Sold & gang-raped, turned away by cops, UP widow burns herself



MEERUT: In a shocking case of exploitation, crime and alleged police apathy in Uttar Pradesh, a widow in her late 20s was allegedly sold by her father and aunt for Rs 10,000, gang-raped by her “keeper” and his friends, and then turned away by the police when she approached them for help. The traumatised woman set herself on fire last month and is now battling for her life with 80% burns at a private hospital in Delhi.

密鲁特: 北方邦发生了一起令人震惊的案件,一名20多岁的寡妇据称被其父亲和婶婶以1万卢比的价格卖掉,后被“买主”及其朋友轮奸,当她向警方求助时又被拒绝。上月,这名受创伤的女子在家中zi*,烧伤面积达80%,目前在德里一家私立医院治疗。

The woman, from Hapur in west UP, was allegedly sold after the death of her husband. The man who “bought” her had taken loans from several people and sent the woman as domestic help to the houses of his creditors, where she was repeatedly harassed and raped. On Sunday, Hapur SP Yashveer Singh said an FIR had now been registered ag inst 14 persons under the sections of rape and an investigation initiated in the case. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Maliwal has taken up her case and written to UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath, seeking justice for the woman.

据称,这名女子是在其丈夫死后被卖掉的。“买下”她的那名男子曾向几个人借过钱,便把这名女子送到这几个债主家里做家务,在那里她不断遭到骚扰和强奸。星期日,哈普尔警司 Yashveer Singh称,根据强奸法案和对此案的调查,已经对14人进行立案登记。德里妇女委员会(DCW)主席Swati Maliwal已经着手处理该案件,并致信首席部长Yogi Adityanath,为这名妇女伸张正义。

“DCW is in receipt of a representation from a survivor of gang-rape belonging to Hapur. The survivor has suffered unimaginable harassment at the hands of the UP police in Hapur who have refused to register an FIR despite repeated compnts,” read the letter sent by the DCW chairperson. “This insensitivity and shameful conduct of the UP police compelled the survivor to immolate herself. She is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Delhi,” the letter adds.


The DCW letter said the survivor was allegedly sold for Rs 10,000 to a Hapur resi nt. “That person had borrowed money from several people and in return the survivor was forced to work as domestic help at the houses of these persons without any remuneration. Here, she was subjected to continuous harassment and gang-rape.”


The woman alleged that she approached police officers as well as the Hapur SP, but they refused to register her compnt, let alone take any action ag inst the accused, the letter says. The women tried to immolate herself on April 28. Expressing shock over the handling of the “grievous” matter, DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal asked the UP CM to release adequate compensation. She also called for an inquiry into the role of the Hapur police. “We have received a compnt ag inst at least 14 persons and a probe has been set up,” said Rajesh Kumar Bharti, station house officer, Babugarh police station. In a video of the woman, which is being circulated on social media, the survivor can be seen saying, “Police did not take any action and pushed the matter under the carpet by taking money.”



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Dean • traveller • 16 hours ago

names not published? why not? seculars involved?



dean m • Pune • 9 hours ago

in UP, cows are safer than humans ..



Ishita S • 9 hours ago

humans were equally unsafe before but cows safety has definitly increasced



Deep Yadava • 16 hours ago

horrible animals



Gopal • Delhi, India • 16 hours ago

up police is the most insensitive and corrupt



Gopal Dhar • 5 hours ago

Sad, very sad! Po iticians in power are more worried about losing power than precting people.

悲哀! 当权的政客更担心自己失去权力,而不担心人民的安危。


PakisareHomosandSuck • 15 hours ago

Shocking. Better to die than live in a society that doesnt support you. Cops must be fired.


PakisareHomosandSuck • 9 hours ago

Wrong! It''s better to kill everybody who has tormented you !!

错了! 与其自杀,还不如杀了所有折磨过你的人!


PakisareHomosandSuck • Mumbai • 8 hours ago

Ache din under Illiterate PM



Konfucius Ken • 15 hours ago

Her father and aunt are to be arrested first followed by the " sl ve" buyers and the " police" who refused to help her.



Konfucius Ken • 15 hours ago

The Police personal must also be terminated from their job including the SP


Konfucius Ken • 14 hours ago

Nothing of that sort will happen because no cow is involved.



M Bhargav • 7 hours ago

How abt Yogi??? Feku always help rapist



Dreet • 15 hours ago

Life of women in UP is worse than Syria Gaza and Libya today



Dreet • Dubai, UAE • 9 hours ago

Woman in our society is highly insecure, unsafe and facing numerous challenges in the life. Regardless of age and re gion, she endures molestation, verbal abuses, unwanted touching, sexual harassment and rape constantly.



paarth d • 15 hours ago

It is zing that the police force can refuse to register a compnt. The policemen should be removed from the jobs and taken to court and held culpable for the suicide of this women. Policing is a job and you can''t do subjective judgements on which compnt to register or not. We really need an zing home minister who improve our police force from the horrible standards they have now. The IPS has clearly failed to deliver because despite many decades these IPS officers have failed to build ... Read More



Later • 14 hours ago

In south India women are treated much better than in places like UP !

There is just no comparison between north & south




Vicky Sharma • Vicky Sharma • India • 15 hours ago

Shhhh dont disturb Feku now. He is busy fooling people to get ves. If you him again, then maybe he will spend a day or so checking on what this in dent is all about. Till then he is really busy ""wng (buying) ves""!!! Shhhhhhhhhh.



Anis Khan • 16 hours ago

Up has become hell under ganja gunda



Bronz Body • kanpur • 16 hours ago

In Feku''s India, daughters are not safe.



Isaacbenjaminraj • Location • 10 hours ago

BJP gt cares only about cows



Shankar Rao • 13 hours ago

Why PM is kee quite



arundas814 • 13 hours ago

The police involved should be fired. That will signal other police fo not taking action on such in dents.



ashis • India • 7 hours ago

Why is there no FIR ag inst those policemen who refused to help? They should be charged along with the criminals.


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