Army to induct 460 Russian-origin t ks to add muscle on Pak front



NEW DELHI: The Indian Army will induct an additional 464 Russian-origin upgraded T-90 'Bhishma' main-battle t ks at a cost of Rs 13,448 crore in the 2022-2026 time frame to bolster its "shock and awe" capabilities on the western front, even as Pakistan is also discussing a deal with Russia for acquiring about 360 such t ks.

新德里:印度陆军将斥资1344.8亿卢比,在2022 - 2026年期间从俄罗斯引进464辆升级版T- 90“Bhishma”主战,以增强在西线的威慑力,尽管巴基斯坦也正与俄罗斯商谈购买约360辆此类。

Defence ministry sources on Monday said the "indent" to produce the 464 T-90 t ks would soon be placed on the Avadi Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) under the Ordnance Factory Board after the cabinet committee on security cleared the licence acquisition from Russia over a month ago.

印度国防部消息人士星期一表示,在内阁安全委员会一个多月前从俄罗斯获得许可后,生产464辆T-90的“合同”将交付给军械工厂委员会下属的阿瓦迪重型汽车工厂 (HVF)。

The Army already has around 1,070 T-90 t ks as well as 124 'Arjun' and 2,400 older T-72 t ks in its 67 armoured re gients. After the first 657 T-90 t ks were imported for Rs 8,525 crore from Russia from 2001 onwards, another 1,000 are being progressively licenced and produced by HVF with Russian kits. "There has been some delay in the indent for the remaining 464 t ks, which will also have night-fighting capabilities. Once it is done, the first 64 t ks should be delivered in 30-41 months," said a source.


"Pakistan has plans to upgrade its esting mechanised forces, which includes over 50 armoured re gients of Ukrainian T-80UD and -origin t ks. It wants to acquire new Russian T-90 t ks and indigenously produce others with 's help," said a source.



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HSF • Australia • 9 hours ago

Pakistan is a bankrupt country, from where they are getting crores of rupees to buy such equipment ? USA, IMF and World Bank should be very careful when they consider resque plan for Pakistan.

巴基斯坦是一个破产国家,哪有钱买这种? 真考虑救助巴基斯坦,美国、国际货币基金组织和世界银行应该慎之又慎。


Srinivasan Rchandran • Chennai • 5 hours ago

The Kashmir issue drains the wealth of nation heavily. Above all the human loss.



Srinivasan Rchandran • 4 hours ago

Still, India is a bigger economy and can survive. But the pain and disaster is for Pakistan. Pakistan''s Kashmir policy has turned them bankrupt. Inside Pakistan life is hell.



R • USA • 2 hours ago

Inside Pakistan, the average Pakistanis are way much better than dirt poor India where millions of farmers commit suicide every year out of sheer poverty, families failing to perform the funeral throw the dead bodies in to Ganga making it holier everyday, or every day norm rape nade it the rape capital of the world!



Naveen Kumar • 8 hours ago

What happend to make in India ??



Thakur • 5 hours ago

Army is kee the fingers crossed that ... hopefully BJP comes back again to power... if congress comes then again we will be comparing ourselves with Pakistan and not (like now)

And by the way where did pakistan grabbed the money to buy 360 T-90s




Thakur • 5 hours ago

Pakistan has already signed a deal of 600 t ks with Russia.


Lumteeng Chapaktu • 4 hours ago

RUSSIA will sell their outdated t ks to you B1ackies



Jagdish Madan • Vancouver BC • 5 hours ago

India''s defence is now getting the attention it merits.



Jagdish Madan • 4 hours ago

CONGRESS swallowed money and indulged in co ption...



India t k • India t k • USA • 8 hours ago

Russian T70 and T90 t ks are for fighting Pakistan. Indian Arjun t ks are for Independence Day Parade.



Rajesh • 7 hours ago

What are you doing on front ? He is more powerful than Pak. and strong economically & militarily and friend of Pak


rajesh kumar • 2 hours ago

We always should avoid the super power unless they enter our border in which case it is world war.



Subham • 5 hours ago

India and Pakistan will keep fighting and Us Russia will be rich by selling wons


subham sen • Hyderabad • 1 hour ago

That''s why no one wants Kashmir issue to be resolved.



Secunderabad • 9 hours ago

Why is india buying the same product that is being supplied to Pakistan? Where is surprise n special status?

巴基斯坦要买这款,为什么印度也买? 这有什么特别之处?

wise modi • Sl • modi temple • 8 hours ago

Smart decision of the greatest ever Modi. Why you question?



Common • 4 hours ago

Modi making a muscular India which was portrait as a starved begging nation by congress for so long.



Nagura Shaik • 4 hours ago

The day India develops its own wons including parts required for manufacturing, all countries will respect India and doesn''t dare to talk ag inst it


Nagura Shaik • Bengaluru • 4 hours ago

That's why India always goes for countries which agree for technology transfer & local manufacturing s..



himwant prasad • South Asia • 7 hours ago

Arms race should be avoided by Pak and India.



Uday Gohil • 4 hours ago

If by default Raga gt comes as such country is finished with co ption.



Vinod • Bengaluru • 3 hours ago

No penny to feed it's people but spends every penny to fight India?



Bonny Moraes • Goa • 3 hours ago

Another feather in Modi’s cap?



Swapnil jain • hyderabad • 4 hours ago

Instead of giving billions of dollars to other countries, why can''t we manufacture such wons on our own.



Arnab Ghosh • Location • 6 hours ago

Stop buying russian junk . MBT Arjun is a far superior t k which performed better than these T90’s .


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