Telangana Inter results: 19 students commit suicide



HYDERABAD: Three more Intermediate students, including two girls , committed suicide reportedly due to failure in their exams across Telangana over the past 24 hours. With this, the number of students, who committed suicide since the past few days, has gone up to 19. This is among the highest number of suicides recorded post Inter results, in the state, over the last four years.


Rights activists alleged that due to negligence of the officials who released the Intermediate results in a hurried manner and without proper checks, students were either committing suicide or slipping into depression.


In 2018, six student suicides were reported after the results were announced. While there were no such suicides in 2015 and 2016, one Intermediate first-year student killed himself by jumping in front of a train in 2017.


Also, unlike other years, when most of these cases were recorded within the first two to three days of the results being announced, this year, there have been suicides through the week. Intermediate results in Telangana were announced on April 18.


Alarmed at the spate of suicides, especially this year, teachers said there was an immediate need to reduce the pressure that is being mounted on students from various quarters. “Majority student suicides reported in the last many years is due to immense pressure put on them by college managements, especially corporate colleges, and parents. The race to secure better ranks and marks burdens the average student who is forced to match up to the standards of high-performing students,” said Madhusudan Reddy, president of the Telangana Government Junior Lecturers Association, adding how even the grading system has failed to take the pressure off students as thought.

面对接二连三的自杀事件,尤其是今年的自杀事件,教师们表示,有必要立即减轻学生所承受的来自各方面的压力。泰伦加纳政府初级讲师协会主席Madhusudan Reddy表示:“最近几年报道的大多数学生自杀事件是由于大学管理层,尤其是企业学院和家长给他们施加了巨大的压力。为了获得更好的排名和更高的分数而进行的竞争给学生带来了负担,他们被迫和成绩优异的学生比。评分系统也未能像人们想象的那样减轻学生的压力。”


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Naresh Kumar • 5 hours ago

Tuglaq raja, Bevakoof ministers and reservation bureaucrats are responsible for these 19 lives.. shameless peopel in interviews were telling only 1 person committed suicide so its not a big issue.. how shameless and unsympathetic are these donkey politicians.. BUt votes you voted fools to power.. so fools will do only foolish things.. atleast now wake and vote correctly..



Naresh Kumar • 5 hours ago

So long as people keep getting freebies, they will continue to vote for Tughlaqs! Short-sighted folk!!

只要人们能继续分到免费赠品,他们就会继续投票给Tughlaqs!这些人目光短浅! !


Kalmokta Banchanbali • University of Medaram • 6 hours ago

What is the point ? Just one month and these same parents will vote TRS again for protecting Langa pride .. each of them deserve it



Kalmokta Banchanbali • india




Chandra Sekhar • 2 hours ago

I regret for the loss.You have any track record of marks of these students?



Mohd • 3 hours ago




Venkata • 4 hours ago

How  many young students shall pay with their precious lives for the horrendous mistakes committed by the Inter board? How many other students must have sunk into deep depression upon seeing an unexpected result. How many parents are in a state of deep anguish and anxiety about the future of their loved ones? This must be viewed very seriously by the courts and all the offenders need to be punished in an exemplary manner. It is time Government wakes up to the sad plight of young students.



Sathya • 5 hours ago

its just pure co ption..



Pradeep • 3 hours ago

Were the so called Ri-hts activists available to counsel the students while preparing for exams?



Pradeep • 2 hours ago

Most of the results are incorrect. They put wrong marks in systems. Intelligent students got 90 percent in firstyear. They failed in seconde year with 17 marks, in remaining subjects they got 90 percent. This happned to most of the students. And one more this one guy checked results at 1 O clock he got failed in two subjects. His father checked after 2 hours result is All subjects passed.This is the blunder mistake done by intermediate board and playing with students life.



kkdkmachamp • India • 2 hours ago

This is what happens when a drunkard is the CM and there are no qualified ministers. The TRS CM and his ministers are morons who have no sense of responsibility towards the state and the welfare of the people.



Laxmi Pandit • 2 hours ago

The real reason is poverty and fear of poverty due to over population.



Kamal Gaur • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Parents should never push their children beyond their capacity and teach then to accept failure or reversals in life. Life has more reversals than success.



Nitin • 2 hours ago

Committing suicide will not change their report card. if more efforts were done and if they had fear of getting failed then today they would have passed exams with good marks. Also what were parents doing whole year when their children were going college??? Parents should have kept check over their children whether they are studying properly or just doing time pass...!



Nationcomesfirst • Mother INDIA • 2 hours ago

Parents and society puts unnecessary burden on students..it''s a disease in the society ..should be wiped off..



anand • chennai • 3 hours ago

students prepare for exam in the last minute, throughout year they enjoy going to movies / malls / boy firls friends, they should start prepare from day1



Rene Fernandez • juffair • 3 hours ago

by these immature students . Why was no counselling done for a day for all students so that such drastic steps could have been discouraged. . Worse is these same students are aware that our political leaders are leading the state without any proper education and highly qualified babus are reporting to these uneducated leaders . RIP

这些不成熟的学生采取了如此偏激的做法。为什么没有为学生提供心理咨询,阻止这种极端行为呢? 更糟糕的是,这些学生意识到,我们的政治领袖没有受过教育,而高素质人员还得向这些没有受过教育的领导人汇报工作。愿逝者安息!


sista prasad • 33 mins ago

Sad situation, young students are committing suicides because of failure of State Govt., May the young souls rest in peace......



Sonny V • Bangalore, India • 35 mins ago

WE the parents and the education system has put tremendous pressure on the 2 students, given this is very tender age students are not able to withstand the pressure of failing the exams... We must teach them to be strong instead of pushing them any



Abhishek • 52 mins ago

Are these children crazy from the head? Way too serious about results. You can always repeat, no shame in that. Sheesh!



Yogesh Kantaria • mumbai • 58 mins ago

is it required to do that such non sence



Pranav Sharma • 1 hour ago

Their parents should be put behind the bars for pressuring the child to this level of stress.



Prathamesh Bagayatkar • 1 hour ago

I wonder what is filling in their mind, one failure decides their one life for which parents struggled and worked hard to bring and grow you up in life! What kind of pressure they put up on those children''s mind.



Virtualsid • 1 hour ago

Suicide is a culture in the telugu society.



Abc • India • 2 hours ago

life comes very cheap in India



Makdxb • INDIA • 2 hours ago

The state Govt is responsible for these suicides. People shouldnt elect such Govt into the power. 19 students is a big number.



Binoy k • 2 hours ago

What does our uneducated, filthy, lowy CHAIWALLAH has to do with this!



Innovater Guys • 2 hours ago

Our goverment must take agaist such incident



Narsimharao • Hyderabad • 4 hours ago

education minister should resign


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