Tejas wows Mysia, but Pakistan & Korean jets still in the race



What Group Captain Samrath Dhankar, the demo pilot of India’s indigenously-developed Tejas Mk 1, thought would be a touch and go on the fighter’s unique strengths, with the Mysian PM, turned out to be longish and stimulating one. Dr Mahathir was specially drawn to the neatness of the cockpit and the intuitive layout. The discussion lasted for 10 mins, with Dhankar even adding a personal flavor by telling the PM he had been to Mysia before, under a defence exchange programme.

印度空军上校Samrath Dhankar亲自担任印度自主研发的“光辉”Mk 1战机的试飞员,展示了该战机的独特优势。马来西亚总理马哈蒂尔特别喜欢驾驶舱整洁直观的布局。他们之间的讨论持续了10分钟, Dhanka还告诉总理,他曾以国防交流的名义访问过马来西亚。

These little personal stories, cultural affinities, historical connects, and high-profile, increased military exercises between the two nations, however, do not weigh in bigger than the one fact which most geo po itical and defence experts speak about, anonymously: and that is; Mysia’s tilt towards Pakistan.

然而,文化上的亲近感、历史上的联系,以及两国间引人注目的、不断增加的军事演,都敌不过大多数地缘和防务专家匿名谈论的一个事实: 马来西亚向巴基斯坦倾斜。

So, where does India’s locally-made fighter which got widely applauded for its agility and maneuverability at the LIMA show held last week of March, stand vis-à-vis Pakistan’s JF-17 and Korea’s FA-50 Golden Eagle?


Dhankar said, ‘The jet’s fly-by-wire capability, air-to-air refueling, the avionics that have been wonderfully-integrated and the open architecture computer sy ems, where both Russian and Western wonry can be assimilated, are all unique and demarcates Tejas as a different generation fighter.”


Pakistan’s JF-17, which is built on design and technology, did not show up in LIMA. Meanwhile pro-Pakistan media plugs seemed to have taken over the narrative here, after Tejas’s impressive show, cming Mysia would buy two JF-17 for ‘evaluation.’


Mr Dzirhan Mahadzir, a seasoned freelance writer on defence matters and geo-po itical issues in South East Asia, debunks this cm. “No fighter jets are purchased only for evaluation.”

Dzirhan Mahadzir先生是一位资深自由撰稿人,研究东南亚的国防事务和地缘问题,他驳斥了这种说法,称“没有为了评估而购买战机的。”

Capt (Rtd) Martin A Sebastian, Senior Fellow and Centre Head, Centre for Maritime Security and Diplomacy, Mysia, said, “The advantage with Tejas is there’s scope for not just transfer of India’s indigenous technology but also transform; this deal, if comes through, can help identify and build Mysia’s own indigenous capacity in defence production.”

马来西亚海事安全和外交中心高级研究员兼中心主任Martin A Sebastian上尉表示:““光辉”的优势在于,不仅允许转让印度本土的技术,还可以进行改造;该协议一旦达成,将有助于构建马来西亚的本土国防生产能力。”


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Patriot Kashinath • Dubai • 15 hours ago

Pakistan''s JF17? The ignorant author needs an education. JF17s are aircraft. Tejas is a 100% indigenous Indian product from design to assembly. Pakistan can''t make an automobile forget a Fighter jet. It''s a shame that our Media puts us down as if a Paki made jet was preferred over Tejas


Patriot Kashinath • 14 hours ago

Lol 100 % Indian product. US engin


sunny dada • 11 hours ago

Pakistan is still struggling, trying to manufacture a needle head.


Pradip Kumar Shome • Chennai • 17 hours ago

Fact of the matter is Mysia does not have money to purchase any fighter and would end up buying fighters on a credit line from .


radip Kumar Shome • 14 hours ago

Don''t call it a Pak Jet. It is a Chinki Jet.


Sun Rise • 14 hours ago

98% its JET, just 2% is Pakistani...Paki did only green painting / name giving...


Mein CHOWIKIDAR nahi hoon • 15 hours ago

made in , Labelled in Paki.


