is it safe at night in china? (3)





Yuval Bloomberg, Expert and addict of East Asian Cultures.

East Asia in general and China in particular, are probably the safest places in the world.

I lived in Taiwan and Thailand, visited China many times. I walked on foot in places where there were no tourists. I had never felt concern for my safety or personal insecurity.

As someone who lives in Switzerland, I have traveled extensively in Western European countries, lived in the United States for several months, traveled there and toured some of the big cities.

It is much more frightening to travel around non-tourist areas in Western countries. No doubt about it.






Maureen Jan, Global Mobility Consultant

Depends where in China, and if you are a foreigner and new to China, please plan to arrive in China during daylight hours (arrive by 8pm latest). Better yet, book the hotel transfer before arriving.

DO Not land at Guangzhou airport after midnight.

As you exit, you will discover there are no taxis. (No legitimate ones). You will be taken in a car driven by gangsters. You may be fine if you pay, and pay and pay to your gangster driver. His two henchmen join in the car as you are driven around this massive airport so there's no way to escape. Mom says ‘if you arrive at airport at night, please sleep at airport until sunrise, DO NOT COME OUT’. Y'all should listen to mom.





Ian Cao, B.S. Animal Science, North West Agriculture and Forestry University (2018)

Before my first trip to America several years ago, ‘the safest city around the States’ Honolulu, I had never been told you shouldn’t hangout too late outdoors.

Because its perfect normal like I always eat barbecue and drink beers, chat hours with my friends over midnight during the summer. That’s what we young people usually do to reunion with some old friends and parents wouldn’t worry too much about us.

We donot have the problems of drugs and gun violence at all.

We met several teenagers with hood in our way and asked for smokes, seemed like high at that time on our way back to the campus of UHM from Waikiki. We, a group of people, and they didn’t bother us too much after we said no. We didn’t pay much attention at that time, but the professor told us that punks may carry some weapons and tragedy happened before.

When I think about that now, I still terrified, because I was the guy doing the conversation with that person, maybe one wrong word I said, I cannot share this story with you guys today.

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Stephanie Smith, worked at Goldman Sachs

China is generally very safe at night. From my perspective, the center of the economic world will continue to shift toward’s China’s incredible ability to execute and get things done.

But these are the 5 big reasons I couldn’t live there:

1.Smoking. Everywhere you go there are people blowing smoke in your face. It’s disgusting and everything stinks, every restaurant, elevator, even walking down the street. As a non-smoker, it’s disgusting and stinks.

3.Time. Going to the bank, getting stuck in traffic, queues for things… I just can’t stand the waste of time doing some things. Some endless paperwork to do simple things just feels not as efficient as they could be. I can’t stand wasting time waiting for things, it is worse than wasting money.

3.USA relations. USA has made doing business with USA from China horrible. China can no longer trust the USA that has convinced itself China is a threat, to distract Americans from the reality that their own leaders have screwed them up. As Wein wrote, China needs to announce, “We want to be the world leaders in free trade.” Then send envoys around the globe to negotiate better bilateral trade terms in order to offset the losses from the ongoing U.S. disagreements. Joint ventures in which foreign companies control the majority share are initiated in all sectors, from industrials and autos to raw materials. As China’s influence around the world becomes greater, the U.S. further isolates itself.







Bill Herman, M. S. Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration, San Francisco State University (1972)

Basically YES. You can walk the streets most anywhere at late night alone, male or female. China has about the lowest crime rate per capita in the world.

Very little Violent Crime. Very safe country.




Deshawn Peterson, Freelancer (2016-present)

Of all the places I've traveled, Shanghai is by far the safest place to be in. I think because of the politics and lack of education, people aren't aware of how safe Shanghai is or either the other tier 1 cities.

Of course there's crime, but nothing like the cities across the globe. From my experience, the common crimes I hear about all theft within the expat community. Rarely do I hear about fights or violent offenses.

Also, when I speak to my female friends, they also agree about their safety especially being a women and going out late at night, living alone, and etc.

I want to say the large population on the streets contributes to the safety level. There's people everywhere and eyes ways looking.

In simple terms, Shanghai is safe.







Sati Marie Frost, Independent Escort (2017-present)

When I was there, I wandered around Hong Kong and Zhuhai at all hours of the night - I was out most nights between 10pm and midnight, but also frequently taking walks at 2am, 3am, sometimes 4am. Sometimes it would be totally deserted, other times I'd see people. I always felt totally safe, and was never bothered in any way. My landlady warned me that theft is common in China, so I should guard my personal belongings, but I never had any trouble there either.

China feels safer to me than most of the places I've travelled, and so far it’s the only country I've been to where I've never once been groped or harassed.




Giovanni Siano, works at Self-Employed

I happened to be in SHANGHAI a few years ago and after a heavy dinner (burp!!!) with tooo many dumplings, tooo much chillie paste and tooo much beer I couldn’t sleep!

So, I ventured out at 3 AM wondering around Nanking St. (Nanjing Lu) and surroundings. Nothing..really nothing..happened to me.

Please note that I’ve done similar stunts (night walking) in several Asian cities (Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur (and even Jakarta and Manila!!!) and nothing ever happened to me.

But…I wouldn’t do that in Europe.






