TOI exclusive: India working on robots that may patrol borders

印度时报独家报道: 印度正在研发可用于边境巡逻的机器人


BENGALURU: As part of enhancing India's defence capabilities, scientists have been quietly working on all-terrain artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled robots that may eventually patrol the country's borders.

班加罗尔: 为增强印度国防能力,科学家们一直在悄悄研制全地形人工智能(AI)机器人,这些机器人最终可能会部署在印度边境巡逻。

Scientists from defence PSU Bharat Electronics Limited’s (BEL) Central Research Laboratory (CRL) in Bengaluru, who began work on this first responder robot in December 2018, are confident of having the first prototype by December 2019.


BEL CMD Gowthama MV told TOI: “AI will change how some critical operations are conducted by the armed forces, and our robot will even been able to patrol the borders.”

BEL市场营销总监Gowthama MV告诉印度时报:“人工智能将改变军方执行一些关键任务的方式,我们的机器人甚至能够在边境巡逻。”

Globally, companies like Irobot Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Mitsubishi, Thales Group, BAE Systems, General Dynamics Corporation, et al, have been working on first responder border patrol robots. Korea has been building completely different kind of robots—some reports describe them as machines inspired by the Avatar movie.


Experts TOI spoke with—security observers, former military commanders and members of think-tanks —say India is likely to take at least a decade, if not more, to have a functional robot that can perform this task.


At present, the estimated cost of each of these robots—if and when orders are placed—would be in the range of Rs 70 lakh and Rs 80 lakh per unit for small orders. “The cost can come down if there are large orders,” Gowthama said.



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paarth d • 7 hours ago

This is the future. Lets focus on tech rather than statues and mandirs. This is how we defeat Pakistan because of the superioirty of our technology. We have to be like Israel


paarth d • Location • 2 hours ago

mixng defense with Mandir/masjid is irrelevant.



Santosh Rawlo • 7 hours ago

Scientists have been silently working and media is shouting it loud...



Santosh Rawlo • 6 hours ago

Prototype for the perfect robot is Manmohan. Also works with remote.



sharatchandra • Bangalore • 8 hours ago

Research and development in every field - be it in defence, space, manufacturing etc, is flourishing under the Modi Regime. No previous central government has been so successful as Modi Government as well. India needs him for at least the next 15 years.



Jay • 8 hours ago

Good initiatives , Robots need for forward firing as well. Casualties can be avoided, cost is not a matter.



Harsh • Mumbai • 6 hours ago

No big deal ! We Congi''s had invented a Robot who ran the country for 10 years ...

什么大不了的! 国大党发明了一个机器人,这个机器人统治了印度10年…


SHRIKANT HEGDE • 4 hours ago

This is excellent! Hope, extensive use of robots will reduce to a large extent loss of life and injury to our brave armed forces personnel!

太棒了! 希望,机器人的广泛使用能在很大程度上减少印度军队的伤亡!


Sumita Kulkarni • 6 hours ago

This would be a positive use of technology ! Safety of our country as well as our soldiers should be our prime concern!

这是对技术的积极利用! 士兵的安全应该是我们最需要关注的!


sanjoy • 2 hours ago

Great initiative, wish you all the best.



nitin sharma • Canada • 7 hours ago

Anything is possible due to Modijee. Modijee in 2019 and 2024.



Gaana User • 7 hours ago

If this becomes successful. This will be a great milestone for India.



Madhusudan Machingath • 7 hours ago

Great Job, India can do in a year what others took decades as we are everywhere and we have basics right


Madhusudan Machingath • Mum Bhai • 6 hours ago

Bhakt these projects are going on for last 15 years



Captain • 8 hours ago

parallelly pakistan planning to mount cameras on cattles And send them to guards their borders



Ali MJ • 2 hours ago

Very good....India is progressing....



Pankaj • Mumbai • 5 hours ago

Kudos to Make In India Team...



Balachandramenon Vengasserry • Alappuzha • 6 hours ago

Patrolling not enough, these robots shall be programmed into firing AK 47 bullets onto the heads of intruding terrorists also.



Presstitutes R Curse • Universe • 6 hours ago

Great job.


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