Why can't India make indigenous fighter jets and wons?(3)





Because one time we tried to build on our own, we ended up with Arjun main battle tank. Development started in 1974, prototype built in 1984, initial pre-production of 14 tanks in 1988. During the testing, the performance was so poor, the Army ordered improvements. Despite several attempts to kill the project, higher ups kept the project alive, after spending 20 times the original budget and almost 20 years behind plan, the first production Arjun tanks rolled off the assembly in 1999. But, further delays were caused by production issues and the tanks weren't fully deployed until 2009. The total production is 248 tanks. Because of the delays, Indian Army's current main battle tank is T-90S. Although, Arjun Mk2 program was much more successful, the original Arjun program disaster should be enough to pause anyone that thinks domestic production is always best.

我们尝试过自己建造,成果是阿尔琼主战坦克。坦克的研发始于1974年,原型建造于1984年,最初在1988年小批量生产14辆坦克。在测试期间,性能非常差,军队下令改进。尽管有几次试图终止该项目,但在花费了比原预算多20倍的资金、且比原计划落后近20年之后,仍维持了该项目的存续。但是,生产问题导致了进一步的延迟,直到2009年坦克才得以全部部署,总产量248台。由于延期,印度陆军目前的主战坦克是T-90。尽管Arjun Mk2项目成功得多,但Arjun项目最初的灾难应该足以让所有认为国产最好的人闭嘴。


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There are several reasons for this...

  1. The time involved in develo a technology for the defence is very high especially due to the procedures involved. So in many cases it is better to go for a Foreign procurement as the deal would be completed much faster.
  2. Defense deals involve a lot of money. Our po iticians and beaurocrats are so corrupt that even if the technology is available or could be developed within the country, they lobby for foreign companies. Take for example the case of IAFs Turbo-trainer aircraft deal with Pilatus. Though the country's biggest aerospace company HAL proposed to develop an indegenous aircraft, the HTT40, IAF went for a procurement deal with Pilatus. The point of irony in this case was that the cost of an indegenously developed HTT40 aircraft would have been much less than that of the Pilatus aircraft.


1. 研发一种国防技术需要的时间非常长。因此在许多情况下最好进行海外采购,交易完成的速度会快得多。

2. 国防交易耗资巨大。我们的政客和非常腐败,就算国内有可用的技术或可以自助研发,他们也会为外国公司游说。以印度空军涡轮教练机交易为例。尽管印度最大的航空公司印度斯坦航空提议开发一种名为HTT40的国产飞机,但印度空军还是与皮拉特斯达成了一项采购协议。具有讽刺意味的是,自主研发的HTT40飞机的成本比皮拉特斯飞机要低得多。


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Originally Answered: Why is India unable to build their own fighter jets?

India is one of the few nations who actually are capable of building however the fighters are not as good as f22s or su35s but still they are awesome.

So far India has made 3 aircrafts

1)HAL HF-24 Marut




1)印度斯坦航空的HF-24 Marut

印度斯坦航空的HF-24 Marut

It was made in 1960s and was comparable with the best aircrafts but due to some zing statesmen we had to drop it.


2)HAL Ajeet



It was a decent aircraft made in 1977


3)HAL Tejas

3) 印度斯坦航空的光辉战机


It is a pretty stealthy aircraft due to the use of composites and has various models


1)Tejas Mk1

2)Tejas mk1a

And the other one for aircraft carriers

By 2032 India we will get a 5++ generation aircraft












Sr Rehman Patel, lived in India

The level of technical expertise one is required to make wons is extremely high. India, does posses this ability but not the ability to reproduce these on a large scale.

Also, I think that importing these goods from US/ Israel might be financially speaking , more economical than say, setting up our own industries.

Setting our own industries for wons in a resource starved nation like ours also opens up avenues for illegal disbursement of blue-sheets and black market wons.

We do construct our ships and aircrafts at HAL. Most of the very cutting edge technology has been patented by private defense contractors and industries in the aforementioned countries. And as this is a sensitive topic of defense, the go nments behind these organizations defend their patents furiously, so one has to buy it through, if one wants to use it.

And was the biggest importer of wons, my friend, till a few years ago.