Abe Peck, Dir. Business to Business Communication

I’ve been to China perhaps 10 times. I have never felt at risk, even when lost in a very dark area of Beijing with my wife many years ago. Personally, I was surprised about 5 years ago, also in Beijing, when I saw several teens get into a fistfight in an all-Chinese neighborhood. It was that unusual – and, again, they kept it too themselves. The only negative I ever heard was that a friend in Shenzhen, an Anglo who lives like a local and is essentially a native speaker and reader (he translates text), was stabbed. It’s not total consolation, but there was an outpouring of sympathy from his Chinese friends.



Craig Fechter, President (2005-present)

I spent two weeks in China - one week in Fuzhou and another week in Guangzhou.

I researched violent crime rates in China and found that overall they were extremely low. The people were friendly and always willing to be helpful.

Wandering the streets there felt a bit foreign to me and probably foreign to them - there aren’t a whole lot of 6′1 225 white men built like linebackers walking around - but it never felt unsafe.

‘Cept it did when we were around traffic! Holy moly, the traffic. The traffic! Walking around cars was never safe because it really was “every man or woman for him or her self”.

But overall yes, it was very safe.





Leo, Junior English Interpreters, Liaoning Technical University (2019)

Absolutely safe it is!

Last year, i took the direct train to Tianjin for meeting my friend who studies in Nankai University,Tianjin. The arriving time was about 1:30 am. Actually, there was no car or bus anywhere passing through. The lights kept shining all night. About 3am , i walked along the river—-Hai He to fine the eye of Tianjin—-where i met some elder people fishing there. I started to talk with one of them, and then i know this was their habits to call some friends to go fishing together because they had something in common that was that their children went far from home to achieve their won dreams. I knew something about them and they knew something about me.

You could not imagine i walked alone on the street and there were some senior high school students passing by at that time.

For me, it is really a very excellent experience.






Gilbert Dominguez

I would say that China is one of the safest countries in the world to walk out at night in, since many Chinese are very gregarious and most welcoming. I lived in China for 5 years and often took night walks . There seemed to never fail someone being around having conversation and drinking tea that would invite me to join them. The people that you see out late at night are typically your neighbors that you come to know live around you so you do not feel threatened and outsiders are quickly questioned because Chinese are very curious so they kind of form their own neighborhood watch groups and everyone participates.



Sthitapragnya Deshpande, worked at China

I live in a large Chinese city, and have visited more than 15 other Chinese cities and towns of various sizes. I have also been to London, USA (about 10 cities), Europe (about 15 cities), India (of course - born and brought up there) and a few other cities in Asia - mostly the far east.

China is super safe at night - the only other places I felt similar levels of safety at night were Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong (both pre-China and post-China).

While London is generally safe (almost as safe as China), a few parts are always dicey, especially for a non-white.





Al Allington, lived in Cedar Springs, MI

I don’t know about the huge coastal cities because we live part time in smaller cities (1–2 million) inland a couple hundred miles but YES China is safe at night from my experience. I am friends with a young female English teacher from Washington DC, living in China for two years who has taught in Africa and Central America, says she has NEVER felt safer in her life.

China is considered one of the safest countries in the world and even safer for foreigners.

I traveled alone by bus/trains from Beijing in the north to Kunming in the south west for 45 days in 2014 and now live there part time (Anhui provience) and have never once felt unsafe, even at night.





Ver Fei, BA Materials Science and Engineering, Sichuan Panzhihua University (2018)

yes it is.what will you do at 12.00pm?sleeping?

no no no it’s begining of night life.




you see,how do you think it happen?



Natisa Mina, knows Chinese

In every country, daytime is definitely safer than night. Compared with other countries, China’s night is safer.

As long as you don't go to remote places and corners, as long as there are people, it is safe.

If you are in an emergency situation, you can call the alarm number 110. In China, 110 is connected 24 hours a day.

Some people don't like to go out at night, maybe they are afraid of ghosts?

Of course, according to the body's biological clock, of course, it is good to go home early and rest early.

I have lived in China for 25 years and have not been out of danger at night.








Pankaj Kakde, BE Mechanical from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University (2009)

I live in Bejing China; recently completed 3 years in Beijing working with one of the MNC in automotive engine manufacturing company and I also travel to Shanghai once a year for work;

To answer this question its very easy and straight answer to your question YES ; it is bery safe at in Night in China ; if it boy or girl , Local Chinese or Foreigner no issue ; sometimes I also go out at night for walk or sometimes I go for buisness trip late flight arrrival sometimes i reach home around 2.- 2.30 am but never face any problem eventough their is language problem but you will never feel unsecure and unsafe in China, I think CHINA is one of best safe country in world…




VamsiKrishna Neelam, Linear Thinker in Nonlinear world

I am exited to know if you will rush to china after I say yes.

Make sure you share your location and dont forget to carry lot of valuables.

After you return back share your experience here.





Matthew Miller, American living and working in China.

China must be one of the safest countries in the world, even at night. Sure there are crimes sometimes, but in terms of just plain street violence, muggings, assaults, etc., it is almost non-existant. I never, ever felt unsafe in China, in any city, on any street, at any time. Granted, I am a large foreigner, but still, it is not a violent place compared to other countries.



John Ohkuma Thiel, Studied China at Harvard. Travels to China occasionally.

When I’m in Beijing, I don’t worry about safety, even outside in the middle of the night.

The only thing you have to watch out for in Beijing is scam artists. Some stranger will want to hang out with you, then you will go someplace together, and all the sudden more people, drinks, food, you name it shows up. Then they present you with a bill many times inflated, and try to bully you into emptying your bank account.

Just don’t go anywhere with strangers. But physical safety, no one is going to mug you.




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