Is China safe for tourists?(2)



Samrat Sekhar Saha, studied at National Institute of Technology Silchar

I have visited China once on Dec 2014 to a place called Ningbo, nearly 3 hours drive from Shanghai. I was amazed by the hospitality of the people in general. Where ever I went, I was greeted with a smile and people were courteous enough to help me out even if I was a complete stranger to the city and had serious language barriers.

I would narrate two incidents:

Incident 1 : Ningbo: New Year Night: I was dead drunk to say the least in a place called La-Waitan, the Bund of Ningbo. It was already 3.30 AM in the morning and most of the people had left after the party. I thought that I will trust my "Drunken Instincts" to find a way back to my hotel which was nearly 3 kms away. Incidentally so, I lost my way and found myself in a place which was absolutely unknown. I was sitting there in the bus stop and waiting for someone to help me out or else thought to spend the night somehow. Suddenly a convertible Ferrari zoomed past me only to find that it reversed to ask me "Happy New Year". I realized a pretty girl and her boy friend had come for my rescue at almost 4.30 AM in the morning. I asked them if they can drop me to my hotel. And they obliged.

Incident 2: Shanghai: I was supposed to take the Subway and get myself to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. To be honest, I was standing in front of the ticket vending machine and literally clueless. Suddenly a young guy (who I later realized was studying engineering), and came down to help me. Moreover, he drew a map and told me things and places I should avoid in Shanghai especially during the night.

I had roamed in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and Nanzing, without any major problems finding the cops and locals really helpful. Yes, the air quality is sometimes bad and people smoking around, it may get tough sometimes in pubs and public places, but I have never seen more picturesque as the rural China.

Indeed it is a safe place. In case you are clueless about something because of the language barrier, just say "Ni-Hao" and "Shei-Shei" at the end. Almost 90% of the work gets done in sign language








Leung Kwan Pang, traveling the world now, on foot

I think most of answers here misunderstood the implication of the question. It's not "if china is a safe place", it's actually asking the degree of safety of china for travelers. It's naive to assume ANYWHERE in the world is safe. There's always some tricks to do to transfer a place to a safe zone for you.

So, for china, my answer is:

It depends.

I travelled extensively in China in the last several years, mostly southern provinces. Here are some of my tips of the safety in china, especially for foreigners:





  1. Pickpocketing is still quite common, although you can easily avoid it if you remain some basic travelers' common sense.
  2. If you drive, don't leave anything inside of your car. Most likely the window will be smashed. It's kind of a rule here.
  3. If there's a riot or demonstration, don't go near.
  4. Don't get drunk in karaokes.
  5. There's no topographic maps available in china. If you want to hike a hill or mountain other than tourist area, bring a guide or quit the thought. Almost 100% of the trails in China are unmarked, It's very common for hikers to be lost on trails. Death has been reported repeatedly on most major trails.
  6. For women travelers, don't go out after mid night. I can say in big cities, it's safer than their counter parts in US, but not the smaller towns or country sides.
  7. The highway is chaotic and dangerous, be very careful.
  8. Although not very common for foreigners, be aware of sex trap.
  9. The pollution is not exactly an danger, but it's better to avoid such areas.
  10. Beware of money borrowing scam in Macau
  11. There are scams targeting some innocent pedestrians' money by faking accidents. Although it rarely relates foreigners, but there are increacing reports of such kind.
  1. 扒窃仍然很常见,如果你留心一些基本的旅行者常识,就可以很容易地避免被扒窃。
  2. 如果你开车,不要把贵重东西留在车里。车窗很可能会被打破。这在中国已经成为一条规则了。
  3. 如果发生了骚乱或示威,不要靠上前去。
  4. 别在卡拉OK场所喝醉酒。
  5. 中国没有地形图。如果你想在旅游景点以外的地方登山,要么带个导游,要么趁早打消念头。在中国几乎100%的步道都没有标记,徒步旅行者在步道上迷路是很常见的。经常能看到在山上发生意外死亡的报道。
  6. 对于女性旅行者而言,不要在午夜之后出门。我可以这么说,中国的大城市比美国的大城市更安全,但小城镇或乡村并不见得。
  7. 高速公路混乱而危险,要非常小心。
  8. 虽然对外国人来说不是很常见,但还是要警惕性陷阱。
  9. 污染并不是真正的危险,但最好避开这些地区。
  10. 小心澳门的借贷骗局
  11. 有一些诈骗行为通过伪造事故来骗取无辜行人的钱财。虽然它很少针对外国人,但这类报道却在不断增加。


Akshat Vaidya, Traveler

I've been to 30+ countries in the world, and China is easily among the safest of them all. I feel safer in China than i do in most major cities in the United States. I would put China up there with Denmark, as far as tourist safety.

