In big boost, IAF gets first Apache Guardian attack helicopter


NEW DELHI: The first Apache Guardian attack helicopter AH-64E (I) was formally handed over to the Indian Air Force (IAF) at Boeing production facility in Mesa, Arizona, US on Friday.

新德里: 周五,在美国亚利桑那州梅萨的波音生产基地,首架“阿帕奇卫士”攻击直升机AH-64E (I)被正式移交给印度空军(IAF)。

Air Marshal AS Butola, who represented the IAF, accepted the first Apache in a ceremony at Boeing production facility in the US.

在美国波音生产基地举行的仪式上,印度空军元帅AS Butola代表印度空军接收了首架阿帕奇直升机。

The IAF will induct 22 Apaches by March 2020 under the Rs 13,952 crore deal inked with the US in September 2015.


The first batch of these helicopters is scheduled to be shipped to India by July. Sed aircrew and ground crew have undergone training at the training facilities at US Army base Fort Rucker, Alab.


The addition of Apache is an important step towards modernisation of the IAF’s helicopter fleet.


The Apaches are armed with stinger air-to-air missiles, Hellfire Longbow air-to-ground missiles, guns and rockets. AH-64E Apache is one of the leading multi-role attack helicopters globally and is flown by the US Army.




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Diwakar • Mysore • 2 hours ago

The deal was signed in 2015 and got delivery in 2019. If it was Congress go nment they would have spent 4 years just to finalize their commission.


Diwakar • 1 hour ago

Exactly !!!! They haggle and haggle like vegetable market vendors for their commission for decades leaving the country and armed forces vulnerable .... they will sacrifice national security for their familie''s personal gain... Time to make that family history forever this month.... !!

没错! ! ! !几十年来,他们就像菜市场上的小贩一样为了回扣讨价还价,导致这个国家和军队不堪一击……为了家族利益,他们牺牲国家安全。是时候让这个家族退出历史舞台,就在这个月……! !


Diwakar • New Delhi • 1 hour ago

Seeing their track record, 4 years to finalize the commission would have been outstanding! i doubt..

看看他们过去的表现,4年能谈好回扣就非常不错了! 对此都表示怀疑 .


Shashank Iyengar • 2 hours ago

My great country is really develo. All thanks to Modiji for his able administration. Earlier, we used to have defence partnership ONLY with great Russia and to some extent with Sweden (Bofors). Now we’ve France, US, all time friend Russia and Israel too onboard with us. Mera Bharath Mahaan..



Shashank Iyengar • 2 hours ago

America is selling its top attack helicopter to India because of India is the same buying with so much money when there are poor in the country doesn’t mean inda is changing.


Cybe Tron • 13 mins ago

U won’t get the difference coz ur IQ is same as pappu..worlds 6th largest economy can’t be poor...India is a rich country with lots and lots of poor people�



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla • Bangalore • 2 hours ago

Choice is yours vers, BJP policy nation first, next individual last, where as for Ferozkhangrace family first, next and nation last.


Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla • 59 mins ago

Beautifully said. We the Indian ver need to think wisely and through this scamgress cochroch to the dustbin for ev.India has started marching ahead to a resurgent India. Cant wait anymore for anybody. Jai ho NaMo.



Raul • Moon • 2 hours ago

Love how Russia, France, US, UK, Japan are much closer to India than it was 5 years ago.



Raul Vinci urf Rahul G • 47 mins ago

We have to progress and come much closer to civilised countries like Japan France etc.



Krishnan Nair • 2 hours ago

IAF will become more stronger with the induction of Rafale. Well done NDA!

随着阵风战机一到,印度空军将变得更加强大。做得好,人民党 !


Peace Parmar • Pune • 2 hours ago

Papukhan must be crying huge kickback went of from hand



Peace Parmar • 1 hour ago

Papu''s mother, queen Sonia Miano Fake Gandhi is the 4th richest women in the world! Just being head of Congress.



Krishna • 2 hours ago

Under Modi leadership, India will become a very strong super power.


Krishna Kumar • 1 hour ago

Absolutely. When borders (including te rorm) are taken care of, the in-house problems can be handled easily.



nrvtimes • 2 hours ago

Nice to see our defence forces getting latest technology in the past few years....good going...



Sumit • 2 hours ago

Great effort by Mr.Modi team..modernisation of forces should be top priority...from years Congress has paralysed the military..



Raul • Moon • 2 hours ago

These apache helicopters are not given to just about any country please mind this fact only very close allies because of fear of reverse engineering. This tells us how much India is valued in eyes of US



Raul Vinci urf Rahul G • 1 hour ago

His was done because of and India has never been capable of doing even reverse engineering like .



secreteyes • timbhakasurtu • 2 hours ago

Let the pak*s start going bankrupt first. Would love to see them go brupt at the soonest. Amen



Rahul Pal • Kolkata • 2 hours ago

Atleast we got this Apache Guardian but Dassault Rafale should and must also be delivered on time so that it will significantly increase our security strength.


Rahul Pal • Location • 1 hour ago

With distructive opposition crying fault every time there will be delays



Pranay • India • 2 hours ago

Mr Modi - My Sincere Thanks to you .

For the constant effort to strengthen the Armed Forces. And thereby recovering from Sabotaging their strength- which was meticulously ex ted by Congress.



Akya • 2 hours ago

Modiji always tried to strengthen National defence, with "Nation First" has been his priority. Congress have ruined India for decades.



AROP • 1 hour ago

first time in a short time deal was finalized. Elect Modi for more wonderful work. ..



Rajesh Bhardwaj • 1 hour ago

Congress might be counting lost commission dollars



Krishna • Bangalore • 2 hours ago

We want Modi ji.. Can you give ths helicopter to Modi ji fr ion campaign he ll return after ion.. We want him to show case his achievements to Raga dumb Bhakt..

我们需要莫迪。能把这架阿帕奇直升机给莫迪竞选用吗? 让他向拉胡尔展示他成就斐然


Subhash Rai • 2 hours ago

We need more helicopters like this



Rupali Duggal • 2 hours ago

True...fully agree that Nehruvian era foreign policy of Non-alignment did much harm to India's interests.... gained nothing from this foreign policy...If Congis and and its allies come to power again then it will prove disastrous for India...

There is an urgent need that this Modi go nment must continue for another term...




John Tulip • Pune • 2 hours ago

Deal signed in 2015 delivered in 2019 . Thats Modi govt for you



Nikos • Mumbai • 2 hours ago

Great news ! India needs a strong govt , a strong leadership that is decisive and nationalistic .



Prabir • 2 hours ago

Bad news for RG , missed opportunity for handsome kickback.


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