Proud to be 1st Hindu-American to run for presi nt: Tulsi Gabbard



WASHINGTON: Democratic presi ntial aspirant Tulsi Gabbard has alleged that she had become a victim of "re gious bigotry" and some media outlets were targeting her and accusing her supporters, who have Hindu names, of being Hindu nationalists.


Gabbard, the first Hindu ed to the US Congress, wre an op-ed for the Re gious News Services on Sunday, describing the campaign ag inst her, supporters and donors as "profiling and targeting of Hindu Americans and ascribing to them motives without any basis".


The 37-year-old had on January 11 announced that she would be running for the White House in 2020.


In the hard-hitting piece, Gabbard pointed out to the accusation ag inst her of being a Hindu nationalist. "Tomorrow will it be Mus m or Jewish Americans? Japanese, Hispanic or African Americans?" she asked.


"My meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India's de ratically ed leader, have been highlighted as 'proof' of this and portrayed as somehow being out of the ordinary or somehow suspect, even though Presi nt (Barack) Ob, Secretary (Hillary) Clinton, Presi nt (Donald) Trump and many of my colleagues in Congress have met with and worked with him," Gabbard said.


"I am proud to be the first Hindu-American to have been ed to Congress, and now, the first Hindu-American to run for presi nt," the four-term Democratic lawmaker from Hawaii said.


"And, while the headlines covering my announcement could have celebrated this historic first, maybe even informed Americans at large about the world's third-largest re gion, some have instead fomented suspicion, fear and re gious bigotry about not only me but also my supporters," Gabbard said.


Gabbard said India was one of America's closest allies in Asia and is a country of growing importance in a critical region of the world.

"The strategic partnership between our two countries has been a priority for several decades now. To question my commitment to my country, while not questioning non-Hindu leaders, creates a double standard that can only be roed in one thing: 're gious bigotry'. I am Hindu and they are not," Gabbard said.


During my 2012 and 2014 ions, my Republican opponent stated publicly that a Hindu should not be allowed to serve in the US Congress and that Hinduism is incompatible with the US Constitution," she said.


In the 2016 race for Congress, her Republican opponent said repeatedly that a ve for her was a ve for the de l because of her re gion, Gabbard wre.


Gabbard said after her 2012 ion, she made a personal decision to take "my congressional oath of office on the supreme yoga/Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna's teachings have provided wisdom and spiritual solace to me throughout my life, including when I was serving our country in the Middle East during the Iraq war."



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Jolly - 1 hour ago -Follow

sadly in India thr are 85 crore Hindus who are not so proud



MS Bigo - 1 hour ago -Follow

Well, Good to know American Hindus realize they are also Hindus...and she has the courage to speak the truth even if it hurts Majority White Chr tian citizens.



Aditya Loha - 1 hour ago -Follow

Many in India will view her to be BJP supporter as she calls herself a Hindu.



Deepak Soni - 2 hours ago -Follow

We, all the Hindus, are proud of you. May Lord Shiva bless you and help in spreading Hinduism.



Parth Sinha - 49 mins ago -Follow

All the Hindus in India will be proud to see you as Amercian presi nt. Just imaging what will be feeling in Pakistan?



Ash Man - 2 hours ago -Follow

So now even the americans are playing the Hindu card to appeal to Indian americans. Otherwise she has nothing to do with India.



Skariah Keecheril - Qatar - 48 mins ago -Follow

But if it is India, it is ag inst national pride. People who support and enjoy such news should know that when Sonia Gandhi was ed as the leader to run a go nment, many of our BJP and congress leaders lamented that India lost it pride by an Italian becoming Indian PM.



The Laughing - 1 hour ago -Follow

Madam America is not India. Nobody gives an sh#t about your re gion, caste, the colour so please don't try to Hindu, Indian card. They ve for development and security, not re gion.



Ramesh Kumar - 1 hour ago -Follow

Born from hindu family , is she still practice hinduism ? Or converted to Chr tianity ?



Bharath Reddy - 1 hour ago -Follow

She should settle in UP if she doesnt like US.



Sampath - 5 mins ago -Follow

Did you have beef burger for lunch and beef steak for dinner??



Ashish - Mumbai - 56 mins ago -Follow

If ex -Presi nt Ob who was half Mus m and Black can become Presi nt of USA then why is Tulsi being TARGETED? Definitely she would be better choice than Ob and Clintons ?



Hassam Jussab - 1 hour ago -Follow

Only cows will ve for her



Sandipan - Kolkata - 1 hour ago -Follow

You should be proud and so are we.



Umesh - 2 hours ago -Follow

Great. May God bless you and hope your win the ion.



Gopal Banerjee - Kolkata - 2 hours ago -Follow

But impossible for her to win.



Raffel - Hyderabad - 2 hours ago -Follow

we all are proud to be hindu .

we respect all ways of worship




HinduViir - 14 mins ago -Follow

#Hindus should support #Hindus wherever they are!! Simple!!

无论在哪里,印度教徒应该支持印度教徒!!就这么简单! !

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