I spent 4 months in China during the summer of 2010, and never once faced a single problem. Examples of things that have happened there that would rarely happen anywhere else:

1.In Yinchuan, Ningxia - Lost my credit card, passport and wallet and needed to book a night at a JJ Inn. Staff member TOOK me to her house and let me use her computer to contact my brother, who then booked me a few nights online.

2.In Pingliang, Gansu - Arrived on a train at 5 AM, before anything opened. Slept on the train station floor, entrusting my bag + passport with a migrant laborer when I was feeling sick and had to go to the bathroom. You wouldn't be able to do this in any other country that I've ever been to.

3.In Beijing - Went to a coffee shop for the first time and forgot my wallet. Waitress trusted me to bring money "next time".

4.In Beijing - Internet cafe wouldn't let me use a computer without me giving them my passport (Big Brother is always watching, and monitoring for violators of fre m of speech restrictions), and a couple overheard my frustration. They brought me to their house to use the internet and we had tea and they later became good friends of mine that summer!

...And countless other stories of good, trusting and trustworthy people. Needless to say, I've been 3 times and I'm heading back this October. Amazing country in many ways.

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Murashka Valerka, on a round-the-world solo hitchhiking trip (26 countries so far)

I am a solo female hitchhiker and I travel the world for two years now. I’ve travelled all the way from Ukraine over Russia and Kazakhstan to China, Laos and Vietnam and one year ago I came back to China to continue exploring this wonderful country.

Although Chinese people usually freak out when I tell them I am hitchhiking alone, and tell me that it is very dangerous, I’ve seriously never met bad people here. Everyone is so incredibly friendly that it’s almost impossible to believe, especially after travelling in post-Soviet countries like Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The only thing you should be careful about is the traffic and roads because it seems that the traffic rules just don’t exist for the Chinese people. And, probably, while travelling in remote mountainous areas, beware of the wild animals. That’s probably it





Benjamin R Williams, Travelling between North America and Asia for the better part of 6 years.

China is an exceptionally safe country in that you will almost never encounter malicious intent aimed at you. Blatant robberies, muggings and physical attacks are nearly unheard of on tourists or foreigners. Severely violent crime, even less so.

Two things to look out for though:

1) Don’t get involved in a public scene. If a car accident, fight, or other public disturbance happens, the surrounding public will not interfere, but will instead look on and take pictures. Even if someone is hurt, rarely will anyone get involved. The reason for this is the very common lawsuits brought against anyone even remotely linked to an incident.

2) Don’t provoke a lone person, be it someone who may try to rip you off or otherwise.

Where China can be dangerous is a general carelessness in behavior. Drivers of cars, motos, and bikes never follow traffic rules and have a general disregard for pedestrians. In other words, accidents are bound to happen.

Though none of this is intentionally malicious, it does have the potential to be quite dangerous. Be sure to keep your wits about you when walking around.








Madison Caviezel

China is the safest country that I’ve ever visited out of 30+.

Don’t get me wrong, there is crime in China just like everywhere else, but you’re not likely to see it, and you’re almost certainly not going to be a victim (though scams happen, especially in Beijing).

“Street crime” such as robbery is astonishingly low. I have no fear of using my iPhone and walking home through unknown neighborhoods for two hours in the middle of the night. I don’t drive in China, so getting around by foot is most common and I’ve never walked past the “wrong block” yet.

Travelers to China and expats here appreciate this safe quality over here, yet can’t seem to explain exactly why it is. Rich and poor are living together. Surely, there are plenty of “opportunities” for crime walking down the streets. So why is China so safe?






Kieran Fox, Freelance Writer (2017-present)

I live in China for about 5 years now and I can say that China is a very safe place. Of course, everything is relative. Therefore, it is worth considering the issue of security in comparison with other countries. In China, unlike, for example, the United States, where almost everyone can buy firearms, you do not buy anything more threatening than a gas cartridge. In my opinion, this is right and contributes to reducing the level of crime.



In China, Russians are called a "fighting nation". As the Chinese explain, the reason for this is our strong fighting spirit, as well as a bold and daring character. In their opinion, Russians like to fight, and we have it in our blood.

