42-year-old Vasai woman loses 214 kg to discover new life



MUMBAI: It took Vasai resident Amita Rajani four years and two surgeries to lose 214 kg and walk independently.


On Wednesday, Rajani spoke about her "life-changing transformation" from 300 kg to 86 kg and her quest to get into The Limca Book of Records. The surgeon who performed bariatric or weight-loss surgery on Rajani, Dr Shashank Shah, claimed 42-year-old Rajani was the heaviest woman in Asia until she reduced to 86 kg.


"Prior to surgery, life was a mess," said Rajani who needed help to perform even the most basic activities such as walking and changing clothes. "I was bedridden for eight years. I never once left my house in all those years, never saw sunlight. I was depressed," she said.


The sight of her would scare her six-month-old nephew who used to start crying on seeing her, she added.


Apart from being obese, Rajani also had kidney dysfunction, type II diabetes and breathing problems. The pivotal moment came when Rajani met Dr Shah, who has performed 6,000 bariatric surgeries till date. "Obesity is the mother of all diseases, including cancer, and is more common among women than men," said Dr Shah. Obesity now affects every third Indian, he added. Not surprisingly then, doctors say bariatric surgery, though complex and costing between Rs 3 and Rs 5 lakh, has takers in India.


Bariatric surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach so that it can hold a smaller portion of food, restricting the amount of food that can be consumed so that it results in weight loss. Considering it is a major surgery, it carries risks such as infections, blood clots, kidney failure due to diabetes and so on. Rajani admits she initially refused to undergo the procedure because of the side-effects. "But Dr Shah eventually convinced me," she added.


She underwent two bariatric surgeries at Lilavati and Hinduja hospitals. The medical team monitored her for 30 days after surgery, giving injections to prevent blood clots and carrying out physiotherapy and breathing exercises. "I'm in heaven now. I can wear what I want and eat normal food. After the surgery, I travelled across India," said Rajani.



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kumar satpriya • 4 hours ago

Wish you all the very best and a wonderful life



Chokidar • Earth • 1 hour ago

Marketing Article



Anushka • Surat • 1 hour ago

Hope, she maintain it.



Mohammed Yusuf Khan • jeddah • 1 hour ago

i am looking for a third wife n if this woman can cook n clean n take care of 10 kids i would like to meet her. rajni if u r reading this connect wid me n let us meet in mumbai


Mohammed Yusuf Khan • 18 mins ago

Niw he started living and u want to jail him again..

10 kids all yours?????


sameer shaikh • jeddah • 5 mins ago

yes all 10 r my kids. i need another wife to look after them



Chennai • 1 hour ago

The amount what she was spending on her food can be now diverted to get new clothes for her new physic.



Deepak Kumar • 1 hour ago

good recovery



Deepak Kumar • 1 hour ago

great transformation



Paranthaman S • TN • 1 hour ago

What a transformation. Yes, what was she doing till gaining 200 kg. Have a watch on intake of FOOD..Before fasting was part of life.. Today, we have more food than needed and get many unneeded diseases..



Prem • 5 hours ago

India grate country with grate doctors.



amber tyagi • Mum Bhai • 1 hour ago

but she is veggie what did she eat to gain weight



Javed Badshah • uae • 3 mins ago

Gluttony is major cause for obesity. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and enjoy a good life.



Muthuswami • Amritsar • 6 mins ago

Excellent Congrats God bless you.

Y Muthuswami



Santhosh Reddy • hyderabad • 7 mins ago

You are reborn, enjoy every minute of your life. God bless you with good health



titopandalam • 15 mins ago

It''s only because MODI Govt



Murugavel • 18 mins ago

Great job..but be careful. don't get back to 300kg duty to over excitement



Gopal Sriniwasan • Sydney Australia • 20 mins ago

Kudos to the Indian Doctors and the Young Women who has regained her Zest for Life.



sachin agarwal • 33 mins ago

Congratulations to the patient and the team of doctors.



sanjoy • 38 mins ago

Wish you a healthy life.



Meri Soch • 58 mins ago

Good job done by doctors if in future it is safe for the girl. It shouldn''t be for a short period and in future with complications.



Ram Sridhar • 1 hour ago

Good to see this. At the same time this person has to lead a healthy life eating healthy food and enough exercises to keep becoming fitter and fitter and do not go back to overeating!



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla • Bangalore • 1 hour ago

Hit gym madam, that can only help you further no more surgeries.



Ranjith Sanjay • Hyderabad • 1 hour ago

Inspiration for all of us!!!



Amit B • 1 hour ago

Health is wealth. Hope now she takes care to not reach such a state again..



True Indian • India • 1 hour ago

She was alive for so many years with that huge weight is itself a Miracle.



Narendra Kedari • Pune • 1 hour ago

what was she doing till gaining 200 ?

她吃了什么,长了200公斤 ?


Saline Peoples • 2 hours ago



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