After Mars, Venus on Isro’s planetary travel list



SRIHARIKOTA: Six years after courting Mars, India has planned seven scientific missions in the next 10 years, including a date with Venus in 2023.


While the spacecraft to Venus will lift off with more than 20 payloads, the next decade will start with interplanetary missions — Xposat to study cosmic radiation in 2020, Aditya L1 to the Sun in 2021, Mars Orbiter Mission-2 in 2022, Lunar Polar Exploration or Chandrayaan-3 in 2024 and Exoworlds, an exploration outside the solar system in 2028.


Venus is considered to be earth’s ‘twin sister’ because of its similarities in mass, size, composition, density and gravity. The mission to the planet will focus on studying the surface and its sub-surface, atmospheric chemistry and the interactions with solar radiation or solar winds.



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gautam r • 2 hours ago

Let''s send Pappu to Venus ... and Mamta to Jupiter ! It''s a golden opportunity !!

把拉胡尔送去金星,玛玛塔送去木星! 这是个千载难逢的机会!

gautam r • 3 hours ago

Good humor.



gautam r • 2 hours ago

Pakistan is already holding the most strategic and best portion of Kashmir and poor Hira Mandians are doing all sorts of imaginary surgical strikes to get it back for the last 70 years.



nitin sharma • Canada • 6 hours ago

Pakistan has decided to land on the sun in the night.Look at their advancement ,.



K Mohan • Hyderabad • 7 hours ago

ISRO has been making silent progress in space exploration and the next project towards Venus seems to be very exciting and interesting. All the best.



Mohan • Canada • 6 hours ago

Will continue with Modijee and BJP and when congress comes back in 2050 then It will stop and launching of Jihadiesssss will take place



nitin sharma • 2 hours ago

I think ISRO should soon start planning in sending antinational feku to another planet



proud Indian • proud Indian • space • 8 hours ago

Russia, US and NASA are the past. could not reach Mars, Paki can''t launch any satellite. India owns space from now on.



Vikas • 5 hours ago

Possible, only with Modi ji.



shrivastav piyush • 9 hours ago

Kudos ISRO! You make us all proud. But to further accelerate our scientific excellence, we need good and research oriented engineering colleges in very large number. Students who go abroad for higher education are more likely to stay there. We need to plug the brain drain too.

向ISRO 致敬!



shrivastav piyush • 2 hours ago

Brain drain is nonsense. Indians who go abroad bring more business and jobs to India than any other Indians.



anmol sam • 7 hours ago

Thanks for the Govt support and allotment of budget. India can be the top in the world, if the govt policies continue to be supportive.



chanakya • Mumbai • 3 hours ago

If ISRO is given more funds, it will overtake NASA as the best space orgnization in the world



K Mohan • Mackay • 5 hours ago

Not such great idea unless ISRO sends Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to Venus.


K Mohan • Thane • 6 hours ago

yes, send modi and rahul to do one on one there and let Indians breathe peace.



Whadafa • Here • 8 hours ago

Best wishes ISRO. You make India and humanity proud.



Akhil Barman • 4 hours ago

By far, ISRO is the most successful govt organization in India. The legacy of Satish Dhawan, Vikram Saravai, Kalam sir should go on till eternity.



Neo The One • 3 hours ago

Take pappuu up there and leave him orbiting Mars



Tukaram • 2 hours ago

India is slowly and steadily inching towards the rank of super powers.



Tukaram Pujari • 2 hours ago

credit goes to Congress for India's super power status...we all know BJP was busy in hatred n looting politics



Mahesh • Kashipur, Uttarakhand • 3 hours ago

we should regain number one position as in ancient times.



Shri Harsha Surahonne • 3 hours ago

Save earth first please...!


Shri harsha Surahonne • 3 hours ago

It's isn't ISRO job to save earth, it's on you and me



Shivaprasad • 3 hours ago

Space exploration is good but first save the planet which we have. Wasting a lot of money on space exploration when planet Earth is suffering from global warming is unwanted.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 3 hours ago

Congratulations to all the ISRO scientists, technicians and other support staff.



Ulhas • Navi Mumbai • 3 hours ago

India should colonize Mars BEFORE US does so and starts making money a Visa fees.



Indians • Mackay • 5 hours ago

Martians will love Modi and will elect him as their President



TSR The Urbanist • Namma Bengaluru • 1 hour ago

Sincere request to take some of our intolerable jokers like Pappu, Mamatha, Khujaliwal, Maya in the Aditya Mission....



Ranjit Kr • 2 hours ago

India is way behind ,india buy technology from other countries ..dont exaggerate things ..people are still living in slums have no food ,water, noproper healthcare and shelter ...



San dy • 2 hours ago

India will send pappu Rahul khan Gandhi and other Gandhi family members to Venus permanently to have rest of their live ...



Andy • 3 hours ago

Isro conquering space great

but the millitary has not conquered

and retake lost territories from

and Pakistan



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