Is India a country worth living in?






It is worthless to live in India because there are many reasons -:

1)This country don’t have any direction , very low development, economy crushed,multi sy em , Stupid constitution .

2) Education sy em in India is weird based on one criteria ie Merit HAHAHAHA. You can’t judge anyone based on marks obtained. People are so obsessed with IITs that every one wants to get in it . IITs only produce good employees not good leaders. Till the date none of these IITs or IIScs have produced a single nobel laureate .

3) Cor ion , but you will say it is present in every country but my dear not so much as in India .

4) Misuse of fre m of JNU in dent those bastards abusing our nation in front of media , India is so liberal on its policy had it be any other country those students would have been buried alive .

5) India fights itself with Pakistan a very weak nation defeats it and call itself a hero . What about which is always unfriendly to India since 1962 sino- indian war.

6)Weak leaders till the date none of the leaders have guts to turn the tide and make India great again as in the time of Mauryan Empire. They only know to speak just speak .

7) Country full of traitors , you can find many traitors in our country who for their own need can sell their country or destroy it.

8) Many talented people like Hargobind Khorana , Satya Nadella , Sundar Pichai and many others who were Indians But decided to go abroad and live the life full of dignity in other country , I think they were not fools they went there because they realised that India will never credit their talent , and now see what they are now CEOs and Nobel laureats.











Vaibhav Singh

I would like to augment (or bolster) your list with the problems and solutions to them and the (plausible) steps that I was able to take under my realms.

  1. Sheer lack of Civic Sense.

I should not have to define what that means. I, and have spotted that many other 'educated' citizens that comprehend the importance of fealty, have always tried to follow and demonstrate the basic civic sense expected from a civilized society.

For ex: not jum the red light even when no-one's 'watching'; not throwing the litter on the road but only in the designated area/bin; not spitting; not talking loudly on the phone in the public; no tawdry - public display of affection, etc. The list is long and I mentioned a few examples to give a discrete sense of what I am talking about.

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  1. 完全缺乏公民意识。



  1. Please allow me to repeat the term: 'Sheer' lack of law and order.

As others have also mentioned under this post that the jurisdiction may take a lifetime to convict (and sometimes even apprehend) the guilty. Completely agree!

The law and order is completely crippled in this country.

Ex: Have, at numerous occasions called 100 to inform about ostentatious rash drivers (oh those idiots), with no followup or response. And this is the capital city i'm talking about. I once compned about a noisy neighbor just to be told by the pedestrian cop, some cliche of women and that I should stay away from all this as long as possible. And again, this is the capital I'm in. Lol!

  1. 请允许我重复一遍这个词:“完全”缺乏法律和秩序。




  1. Other issues are actually, just a subset of of point 1, the basic civic sense. That comprises of general manners, etiquette, probity, crity and a sense of responsibility. People begrudge others' progress like anything.

Most of the chaps here mentioned about the youth, the youth, the youth of our country should improve the society. I must highlight the pervasive truth that the majority of the youth in the country are simply frivolous and air-headed. This is a result of their upbringing which is of the same nature.

Actually, I can keep going on like this but let me come to the point.

You must be wondering that I said, will give the solutions but have given none so far. Correct! The reason is that the solution is indeed, just one.

Because of the majority of morons that are there in the society, it is inconceivable to bring about a colossal reformation in them. Hence, the law and order must be so strong and sophisticated and must be sensitive towards those who do not belong to the <95% category. Oh, did I mention the proportion of the idiots (including literate and illiterate) and the educated and civilized?






The remaining 5% who actually possess the non-menial skills, are the ones who are seriously educated and not corrupt (at least from the conscience perspective). The distinction is hard to make. The change is hard to realize without investing due time, money, efforts and more importantly - vision. However, it is definitely not impossible.

I have seen during the common wealth games when every cross-road of central and south Delhi had serious and armed surveillance, every single moron was driving and behaving like the most rarefied individuals: complete discipline was witnessed.

And pragmatically, I think that we are not anywhere even a generation close to be able to experience a holistic reform.






Indeed it is. There are two sides of a coin you are looking on the dark side of it, ber side of india.

