Biden insists China is 'not competition' for the U.S. - prompting Mitt Romney to tell him 'this will not age well' and Bernie Sanders to says he's 'wrong'



Campaigning in Iowa City on Wednesday former Vice President Joe Biden insisted that the world's No. 2 economy is not a threat to the United States.


The politician who came out of retirement to compete for the Democratic nomination said the Chinese are too busy straitening out regional issues and internal co ption to pose a threat to the United States' global hegemony.


'China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,' Biden said at an event on his first swing through Iowa. 'I mean, you know, they're not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They're not a — they're not competition for us.'

拜登在爱荷华州的首次竞选活动中称:““中国要吃掉我们的午餐吗? 我的意思是,他们不是坏人,他们不是我们的竞争对手。”


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Short-handed, Portland, United States, 2 days ago

It seems like no-one's really paying any attention to him.



Drunkensailor, Main Street, United States, 2 days ago

He sounds like he is in early stage of Alzheimer's.



SouthernGrace, san francisco, United States, 2 days ago

Wow Dems. This is your top pick?? How can anyone be so ignorant, and say, they don't see China as a threat?? Does he realize how much debt we are in with China? A possible military threat?



Wayjamus, Twixt here and yonder, United States, 2 days ago

Trump 2020



Rootie, Spokane WA USA, 2 days ago

More proof that Biden is clueless.



Nelllakam, Boston Cairns Sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

Ch!na is not competition coz it is far more advanced than US. Just look at its fast train network. What has US to offer in comparison? Trains are the main part of infrastructure in our world.



Floridian, USA, United States, 2 days ago

Americans don't like trains. We have a car culture. We need more highways. We can't even carpool let alone get on trains.



My other account, Still here, United States, 2 days ago

Biden has the backbone.



shusa, washington dc, United States, 2 days ago

What a gd idiot, this man would be the biggest mistake. It would be like reliving odumbma all over again. USA loses on every deal, no backbone again



Pullansky, Anywhere, United States, 2 days ago

See. Biden is clueless.



JD8888, Orl, United States, 2 days ago

Wow. He really is out of touch.



Metwoo, Here, United States, 2 days ago

Must be all the hair products messing with his brain.



jamesmith, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Hey wrong, China economy is bigger already on ppp terms and the gap will only increase.



Burpme, Berlin, Germany, 2 days ago

That is just another comment demonstrates that Joe is not in touch with reality.



stephenjjj2, Tampa, United States, 2 days ago

Biden is just plain dumb.



tommie12311, tacoma, United States, 2 days ago

old ol Joe it's time you exit stage LEFT ..........



DuecesWild, New York, United States, 3 days ago

Joe Biden perpetually has his foot in his mouth.



bwood, Calgary, Canada, 3 days ago

Trunt's Chinese trade war is driving up the cost of steel for American companies who are passing it on to consumers.



PeggySueFoster, LandOfTheFree, United States, 3 days ago

Hate to tell ya Joe but China is by far the biggest threat to the USA both economically and militarily. If you don't understand that truth you are too dumb to be elected dog catcher.



Real_talk99, Dublin, Ireland, 3 days ago

If this man does not see china as a threat, then he should not be running for office.



The Twilight Knight, Brooklyn, United States, 3 days ago

LOL, Idiot. China is our number one rival!



Jollier than Jolly, Winning, United States, 3 days ago

Let's hope this is the last we hear of Joe Biden.



joe knows, Nu Yawk, United States, 3 days ago

Creepy Sleepy Joe they steal our intellectual property, put huge taxes on our exports, send their students here to infiltrate and spy on us, and are building their military at an incredible rate to challenge us worldwide.


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