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Originally Answered: Why can India not make its own fighter jets?

It has. It has designed two indigenous fighters, several other aircraft and has built other foreign designs under license.

The HAL Kiran is an intermediate two-set jet trainer.

The HAL HF-24 Marut was India’s first native fighter design and it was its first supersonic design.

The HAL Tejas is India’s latest supersonic design and is in the process of entering service.

India has built the MiG-21, SEPECAT Jaguar and Su-30 under license.

Seems to me India is fairly capable of making its own fighter jets.



印度斯坦基兰(HAL Kiran)是一种中级双座喷气教练机。

印度斯坦HF-24 Marut是印度第一款国产战斗机,也是第一款超音速战斗机。





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Originally Answered: Why in the world can't India manufacture fighter jets like the Rafale?

I think the need for develo wons through wholly indigenous efforts is over. I would discourage any research from scratch that is equivalent to re-inventing the wheel. It was necessary during 1990's but hardly makes any sense today.

Indigenous efforts are worthless for all available wons for the following reasons:

1.It's very costly and time consuming. By the time we could make a prototype, world would have moved over quite far away from us.

2.HAL doesn't seem to absorb\not allowed to absorb the high technology. It appears to get only screw-drive technology of the crafts it manufactures for decades. I don't think, from the scratch, it can design/make equivalent crafts it manufactures so long.

3.The technology denial of 90's is over, and countries are very eager to share technology and or make the wons in India. Even, US is eager for joint development.

4.Our DRDO is notorious for unending delays with successful release nowhere at sight. Recall abandonment of Cauvery Engine, and yet to succeed 'Intermediate Jet Trainer'. Even with technical collaboration at latter stages, the problems remain. Already, DRDO labs have their plates full.

So, the best practice would be to go for 'Make in India' or the joint development from the begng as applicable.   










Shumayel Liton

This has largely to do with lack credible R&D powered industry. While it is true that india has organizations such as DRDO, HAL, etc, none of these organizations work by injecting R&D and innovation. Instead, the focus is on commercialisation, fear of failure, profits, and copying western designs. The fact is that a large chunk of R&D has pential of going to failure and while the west is willing to invest to absorb this, india's focus is on making profits away and/or copying. In india, any product can offi ally be called indigenous, if it uses around 40-50% of components produced in india. The other reasons are incapacity in the education sy em to produce skillfull workers, and process based organizations with focus on high quality control. Indian mentality also has a large to play in it, since indians want to import as much instead of making on their own.



Rahul .Gokhale

I have answered this question elsewhere but to recap, we do not have the expertise or the financial resources at this time to build a fighter jet. Fighter jets are significant undertakings and require a mature well developed industrial base in many different areas like engines, ronics, radars, software (for FCS), displays, etc. India did not have a program in aeronautics till 1990. To develop fighters we would need to build expertise in at least the main components that make up a fighter jet and this would take significant amount of financial resources which we do not have. Unless and until drastic investments are made in human, technical, and other resources related to the defense industry i suspect we are always going to play catch up.



Damien Leimbach, USAF avionics technician, U-2s

its the culmination of several different reasons which I shall try to briefly state.

India was not directly involved in any international, large scale conflicts during the dawning of the ronics age, which arguably happened in the 40’s and 50’s.

As a result, you had no reason to dump billions of dollars into domestic arms developers, engineering firms, ronics companies, software and computer companies, or materials research companies.

Countries like the U.S. did, largely because we could afford to, and largely because we were involved in a cold war arms race at the time.

So India could try to catch up, but it would be a long, expensive road, and unless you really think you can produce something genuinely better, the money would be better spent on purchasing what you need.

One way for you to catch up quickly would be to reach an agreement with a superpower where you domestically produce someone else's design under license. Its more expensive, but the lessons you learn could go a long way towards erasing that 70 year deficit.








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Originally Answered: Why does India have to purchase fighter jets from other countries?

Because we only have quantity of engineers with close to Zero quality. Our education is heavy focused on theory only, and practicals are a joke.

Of the few % of b students who do est, and that are capable of doing great things, our infamous reservation based sy em makes sure that they don't get seats, and undeserving and underachieving students get to take their place instead.