First of all I should tell you that reservation SC/ST people are justified upto an extent if you will go to villages and in cities too you will find that how people are treated there and it is not so nice. The reservation sy em should be upgraded as one family member gets to a good position socially and economically then his next generation should not given the to reservation.

Second yes there is a huge problem of co ption in India. But we are also part of it we have a to ve go and ve now. We also love to pay 50 bucks to the traffic police just to get out charges or the fine we would have to pay. Start raising your voice ag inst this, and should really start changing yourself for this.

For the ber side of india you can google it, its rich culture, its agricultural production, its evolving sportsman and many more.






Sunil Nair, studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

I agree to every one of the problems highlighted by you.

But is running away the answer?

Just imagine there are many countries worse than India and there are many better, do you really think everyone in worse off countries should migrate.

Also India has a huge chunk of the world's population so for improvement of human life as a whole it's better to improve conditions here rather than have people moving out.

Also, if people who are educated, aware, rational like you and me who understand the estence of the numerous problems run away, then aren't we throwing our nation to the dogs.

We have come a long way post independence and we have a long way to go which we won't be able to go quickly if our country's assets run away and cripple us. The very problems you mentioned is the reason its worthwhile to live here and contribute to improving the nation.

You may run away , your immediate family with you probably but you will still have family and friends staying back in this land that you have forsaken. You have given up hope, while I continue to hold onto it.

 Is India worth living in?

I say yes, because I have hope and I know that I am needed here.











Krishnan Sukumar, studied Business Administration at Madras Chr tian College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (2019)

Well, it depends on one's aspiration. If you wish for a really lavish lifestyle and high living standards, then my friend,India is not the country you wanna be in, because no matter which city you live in,or how much you get paid, you will still have to see all the dirt and filth around you on the streets. You will end up getting frustrated.

And the education sy em is a joke that launches you into a rat race.

But, if you are a passionate person who, instead of getting frustrated, analyses and is determined to make a change, then India is the place for you. We need more people who don't judge a country's worth by what it offers. We need people who take initiative and show what they have to offer to their country.

I know that changing things here is difficult but everyone , especially the youth should give it a shot.

As of now, India is growing very quickly and the only thing holding it back are crime rates, pollution etc. which can't be changed by the go nment alone. So if making a mark and changing things for good satisfies you, India is a land of opportunities,else,nothing should hold you back from pursuing a career or a better standard of living abroad.









Sumeet Saurav, Exploring within.

Its totally upto you to decide that.. For me India is the country where inspite of practicing so many re gions people live in harmony. When you roam around India , you would come across so many cultures and re gions. With such diversity in this country and people being so supportive, India is one of the best country to live. Being a develo country one would have so much pential to grow here. No matter which field you choose, one would get top facilities here.. Be it education, tourism, technology, science or po itics. Visit India and experience it.. Incredible India



Suvam Dhar, Digital Marketing & Advertising Consultant at Kodeclamp Pvt. Ltd. (2016-present)

Ofcouse it is. The question is, how much efforts are we taking to make our country the way we want to see? Are we well connected, knowing that we have one of the highest rate for internet subscribers in the world. Is sharing post and talking to our friends about an issue is enough.

Problems!! Which citizen in this world doesn't have a problem with their country. Every country has their own problem, that are making the citizens unsatisfied. Just because we are not completely aware of the local news of other countries, we feel that our problems are larger in size.

Let's not compare. And just take a step to solve these problems. Instead of pointing, let's just throw solutions and initiate it.

Sounds easy ! But, we all know that it is not as easy as it sounds. And here is where the problems est. We don't start. We back off. We are brave only in ourself but not enough brave to serve the causes of our country. We innovate less. And that is where we need to improve as soon as possible.

So who will start? And even this is an issue.

Keep pointing and the problems will never come to an end.








skafaltiya, Digital heart

If you compare it with 150 countries of the world no it's not. But if you compare it with rest 50 countries ,it is . Major problems:


2.Overpopulation.. Rush everywhere.

