Hot potato: Gujarat farmers sued for copy-farming



AHMEDABAD: The US food and beverages giant PepsiCo has sued three farmers in Gujarat compning that they have been illegally growing and selling a variety of potato exclusively registered by the company. PepsiCo cmed it has sole s to grow them to manufacture chips of its brand - Lay's.

艾哈迈达巴德: 美国食品饮料巨头百事可乐公司起诉3名古吉拉特邦农民,称他们非法种植和销售该公司独家注册的土豆品种。百事公司声称他们拥有独家权利生产其品牌薯片-Lay’s。

Looking at the company's registration of the potato variety in country's Plant Variety Registry, the commercial court here last week stayed the farmers - Chabilbhai Patel, Vinod Patel, Haribhai Patel - from growing and selling the potatoes till April 26. The court has also sought reply from the three over company's cms of infringement on its s.


On company's request, the commercial court judge Moolchand Tyagi appointed advocate Paras Sukhwani as court commissioner to conduct an inquiry into the dispute and prepare a report.

应百事公司的请求,商业法庭法官穆尔昌德•泰吉(Moolchand Tyagi)任命律师帕拉斯•苏赫瓦尼(Paras Sukhwani)为法庭专员,对争议进行调查,并准备一份报告。

PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd has informed the court that it uses the registered variety of potatoes called FL 2027, which is a hybrid of FL 1867 and Wischip varieties, for manufacturing chips for its brand. The company is the registered breeder of FL 2027 under the Prection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001.

印度百事公司(PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd .)已通知法院,该公司使用已注册的马铃薯品种FL 2027制作其品牌薯条,FL 2027是FL 1867和Wischip的杂交品种。该公司根据2001年《植物品种和农民权利法案》注册了FL 2027。

In India, this variety was first put to commercial use in 2009 and is traded under the trademark FC5. It has granted licence to some farmers in Punjab to grow the variety on the buyback sy em. By growing these potatoes without licence, these farmers in Gujarat are violating its statutory s.


The company further said that it came to know about the farmers growing this potato variety in January. It collected samples and sent for verification to the in-house laboratory as well as the ICAR and Central Potato Research Institute at Shimla for DNA analysis. The results showed that the respondents were growing the registered variety. It placed the report before the court.


On hearing the company's submissions, the court said, "At this stage, it appears that the pntiff has prima facie case in its favour." It said that if the farmers are not temporarily stayed from growing and selling potatoes, the company would suffer irreparable loss and it would defeat the justice.



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tejas shah - gujarat - 8 hours ago -Follow

This is outrageous. Mutations of life can not be anyone''s monopoly even if they are done in laboratory. Tomorrow, if science comes up definite proof about where ape mutated into human, that country may cm ownership over every human being and ask for license for anyone having baby.



Nandkishor - 5 hours ago -Follow

Many of Indian products of thousands of years are patented by us companies, they even tried to patent turmeric also, we should avoid all PepsiCo products



Bhartiya - 2 hours ago -Follow

Do not buy pepsi and lays..



Chowkidar Gung Ho - Ra - 3 hours ago -Follow

How can potatoes be copy ed. This is dangerous. The court should strike down Pepsico.



Yogesh - 2 hours ago -Follow

Stop eating Lay's in India. Anyhow 75% of lays packets is filled with Air. Indian chips are far more better



Paresh Kni - 4 hours ago -Follow

Now potatoes become Intellectual Property s



Nilesh - 3 hours ago -Follow

We Indians can give simple solutions to our troubled farmers. Boycott LAYS for few months. And if its genetically changed it's bad for us. Support a Indian chips manufacturer( chips are injurious to health) with our cultivated potatoes. Understand the power of common man. Any one goes on badly intentioned strike we all should boycott them for some time. Masses first.



Pradeep - 3 hours ago -Follow

Law of the land must be supporting the local farmers and not the multi national corporate entities.



2 hours ago -Follow

This is how they start.let them get lost. Pepsi is a junk food manufacturer . Bad for health. One can live happily without thier products.They have dest yed the environment of palghat District. No more.!



Aditya - 2 hours ago -Follow

patato itself is not an american vegetable.we should sue the americans for copying patato farminy



RahulJain - India - 3 hours ago

Hahahahaha. PepsiCo needs to be shown the door. Bji Chips are best!!!



ANJOY KUMAR ROY - 3 hours ago -Follow

Pepsico is now looking for trouble.



Pawan Kumar - 3 hours ago -Follow

Abysmal depths of Western power influence. Money rules. Pepsi is a poison drink and the world is getting fooled by these Western cola companies. When will the go nment ban these poisons? Will they? Westerners are patenting pranay, yoga, other spiritual exercises, apart from native plant and animal species. Our media channels are least bothered about these. We now need a 2nd national independence movement from foreign dependence on most products (from toys and s to trains and planes).

西方势力影响之深令人深恶痛绝。百事可乐是一种有毒饮料,全世界都被这些西方可乐公司忽悠了。政府什么时候才会禁止?他们会吗?除了 西方人还为调息法、瑜伽等申请专利。我们的媒体从不理会这些。我们现在需要进行第二次国家独立运动,摆脱对大多数外国产品(从玩具、别针到火车和飞机)的依赖。


Sunder Swami - 3 hours ago -Follow

Was this potato genetically invented by Papsico?



Sham Shastry - 1 hour ago -Follow

Throw PEPSICO out of India.



Anshu - 1 hour ago -Follow

farmers are free to grow anything in their fields.



Javed Badshah - uae - 2 hours ago -Follow

Get lost pepsico, we will grow what ever we like.



Kartik - 2 hours ago -Follow

Get lost Pepsi. You will suffer the fate of Coke years ago. We do not need you here..



Vijay Soni - 1 hour ago -Follow

We should prect our farmers.



A - 1 hour ago -Follow

boycott pepsico forever.



Ravindra Munvar - Bangalore - 54 mins ago -Follow

Boycott Pepsico products. That will teach them a real lesson - not to infringe in normal people''s lives.



Sampath - 2 hours ago -Follow

Kick them out.



Darius - 1 hour ago -Follow

Do we need permission from Donald Trump to grow potatoes.



Remo Remo - 48 mins ago -Follow

Very soon these corporate criminals will sue us for using water, air and every part of our basic survival.




Let the farmer sell potato and earn. This PepsiCo sells packed AIR with chips. Why are they afraid of a few farmers. Farmers don''t even have money for advertising and branding.



Gokul - 31 mins ago -Follow

Thus is inadmissible nature of corporates. did they invented potatoes. how can you abstain someone from growing a vegetable.?



Diksha - London - 2 hours ago -Follow

gujju can never be trusted



Sumit Bhattacharya - 37 mins ago -Follow

Typical gujju behaviour



Hi Sudip - 49 mins ago -Follow

The farmers to take license & then produce !!



Deepak - 6 mins ago -Follow

ban Pepsi..



Kamlesh - Mumbai - 9 mins ago -Follow

Go ahead and copy all over India. Copy so much that it will be difficult for Pepsi to initiate legal proceedings. grew like this.


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