Two Indians in Saudi Arabia ex ted for murder



CHANDIGARH: The foreign ministry has confirmed that two Indians, Satwinder Kumar of Hoshiarpur and Harjeet Singh of Ludhiana, have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia on charges of murdering a fellow Indian. The two were ex ted on February 28 this year.

昌迪加尔: 印度外交部证实,两名印度人(分别为来自霍希亚布尔的Satwinder Kumar和来自卢迪亚纳的Harjeet Singh)在沙特阿拉伯被斩首,罪名为谋杀一名印度同胞。两人于今年2月28日被。

The Indian embassy in Riyadh, however, was not informed by the Saudi authorities before the executions. The families of the deceased may not get the bodies because of rules ag inst it.


Harjeet and Satwinder killed Imamuddin after a scuffle broke out between them over distribution of some money they had loed. A few days later, the two were arrested for drinking liquor and fighting. While deportation formalities were being completed, they were found to be linked to the murder.

因在分配抢来的钱财时发生争执,Harjeet 和Satwinder杀了Imamuddin。几天后,两人因饮酒斗殴被捕。在办理驱逐出境手续时,当局发现他们与谋杀案有关。

Indian duo were shifted to Riyadh jail for their trial


The details of the fate of Satwinder Kumar and Harjeet Singh were revealed by the foreign ministry after a petition was filed by Satwinder’s wife Seema Rani. In the letter, delivered to Seema on Monday, it was revealed that Satwinder and Harjeet were arrested on December 9, 2015 for allegedly killing Arif Imamuddin.

在Satwinder的妻子Seema Rani提交了一份请愿书后,印度外交部公布了Satwinder Kumar和Harjeet Singh案件的细节。星期一递送给西玛的信函披露,Satwinde和Harjeet于2015年12月9日因涉嫌杀害Arif Imamuddin而被捕。

“They were shifted to Riyadh jail for trial and they confessed to their crime. The hearing of their case on May 31, 2017 was attended by an embassy offi al. At that time, the case file was transferred to an appeals court, with an additional charge of ‘hirabha (highway robbery that also invites capital punishment)’,” according to the MEA communication.


The letter, signed by Prakash Chand, director (consular), added that embassy offi als used to visit the jail to know about the status of their trial. “But, both were ex ted on February 28, 2019 without informing the embassy. Several communications were made to the ministry of foreign affairs, Saudi Arabia, to get the mortal remains but Saudi sy em does not permit handing over the bodies of those ex ted to the embassy,” the letter said.



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chowkidar shilpy shilpy - onthescene - 5 hours ago -Follow

saudis would not dare do this to white guys from the west.



Ekdesi - USA - 3 hours ago -Follow

Their execution is still by beheading?



Rajesh Singhal - 3 hours ago -Follow

Murder and rape are two identical crimes which kills the victims and as such capital punishment is the only way out. This is the only way out in India, too. In comparison, the criminals are honoured in India and cases take decades for its final judgement. In India, basically there is no punishment for crimes.



Jojo Xavier - Mumbai - 3 hours ago -Follow

The world knows about Capital punishment in Saudi, then why commit a crime and attract Capital punishment ???



Chander - 2 hours ago -Follow

Compare this case with 2 Italians who killed a fisherman off Ker coast, arrested, and allowed to fly away to celebrate Christmas in Italy and never came back to face Indian courts. Do we want such corrupt po iticians in power? Who make a mockery of our judicial sy em? Allowed killers to fly away?



vijay - melbourne - 3 hours ago

There is no anticipatory bail in Saudi . the moral of the story is Don''t do any crime in saudi Arabia if you love your neck!



Naveen - 3 hours ago -Follow

Theif, robbers deserve such punishment every where in the world.



Rocker - India - 2 hours ago -Follow

When will they ex te the Murderer of Jl Khashoggi?



True Indian - India - 3 hours ago -Follow

Well Done. A killer is a killer doesn''t matter if he is a Indian or of any nationality. Kudos to Saudi Judicial Sy em also that they bring the preparators to justice in less than 4 years. Indian jusicial sy em is a crippled sy em. No mercy should be given to the inhumanes. In our country all the murderers and rapists are roaming free. Nirbhaya''s killers were still enjoying their life in jail even after 5 years.. and still continuing.. Some lesson should be learnt from Saudis Sy em.



Jhon - 3 hours ago -Follow

Barbaric sy em.form a barbaric nation.with double standards. India should take this up and show the ugly Saudis that they cannot treat our citizens without a fair trial. Would never have happened to. European or USA citizens



Dean - traveller - 3 hours ago -Follow

with lacs of Indians working there and earning well why will anyone behead or implicate someone in a false case?



Nimi Shah - 2 hours ago -Follow

Indians doesn''t mean they are saints.They Committed crime and they were punished as per the land of the law.Saudi is not a nation where you do robbery,Rape,Murder,Cor ion and Roam free.



Anil - Mumbai - 3 hours ago -Follow

They did this despite we having the greatest PM in the world ..and go nment cms that they were not even aware that they had been beheaded ? Matter of great shame for our go nment ..



Vijay Banga - new delhi - 2 hours ago -Follow

Saudi Arabia has strict laws, one needs to abide by hem or face consequences. In India even people with criminal records are fighting ions and become law makers,must follow Arabia to clean



Monika jain - Mumbai - 1 hour ago

i am reaally impressed the judicial systom of kingdom, in India rapist and murderer get bail within 24 houurs



Ramboji001 - 53 mins ago -Follow

Why this law not applied yet to the INDIAN RAPISTS???



Kosopet - 1 hour ago -Follow

I rather live a poor life in India rather than working in these Mus m countries



Shahbaz Khan Shaikh - 2 hours ago -Follow

Comment section shows the basic mentality of few typical Indians, No wonder why Murder case and rape case are epidemic in India. Recently we all a child molester in Ville parle( place in India) was released from jail because of his "good behavior" and the moment he was out he Raped and Killed a 9year old girl, but he will be saved because of his strong po itical background. Had he been killed at the very first place that 9 year old innocent girl would be alive today.



Hashim Khan - delhi - 2 hours ago -Follow

rules are rules ! they kill rapist as well unlike here where they roam free !



Chander - 2 hours ago -Follow

Criminals are criminals wether Indians in Saudi or Italians in India. They have to face the music according to the law of the land where the crime has been committed.



Anis Shaikh - 2 hours ago -Follow

Law is a law and we need to follow it.



Deepak - New Delhi - 1 hour ago -Follow

any comments by Mr.Amir Khan ?



Daposh - New Delhi - 2 hours ago -Follow

India should learn from Saudi Arabia....



Shahzad Hussain - 1 hour ago -Follow

This law should be in force in India, too. Lynchers and rapists must be hanged to death on streets.



Manjunath Yatnur - Hyderabad - 1 hour ago -Follow

Last week 2 Pakistanis this week 2 Indians. Looks like Saudi Arabia doesn''t discriminate.



Zee - india - 1 hour ago

Not like India, murderers and those who rape their own women, roam freely. Murderer po iticians are ed and given highest position.



Ekhlaque Ur - Bengaluru - 2 hours ago -Follow

......and modi z saying tht he z making country powerful #feku



Darede l Nerd - 51 mins ago -Follow

I like the way saudis deal with criminals



Krishna - 2 hours ago -Follow




ABHISHEK SINGH - 1 hour ago -Follow

Law of primitive humans. Civilization is far from true in the desert jungle



Bllog Suri - NA - 1 hour ago -Follow

What a horrible country.



Rak - 2 hours ago -Follow

In India it may 40years to decide how to deliver justice.


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