3.Low standards of living

4.People like to break rule. No compassion for others

5.No hygiene. In Delhi people throw their garbage outside others home in open

6.People don't give a fuck about sustainable development and philanthropy..e.g look at super rich like ambani

7.Communal violence

8.Caste sy em in society


10.Female foeticide



13.No access to clean water

14.Most no of mria and ue case.. Specially national capital which we are proud of

15.No accord with neighbours…Pakistan and can fuck you anytime

16.Te rorm…India has recorded most no of te rort attacks…courtesy Pakistan

17.Congress. They have fucked country for the last 60 years.




















Krishnaprasad V Sathees, Doctor

of course India is a country worth living!!! all the problems you just stated are present in all other countries also ..may be in a minor magnitude.. no country is perfect... they r made better n better by the thoughtful n educated youth population... just maintaining prejudice notions ag inst your own country does not help you nor the country.. if you feel something is wrong... stand up ag inst it.. join the sy em n then change the sy em..



Sathya Narayanan T, From nothing to something

Yes. India is a land of culture. This is a culture which supports multiple philosophies. Here the clash of philosophies leads to the evo tion of those philosophies. If u take western people, when the clash of philosophies occurred they dest yed other philosophies. India is a land where you can be anything. You can be the follower of Hindu culture(which is hinduism), mus m, chr tian, jain, farsi, buddhist, etc etc. It is the land of spice so you taste the best food in India. India is also the land of mysteries(credit to various invasions). It contains more science than any other civilization. Apart from these, i kinda like it here. Watch Swades for the exact answer.



Sowmya Grandhi

Let us assume you are surronded by many problems in your home...Is it worth living in your home then !! Ofcourse yes...no one would run away or want to stay out of their home. Answer is your perspective in looking at the things...if u r expecting something from the society u feel as if there is nothing here..if u consider this as our country then there is a lot to fix up...




Okay first tell me is it worth of you living on planet earth?!

Living in every country has it's own merits and demerits!

First let me ask would you ask would you ask is it worth living in US or any other European country for that sake?!

Yes there is poverty over here , there are many undeveloped cities, dirt, garbage, poor lifestyle!

But we also have unity in diversity! We have all the pential to be the best in the world!

So absolutely it is worth living in such a wonderful land India!!








Charles Sabbithi, mechanical engineer, oilfield professional

The economy isn't so bad. It's not a good reason to leave India, imo.

The culture is a bit tricky though. Stay if you're okay with it, else move to somewhere more liberal and less hypocritical. It's very simple, depends on you in the end. You can't expect the diverse multitudes to mend their priorities overnight.




Rajat Srivastava, 24 year old child

If we ourselves are not trying to improve our nation,then who will ??

Speaking of national crisis related to whether it is po itics or any other matter which disgraces our country,,only we can help


And talking about po iticians, youth should also take step towards joining po itics.If we think we know the way of improving our situation, then why not take a step ahead.






Rswamy Subrnian, studied at University of Delhi

If you are an Indian you may like it. If you are not an Indian, you may, or may not. If you are an Indian, you need not carry a pass port, or any ID card. But else where you may have to. Here you feel at home, you have the fre m of movement. But elsewhere you are a stranger. Whether it is worth living or not, depends on the culture, tradition and attitude of the individual, which is different from person to person.

Haha. Good one. Well, it really depends on the purpose for which you want to live in India. There are many pros and cons. If your okay with people yelling at each other in the streets for driving slowly or hitting their car, or if your okay with the go nment suddenly banning two currency nes out of no where, if you’re okay with sending your children to a school which is mainly education orientated which allows your child to be able to express their creatitivty through a very narrow thought process, then its totally worth living in India.

Things you should know before shifting to India:

1.Schools are very education orientated(only want them to get 1st rank)

2.Every person you meet asks whether your child is gonna become a adoctor or engineer.

3.Your neighbours will be sweet and ready to offer you food when you run out of groceries








Ranganath Prabhakar

Every country has its own set of problems. That doesn't mean that it is unfit. For me my country is the best no matter what.

So to answer your question, it's a resounding YES!!! India is in every a country not just to live in but a privilege to be in..



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