Budgam: Indian missile fired before Mi17 V5 chopper crash

巴德加姆:米-17 V5直升机坠毁前,印度发射了一枚防空导弹


NEW DELHI: Investigators have found that an Indian air defence missile was fired shortly before the crash of a Mi17 V5 helicopter at Budgam, near Srinagar on February 27, which resulted in the deaths of six air force personnel and a citizen on ground. The investigators are examining the sequence of events which preceded the crash.

新德里:调查人员发现,2月27日,一架Mi17 V5直升机在斯利那加附近的巴德加姆坠毁前不久,印度发射了一枚防空导弹。调查人员正在调查事故发生前的一系列事件。

The final moments preceding the crash, including if the IFF (Identity, Friend or Foe) sy ems were switched on or not, are being carefully looked at to determine what went wrong. The air force brass, highly placed sources told ET, has made it clear that it would not shy away from initiating court martial proceedings ag inst personnel if they are found blameworthy in the inquiry.


ET has learnt that the focus of the investigation now is to determine if multiple layers of safeguards meant to prect assets from friendly fire failed and how sy ems need to be improved to prevent any such in dent in the future. Sources said that the missile – believed to be of Israeli origin – was activated after an air defence alert was sounded over Jammu and Kashmir, besides other parts of the border, after a over 25 Pakistani air force jets were detected along the border on the morning of February 27.

《经济时报》获悉,目前调查的重点是确定旨在保护资产免遭误射火炮袭击的多层保障措施是否失效,以及需要如何改进系统,以防止未来发生此类事件。消息称, 2月27日上午,在查谟和克什米尔以及边界上空,发现了25架以上巴基斯坦空军战机,随后防空警报响起,印度空军随即发射了一枚以色列导弹。

The alert, sources said, indicated that Pakistani jets may be trying to breach the border for a strike on Indian military targets and there were concerns that armed UAVs available with that country may also have been deployed. A slow moving target like the Mi 17 V 5 helicopter could pentially be mistaken for a low flying armed UAV homing into an air base, according to these sources.

消息称,这一警报表明,巴基斯坦战机可能试图穿过边境,对印度军事目标发动袭击,印度担心巴基斯坦可能也部署了武装无人机。缓慢移动的目标,如米- 17v 5直升机,可能被误认为飞向空军基地的低空飞行武装无人机。

“When an air defence alert is sounded, several things take place. There are a set of rules that transport aircraft and helicopters need to follow and there are set entry and egress routes demarcated for aircraft flying. Also, aircraft are to switch on their IFF (Identify, Friend or Foe) sy ems,” sources told ET.


They added that all angles are being probed to determine if lapses took place and where. A senior officer is conducting the court of inquiry into the crash and has been given access to all inputs available with ground controllers as well as the actions of the helicopter in the ten minutes that it was in the air. As reported by ET, the chopper crashed in the 10-minute span when IAF jets were engaged in an aerial battle with the Pakistan Air Force fighters, along the Line of Control in the Nowshera sector, and air defence sy ems were on operational alert. Command and control sy ems were under immense pressure as reports of attempted intrusions were sounded along the border.


The Indian side offi ally acknowledged the crash but has not mentioned it in offi al statements on the aerial battle and the current conflict with Pakistan. In its offi al statement, the Pakistani military acknowledged the aerial battle over Nowshera but said its fighters were not involved in the chopper in dent.


Mi17V5 is one of the sturdiest choppers in service across the world and is not usually prone to technical faults of catastrophic nature. Eyewitness reported that a loud explosion was heard in the air before the chopper crashed in a trail of smoke, indicating a possible catastrophic external event contributed to the in dent.



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Sergical strikes areminly a ve earning tactics. how many solgiers we lost in that chopper crash, we are cming, shot down one f16, but no proof, pakistan showing everything with its proof. India must be develop its own sophisticated ammunition, dont go to france and russia.. need to develop new techs, dont allow the engineers and high skilled personalities to nasa and usa



Gstmd Kc

What type of kabaadi army and air force we have got? Pakistan did not even enter India and fired only one missile but the Indian jets, helicopters and planes were falling like nines on their own. How will we fight with this kabaad jets and helicopters? Looks like we are good only in making Uri type fake movies.

我们陆军和空军都是什么素质?巴基斯坦战机都还没进入印度,就发射了一枚导弹。然后印度的直升机自行坠落。就这样的水平,我们如何对抗? 看来我们只会拍电影。


Minhaj Kazmi

Pakistan is super power and it has the capability to distry its enemies, insia should stop become a sevent of Israel and america, world is laughing on india just because of Rafael modi serkat, wakeup india wakeup



Satish Pareek

All people who comment on the news like this just think few things - if you are in that situation, many who are being abusive here will be peeing in pants. Secondly, operations of any type, civilian or armed, mistakes can happen. Thirdly, India is de acy so this much debate, hue and cry. Let us all be sensible. Express but not in a way that your opponents are hurt.




So after Bkot, in a 15 minutes dogfight, we lost a pilot, a jet and a helicopter with several men. Just imagine what would have happened if this had continued for 1 week or more. This is how country becomes strong under a idiot PM. Ghar me ghus kar maraga. Kiske ghar or kisko? Don''t know the difference between a friend and foe?



Stan Smith

If FEKU took credit for Bkot strikes ( modi unke ghar mein gaya) then he needs to take responsibility for the failures too. Gadhaa sa




Wipe out Pakistan from the face of the Earth. All problems of the armed forces will be resolved.



Prabhat Tevatia

How casually you take things in this high tech age.



Hamid Javaid

IAF has always been outsmated by a far more Superior PAF




pakistan told india that their own jet killed their helicopter but indian meda wes too busy with fake progenda from past month now they got time and started to write about this ?



Hsi S

I agree. PAF is way more capable man.



Ashok Kansal

Looks like our own missile downed the chopper ,by mistake ,a costly mistake?




Feku will make sure truth never comes out and news on this will be totally barred to be published or shown...



P Prasad

Entire defence forces have learnt how to LIE from MASTER BORNLIAR NARENDRA MODI.



Hari Ram

Pulw is probably a inside job, it should be investigated by the UN.








Since chaukidar days, Indian military suffered tremedously especially airforce. Howmany flights were fallen since pulw attack. It looks like these flights are not maintaining properly. By the way India is growing at 7% while jobs are falling. In economic classes I was learned that Growth in economy directly propotional to growth in Jobs or viceversa.



Harinarayanreddy Challa

Seems brain growth stopped at child age




this is really sad that indians are killing their own soldiers and then blame back to Pakistan for everything, i am quite sure if independent inquiry is possible for Pulw attack, you will find things back to Modi, i can bet on that.




Oh my God and these fakes media houses were cming they hit F-16 what a shame for indians today, project shakti haha, good jokes....


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