Delhi businessman stabbed to death for protesting daughter’s harassment


NEW DELHI: A 51-year-old businessman paid with his life for complaining about a group of youths harassing his daughter in west Delhi’s Moti Nagar area.

新德里: 在德里西部Moti Nagar地区,一名51岁的商人抱怨一群年轻人骚扰其女儿。后来为此他付出了生命的代价。

The victim, Dhruv Raj Tyagi, had gone to the house of one of the youths with the intention of complaining about his behaviour to the youth’s parents late on Saturday night. He got into an altercation there with the youth and his father. Four people allegedly ganged up against Tyagi and his son, stabbing them multiple times. Tyagi died on Monday while his son is battling critical injuries. The main accused, his father and two youths have been arrested.



Tyagi’s ordeal began when he was returning with his 24-year-old daughter from a trip to the doctor on Saturday night. The youths passed lewd comments and made gestures at the girl. An incensed Tyagi dropped his sick daughter home and took his son with him to the house of the main culprit, Mohd Shamsher Alam, to complain to his parents.


A planned attack, say victims’ kin


The initial autopsy report says Tyagi had three fatal wounds in his liver, kidney and intestines. He died of heart failure due to severe bleeding. DCP (west) Monika Bhardwaj said a case under sections of attempt to murder was registered on Sunday, which would now be converted into a case of murder against the accused.


According to the Tyagi family, the attack took place around midnight at the WZ block of Basai Darapur village near Moti Nagar. Tyagi had gone to the doctor to get his daughter treated for migraine. On their way back, when they were turning into a lane leading to their house, the group of youths chatting at a street corner started gesturing at his daughter.


Tyagi stopped and warned them but they continued to harass the girl. “This was not the first time the youths had misbehaved. My uncle had decided to end it once and for all by complaining to their parents, ho that this would change their behaviour,” said Amit, Tyagi’s nephew. But instead of taking his child to task, Jehangir allegedly started hurling abuses at Tyagi which led to a scuffle.


During the altercation, Alam and a few others from his group entered the house and catching hold of Tyagi, they threatened to teach him a lesson and started thrashing him. Alam picked up a knife and stabbed Tyagi a few times in his abdomen.


Meanwhile, Tyagi’s son Anmol, 19, heard his father’s calls for help and rushed in. But Anmol too was stabbed on his neck and abdomen. Both Tyagi and Anmol managed to free themselves and come out of the house. Their family members and police had reached the spot by then. “It seemed to be a planned attack as the men were ready with weapons,” said Amit.

与此同时,亚吉 19岁的儿子安摩尔听到了父亲的呼救,冲了进去。但安摩尔也被刺伤了脖子和腹部。亚吉和安摩尔设法脱身离开了现场。他们的家人和警察赶到了现场。阿米特说:“这似乎是一次有计划的袭击,因为这些人已经准备好了武器。

Tyagi and Anmol were taken to a private hospital, where they were admitted to the ICU. Tyagi succumbed to his injuries on Monday afternoon. A police team from the Moti Nagar police station caught Alam and his father from the area. During interrogation, the men revealed the names of the two teenagers who were present during the assault. Cops have apprehended them from the locality. A probe revealed that Alam was earlier jailed in an attempt-to-murder case and was recently released. He has also been involved in minor cases of assault in the locality.



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Rajesh • Great India • 1 day ago

This is indeed a sad incident.Whereas if a Hindu get killed all these liberal gangs maintain silence. Islam is a curse to humanity.



Rajesh • 8 hours ago

They must be given death sentence as early as possible .every culprit must be strictly punished without looking at his religion



Sanjay • New Delhi • 1 day ago

This is not a simple murder case. The killers were Muslims. They were targetting a Hindu girl. Her father and brother went to their house to complain and were murdered in a frenzied act of brutality. The killers were notorious rogue elements of the locality. One of 5hem was earlier arrested in an attempt to murder case.



Vikkram Aaditya • 1 day ago

Dear don''t make it a religious war, the culprits shud be hanged as they did a crime. By the way in most cases of rape the accused are always a Hindu, do u then also ask your community to save themselves from Hindu rapists???? Clean your mind of poison



Avnishvarma76 • 1 day ago

Targating female and killing male family members was the modus operandi in past.



avnishvarma76 • 2 hours ago

Correct obsv. Actually targeting female members to PROVOKE AND ATTACK male members..



Ashwani Monga • FARIDABAD • 1 day ago

Shocking to see that secular media is totally silent in planned murder of the family head of a Hindu Family



Suchint • New Delhi • 1 day ago

Is this a civilised society? Where is DelhiPolice Crime team? Do you want another agitation at India Gate to wake you up?????



Puneet sharma • india • 1 day ago

hindus need to arm themselves now,govt and the system in total is toothless whether modi wins or not



Dreet • 1 day ago

Law and order in Delhi and NCR region is worse than Syria Gaza and Darfur today.



Varun • Varun • Riverside • 1 day ago

We have to end such cases of domestic terrorism on Hindus. Why is this not being looked as a case of lynching by owasi, award Wapsi losers and now that mental kamal? These Arab converts are dangerous!



Sanjay Khannah • 23 hours ago

they jus need to be sent to pak



Kapoor A • 2 hours ago

The same thing happened to me long back. I was a Mahatma Gandhi fan and very very very secular as my parents were all Congress lovers,,, esp my mother. BUT NEVER ANYMORE and now I''m hardcore Hindu because of this sham secularism. Even my mother has stopped loving Congress.



satpal gera • 2 hours ago

If it were my womenfolk, I would have butchered the entire family and happily gone to jail with my head held high.



Captain Shreekant Tyagi • Captain Shreekant Tyagi • Greater Noida • 1 day ago

Whenever dealing with such criminal minded people, police should be informed first.

I demand a capital punishment for criminal




Dreet • 1 day ago

Delhi NCR region looking identical to Syria and Iraq these days



Anwar Hussain • 16 hours ago

Culprits should be punished without any bias.



Parveen • 1 day ago

where is law n orders and police. this was happened due to corrupt police system

警察在哪里,法治呢? 警察系统太腐败,这种案件才会发生


Parveen Sahrawat • 1 day ago

But if any kin of a cop is killed all the criminals r lifted n hanged in thana upside down.



Anil • 1 day ago

such rogues must be hanged. but India's justice is so slow that it itself needs lots of justice.



KP • KP • USA • 1 day ago

The murderers should be hanged immediately.


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