In my opinion, the Chinese like to use fists as much as Russian, but they do it much less often. What is the reason, you ask? And the reason lies in the legislation.

The fact is that in Russia, abrasions, bruises, soft tissue bruises, bruises, superficial wounds and other injuries that do not entail a permanent loss of general working capacity are not regarded as damages that have caused harm to human health. Under the Russian laws, the instigator of the fight is most likely to be charged only with petty hooliganism, which is an administrative offense. In China, in the same situation, it is believed that health was harmed by light or even moderate severity, and this is already criminal liability.

In addition, in China, for a bruised, cone or split eyebrow, in addition to paying a fine to the state's coffers, the offender can receive a real prison sentence. But, as a rule, such issues are resolved through reconciliation of the parties, and the offender pays the victim 20 thousand yuan (about 200 thousand rubles). If the nose was broken, then we can talk about 50 thousand yuan (500 thousand rubles). Even if you were right, and your abuser was the first to dismiss his hands, the police will assign the one who has fewer injuries to the guilty.

As the Chinese themselves say: "It's costly to fight in China." Therefore, the average Chinese will not fight when, for example, his car was pruned or scolded in the queue






Priyanka Chatterjee, Every place on earth is a tourist destination

Yes It is very safe.

I am from India and visited China couple of years back for a two weeks trip which covered Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai.

Few incidences to prove my point that it is safe for travelers:

# I had taken a cab from airport to the hotel and wasn't very familiar with the local currency. So instead of giving the exact amount to the driver, I paid in round figure. But he returned me the change in spite of my asking him to keep it.

# Few of my friends and I went out to the nearby clubs after midnight almost daily and we would return by 3am in the morning. We walked all the way.The streets were not scary and people were not creepy

# One night in Xi'an we got lost and couldn't find our way back to our hotel. The map wasn't much useful as every sign board was in Mandarin. After 30 minutes of struggling around trying to locate our hotel, we went to a nearby hospital and asked for the way. The staff there were not only polite but they were kind enough to stop a cab and direct him where he should take us.

But beware of the local shopkeepers. Make sure to bargain on the price for any commodity that you buy there.They try very hard to sell goods to the tourists at high price.I remember buying a traditional Chinese silk dress. The price demanded was 1000 Yuan and I bought that for 600 Yuan.Its a beautiful dress BTW.

And yes English is understood if not widely spoken in major cities. So, I never faced too much trouble in talking to the locals.










Demachin Antoine, French dude who does his best to speak English

China is bloody safe.

I have been in China for a year, and I can tell you, no one is going to physically attack you.

There is few pickpocket around the train station and Xi'an 西安( I have been stole twice in 10 minutes in Xi'an because I wasn't tacking care, and my coat had big pocket ,perfect to be stole)

No one is going to attack you for your phone , in europe people could punch you to steal it, the only threat to foreigner are the scams.

There is some scams that I know

1.If someone in the street come to you and offer you to drink tea, eat Chinese speciality, go to ktv or offer you a massage, it's a scam they will ask you a lot of money for that.

2.Some people in a vehicle can offer you a tour for cheap, but instead of driving you around the city they drive you far away and ask you to pay a lot to come back.

3.The bigger scam is just to pay 5 time the price of a product, so I will tell you how I bargain. if you see someone interesting, ask the price, and directly after the answer offer 5 times less, let's say it's 250, offer 50, and then you can start to bargain, slowly go up.( The best way to don't pay to much is to have a Chinese friend who can bargain for you)

China is safe, there is just some tourist scam, as always, but I never felt threaten here











Sanjay Sanjay

Yes, China (at least Beijing) is very safe for tourists. I'm from Bangalore and presently in Beijing on a business trip. It's my 3rd trip to Beijing. Truth be told, even with a tinge of shame, I have felt safer in Beijing than in Bangalore. I can roam around in Beijing even at midnight without any fear for security. China is a very big country and may be the situation is different in other parts of the country. But Beijing is I think the safest among all the places I have been to, which include many US cities as well.

The reasons as per me are:

1.China is mainly an atheist country. So there is no caste or religion based segregation among people. This rules out caste based hate crimes.

2.Male population is lesser than female population (I didn't verify this fact). So there are no sex starved males who are looking out to attack ladies. (Please don't mis-interpret this comment and start attacking with your counter arguments).

3.As told by my Chinese friend, punishment is severe for offences. So this fear is another detriment for crimes.

4.In general i find Chinese people peace loving.







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