLocation - 21 hours ago -Follow

Obviously right decision as like many andhra fekus this guy seems one more.



VictorK12 hours ago -Follow

I can give 100 American citizens who are business analysts and unrmployed.



PK Nag10 hours ago -Follow

It is saddening to see people here are happy about the rejection of visa for this guy! You guys have problem with people who want to succed

有些人对这个家伙被拒签感到高兴,真是可悲! 你们对想要获得成功的人有意见。


A Googler12 hours ago -Follow

Business analyst did not qualify as a specialized profession. Moreover this can be done by many Americans. MAGA. These gultis come so much fraud and bring bad name to Indians. Look at the student visa scandals. Majority of the 100s who got deported are gultis. We need to get rid of the gultis in this great country. MAGA. Go Trump!!!!

商业分析师不算专业人才。许多美国人能胜任这个工作。泰卢固人很多都是骗子,败坏了印度人的名声。看看学生签证丑闻吧,100多名被驱逐出境的人中,大多数是泰卢固人。我们需要把泰卢固人都赶走。让美国再次伟大! ! ! !


chanakyaMumbai - 16 hours ago -Follow

Business analyst is not a specialized skillset. Many americans are qualified for this job. Visa dept was right in rejecting his visa



zak46Location - 17 hours ago -Follow

The only skill H1B needs to have these days is to agree to work for super low wages.



Nimi Shah18 hours ago -Follow

He shoukd be first kicked and put behind bars for couple of yearand if still he isinterested he should be dumped in syria.telugu Virus in US are the sole reason why USCIS deny visa to others.



Dilip Kumar19 hours ago -Follow

Trump kept on pursuing his goal of America First... now he is successful ... this has hurt several counries, yet realignment is must....



OracularmanUSA - 19 hours ago

The headline should read “Indian or owned US IT company sues US government for denying H-1B visa to Indian professional“...LOL



arakimusJapan - 21 hours ago

Why you Indians are obsessed with America, here jobs are not for you, go back to your country. Do you give foreigners job in India no you dont, you only rape women



Pbch ChowdhuriIndia - 22 hours ago -Follow

The war for cheap intellectual labour from India has now begun in the US between the government and the IT cimoanies.



GatothkachIndia - 4 hours ago -Follow

They don''t want Indians or in their country anymore period



RakeshCalifornia - 14 hours ago

This company wants cheap labor. Locals can do this job but will ask higher salary. Also it is possible the company is owned by a Gulti and he wants to hire a Gulti. Why would he want to spend thousands of dollars on hiring a foreigner?



guru balanow at Boston MA USA - 17 hours ago -Follow

that is why we call it is US -united states, power of individual rights are very spirit of We Poeple!



zak46Location - 17 hours ago -Follow

H1B is only granted for skills that are not available in the US. Business Systems Analyst skills are not uncommon locally hence the denial.



CA Amol20 hours ago -Follow

Keep it up



San dy1 day ago -Follow

It seems US IT companies are hatching conspiracy theories against The United States.. US government must be watchful in this regard.



AROP1 day ago -Follow

US government knows what is good for US, they are kee national interest on top unlike us.



Dan Shibara3 hours ago -Follow

US should ban this useless H1B visa nonsense completely. It does not benefit US one bit, it takes our local American jobs away, and it bring in pathetic, useless, people from a 3rd world country like India, whom do not assimilate with US culture at all and stay in their own ghettos, wearing funky 70''s style shirts, and heavy oil in their hair, smell really bad, and speak with a very annoying accent, Tung, Tung, Tata tata, Tung, Tung.. Ewwe..... Disgusting.

美国应该完全取消这种毫无用处的H1B签证。对美国没一点好处, 反而抢走了当地人的就业机会, 还招来来自第三世界国家(比如印度)的废材。他们和美国文化格格不入。还是留在自己的贫民窟吧,穿着时髦的70年代风格的衬衫, 头发抹一层厚厚的油,身体散发体味,说话口音又重,太恶心了。


Paadi Pantalu4 hours ago -Follow

Oh boy, so much hate on Telugu guys, unbelievable. Fellow Telugus, watch your manners and earn respect man. This kind of negative fame from your fellow Indians is not good.



hellUSA - 8 hours ago

What''s hell? Americans sue US for Indians? Indians should know: in US anybody can sue anybody anytime.



Mahi13 hours ago -Follow

Americans should be boycotted



Rafael Federer13 hours ago -Follow

Ok ok what''s the big deal.



Bharat Sharma16 hours ago -Follow

THIS is how a company should support its employees..



Straight talking man17 hours ago -Follow

I did not know the qualifications and experience requirement of this job. Reading this news, it could be two things; one could be he is over qualified or the people evaluating these applications are high school graduates with a community college degree, which means that these immigration stuffs are not qualified for evaluating technology specific jobs.



NavalUSA - 17 hours ago -Follow

Business Analyst is very common job role in US IT Industry I don''t think BA role is highly specialized or unique which local Americans can''t do? This role does not need masters qualification either. This case will not stand in court.



Jaddu India - 18 hours ago

USCIS is a rowdy organization with racist illiterates



Mumbai - 19 hours ago

There is no transparency in approving H!B Visa. How there can be bias approach? If US is not interested in Indian IT professionals,should clearly declare the policy



Nitesh Kaushik23 hours ago -Follow

This is not the first case of denial without any reason but surely it would not be the last. But if this case gets the positive response, this can create a good precedence for future.



BenchSH - 1 day ago

how many hours H1B worked daily and not paid overtime ?


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