Sad but true, most Indians become highly successful when they join foreign institutions in the west.






Ranga Prasad, Po itical scientist, Historian and Spiritualist

No. India doesnt have the technology.

We didnt have FDI for these many years. All countries including USA and USSR have private players which will give penetration.

Also, from Nehru's period, we con trated only on infrastructure and not on human resources. Even the Mmodi go nment has slashed 15% for research. Untill, we dont give importance to research, we wont have technology. And with no technology, we will end up with NO.1 in defense importer.





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India is capable making any kind of jets and wons. Give it a chance. Two sectors, Space exploration and Nuclear power were totally closed to India. India has developed those two complex technology areas on its own. In space exploration India is second to none, a stage we reached overcoming many sabotage attempts . We are not in need in nuclear technology either and the purchase of power reactors from foreign countries are for Geo Po itical reasons only. But we are unable to be self reliant even in small arms. Reason for this is co ption. Defense imports are lucrative to corrupt people. We would have indigenous 5+ generation fighters jets by now if we were not supplied with jets from other countries.



Ravi Chandra

India already manufactures Su30MKI, The problem with India is not manufacturing, but design and geo po itics. After Hal marut(India's first fighter jet in 1960's), There was no follow up projects and all talent was lost in due time, While Tejas is different story, with no industry base and foreign powers trying to scuttle the project as they will loose big customer like India .

Second ADA is responsible for design of aircraft for planes not DRDO. thanks to Tejas MK I . ADA is designing MK II of Tejas and 5 th Gen Fighter AMCA . We started now hopefully in future we can design and develop jet on par with other world powers .


第二,国防部负责飞机的设计,而不是DRDO。感谢光辉MK I。国防部正在设计光辉的MK II和第5代战斗机。我们希望,将来我们能设计和开发出与其他世界强国相媲美的喷气式飞机。


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This is just based on all that i have read, but as of today, the Govt is not one that supports R&D. No matter how many ever institutes and organisations are opened and inaugurated, until there are sufficient funds and support by the Govt for R&D, an indigenous jet, or any other equipment for that matter, will not be.



Subhrajyoti Parida, works at Helicopter Division, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Unless the ber students love their motherland and work for her, we can't make indigenous fighter jets..



Patrick Bindner, pilot, fluid dynamics engineering research, 100+ R&D papers

It’s pretty simple. They do build indigenous aircraft, including a supersonic 4-gen fighter.



Sarang Kashikar, worked at Indian Army

We do manufacture wons in India. However, we need to have more R & D, and master cutting edge technology.



Praveen Venkiteswara Annu, India; my motherland, my pride. Born and bred in India. TW18

LCA or Tejas is one small step for India. Hopefully, we will soon have the required technology transfer to build fighter jets like Rafale indigenously.



Bumbhole Rao

Because govt employees sries are not sufficient to keep the pace with social change therefore if collective will of the go nment can be relaxed for few decades then others can enjoy perks of such inability !!



Padmabhushan Shivram Rajguru, worked at Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli

This is because of lack of private companies in India's defence sector .in america many companies are working for the military development applications sy em. But the case is not with India..



Juby Mathew, Managing Director at www.cogreen.in

The biggest Mafia is Medical Industry and Won Industry.



Well I, being from Aviation Branch, will not comment for Fighter Jet specifically, because it's useless to talk considering the Small initiative like SARAS project which started with pomp and show never saw the day light with lots of bureocracy, internal po itics,external po itics and to take upper cut from black marketers of won industry.

Go nment should start having all these things made by doing reverse engineering and then go on to develop advanced versions in India....will army accept this approach?

There is no big defence industry in india. Kickbacks from foreign companies was the name of the game.

Defence allocation should be at least 5 percent of GDP. Allow THAAD missile defence sy em on border and Pak border along with S-400 missile defence sy em. Thereafter we will have lot of time to build other equipment .

Defence procurement is slow because babus sitting in the MOD are looking for bribes else they will slow down procurment.

So let me come to the conclusion,No we can't build our own advance won sy em for another 100 years because our babu's will never allow that.







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