Vijay Banga • new delhi • 1 day ago

Mysia would buy two JF-17s for evaluation, who buys jets for such purpose, there is something not


Vijay Banga • 14 hours ago

MALAYSIA may opt for JF17 BLUNDER in the end for the simple reason that CHINA has agreed in principle to buy its palm oil in bulk at quality prices ...while also allowing greater CHINESE market access to its products....CHINA is playing a silent role behind the whole process......


3rdRockFromTheSun • 15 hours ago

TEJAS is one of the BEST out there. Equal or better than the Saab Gripen in its class.

We should be proud of our achievement


Guy Max • Goa • 12 hours ago

At last, this news has made us proud to be Indians. Thanks a lot to PM Modi who made India dream and work towards achievements.


Venkat Apr • Location • 15 hours ago

Tejas is going to be best aircraft in its generation. Buying jets from Pak is like buying goods which got no guarantee


Venkat Apr • 14 hours ago

Its a true world class fighter jet and has won accolades from even renowned western aircraft analysts...


Rajesh Bhardwaj • 14 hours ago

Pakis do not have capacity and brain to bulid a fighter aircraft, they can only produce madrassa trained suicide bombers


Rajesh Bhardwaj • Washington DC • 14 hours ago

Just because you hate a country doesn't mean you have to be blind to the facts.As this article states, they do build a aircraft just like India builds Russian ones.


Manish Zaveri • 12 hours ago

Had it not been for PM Modi, Tejas would have never been built. Thank you Modiji for your leadership and I hope to see you re-ed in 2019. I just hope that the people of India have the common sense to see the development that has taken place.  But India has achieved a lot more in the last 5 years that in the previous 60 years combined.



Dawni • Dawni • Mysia • 16 hours ago

India should rebuild its depleted fighter squadron rather than offering Tejas for sale to other countries. Forget about exporting fighters to Mysia. Instead find ways and means to export your vehicles (TATA & Mahindra - which seems to be of good quality when I saw them in India).



Kulkarni Pralhad • Bangalore • 14 hours ago

India should enter arms and defence equipment manufacture which has huge market, our scientists have capabilities, given a free hand



Kulkarni Pralhad • 14 hours ago

First of all the deadwood in HAL and DRDO has to be burned.



Bharatwasi • MERA apna BHARAT • 14 hours ago

Wouldn't Mysia transfer Tejas technology and avionics to Pakistan.



Rashmi Patel • 14 hours ago

Mysia will go for Pakistan



Gatothkach • India • 12 hours ago

If they want a Junk, they can buy the JF. If they want a state of the art 4 generation fighter plane, then look no more ahead than the Tejas.



Ranjit Kr • 12 hours ago

Tejas is not available for india ,and HAL Congress pvt ltd planning to sell to mysia ...



Wowing Tejas • Wowing Tejas • cow land • 15 hours ago

Tejas wowed Singapore, now Mysia, next will be Indonesia, Vietnam, T, Nepal and Maldives.It impressed everybody except Indians themselves.



Subrato • 12 hours ago

However, sweet it might appear but India should not agree to transfer of technology as it is well known that Mysian have a affinity towards the Pakistani's . Beware.



Guy • 3rdRockFromTheSun • 12 hours ago

@Manish Zaveri: Hail MODI.

MODI was the chief engineer of TEJAS!

Hope that makes you happy.

@Manish Zaveri:莫迪万岁。




niranjan kanar • 12 hours ago

sorry i wanted say that Pakistan even cannot manufacture an automobile in my below comment



Gaurav • India • 13 hours ago

JF 17 is aircraft, Pakistan is an empty vessel without



Desh Premi • 15 hours ago

It took 3 decades for India to develop a fighter craft. Is Pakistan already developed one? Surprising.



Muk • 10 hours ago

Don't sell Tejas to Mysia. The plane's technology will find its way to Pakis



Smoking • Land of Cannabis Indica • 13 hours ago

First serve the IAF please..

We don't need another Abhinandan saga to be repeated again.



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