Bytedance says TikTok ban in India causing $500,000 daily loss, job risks: Report



NEW DELHI: India’s ban on popular video app TikTok is resulting in “financial losses” of up to $500,000 a day for its developer, Bytedance Technology Co, and has put more than 250 jobs at risk, the company said in a court filing seen by Reuters.

新德里: 据路透社所见的一份法庭文件显示,印度对流行视频应用TikTok的禁令,对其开发者字节跳动科技有限公司造成每天高达50万美元的“财务损失”,并使250多个工作岗位面临被裁风险。

TikTok allows users to create and share short videos with special effects and is one of the world’s most popular apps. It has been downloaded by nearly 300 million users so far in India, out of more than 1 billion downloads globally, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower.

TikTok(抖音)允许用户创建和分享具有特效的短视频,是全球最受欢迎的应用程序之一。据分析公司Sensor Tower的数据,到目前为止,全球超过10亿次下载,印度有近3亿用户下载了这款应用。

Earlier this month, the Madras high court court ordered the government to prohibit its downloads, saying the app was encouraging pornography. Acting upon instructions from the IT ministry, Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google last week removed TikTok from their India app stores.


The developments have dealt a blow to the India growth plans of Bytedance, which is backed by Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp and by private equity. Bytedance, one of the world’s most valuable startups potentially worth around $75 billion, was considering a public listing in Hong Kong this year, sources told Reuters in August.


In the filing made to the Supreme Court on Saturday, Bytedance urged the court to quash the ban and direct the IT ministry to tell companies such as Google and Apple to make the app available again on their platforms.



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Ashley King - 20 hours ago -Follow

India should ban on other unnecessary imports like toys, cheap electronics, Creepy food items.



Alexdmello - 20 hours ago -Follow

Job risks for whom: people or Indians? I think everyone should deinstall the app. Don't forget that is India's enemy.



Indian - 20 hours ago -Follow

Wow great news



Luuke Luketer Vasco - 20 hours ago -Follow

need more damage to be done to .......



Bankrupt Pakistan - 20 hours ago -Follow

Shoukd be banned nevertheless



Letslive - Planet Earth - 20 hours ago -Follow

A quick math - India has 300 million users out of total 1 billion users and that means close to 30% of user base . Losing 500,000 dollar per day means losing from the profits . Means total profit should be around 1.5 million dollars per day - means around 3.5 crores per day (1280 crores a year).

250 people for 3.5 crores loss ( 315 crores a month) Means one employee of the company earns a profit of close to 80 Lakh Ruppees for that company.

So it shows how Indian public helps .

Dont you feel bad ? Just for you entertainment and ego you are hel (just one company) so much





Proud Indian - 20 hours ago -Follow

ban all things



Shasti Brata - 15 hours ago -Follow

These are jobs! For this reason at least we should maintain the ban.



Sunil Kumar - 6 hours ago -Follow

Ban everything



Rahul Sc - Mumbai - 18 hours ago -Follow

Tiktok owners have reacted to late. Tiktok was in news for wrong reason for quite sometime. The owners never cared because they cared about the revenue they we''re generating. Now, after Tiktok is rightfully banned, they continue to care about the lost revenue. These unethical group should be kicked out for good.



Sarin Mall - Mumbai - 20 hours ago -Follow

Ban all products too. Their cheap products is hurting the manufacturing industry due to which millions of people are losing their job in India



rahul thedumbass - 20 hours ago -Follow

Ban all apps!



Kannan Ramaseshan - Chennai - 18 hours ago -Follow

I just came to know it''s co. so I deleted the app.



Hsb - 18 hours ago -Follow

Half of those videos were nonsense and vulgar. Kudos to madras HC for banning this app



Aditya Sarangi - 20 hours ago -Follow

WHen PUBG will be banned



Suchitra Pradhan - 20 hours ago -Follow

Indian govt should ask this bytedance company to pay half of the daily earning to indian govt fund then only lift the ban. else let them be in loss. These companies cream out profit from india and use that money to become rich .、They need us we indian dont need them. India is the biggest consumer market in the world now. so indian govt should make use of this situation.



TOIFan - Mumbai - 20 hours ago -Follow

ban the useless app permanently



Javed Badshah - uae - 18 hours ago -Follow

Also ban all fast food thelas, restaurants.



Reeshu - 18 hours ago -Follow

it's the best decision of judiciary so far this year



Shockwave - 17 hours ago -Follow


This company has looted 500000$ daily from Indian pockets..???



Nindak - India - 13 hours ago -Follow

They should make an Indian version of the app. Oh sorry, Indians are working in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.




Pradeep - Mumbai - 16 hours ago -Follow

Wow... Banning this app has so much financial loss to the company...? I definitely encourage all Indians to uninstall this app asap and throw this app in garbage...

哇……禁用这款应用给公司带来了巨大的经济损失……? 我鼓励所有印度人尽快卸载这个应用


Dinesh - Secunderabad - 17 hours ago -Follow

One BAN and a company is on knees... wow



Jay - 20 hours ago -Follow

See the power of Indians



pawan22778 - new delhi - 4 hours ago -Follow

good ban


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