Railways to hire 2.3 lakh staff in 2 years, implement 10% EWS quota


NEW DELHI: The railways will undertake another mega recruitment drive in two phases to hire nearly 2.3 lakh employees in the next two years and 10% of these jobs will be reserved for the economically weaker section (EWS), Union railway minister Piyush Goyal said on Wednesday.


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The recruitment of 1.5 lakh employees, which is underway, will be completed by March-April, railway board chairman V K Yadav said. Goyal said a total of four lakh people will be hired by railways in the next two years. "We have about 12 lakh employees and annually about 40,000-50,000 retire. We have planned in advance so that no posts will remain vacant in railways any more...railways has become the first central go nment to implement the 10% quota for EWS in jobs," he said. Yadav said the focus will be to ensure all vacancies are filled.

印度铁路委员会主席亚达夫(V K Yadav)目前正在进行的15万名员工的招聘将于3月至4月完成。铁路公司将在未来两年内总计雇佣40万人。我们有大约12万名员工,每年大约有4万到5万人退休。我们已经提前计划好了,这样就不会出现职位空缺。铁路公司成为第一个在就业岗位上实施10% EWS配额的中央政府机构。亚达夫说,重点将是确保所有空缺职位都得到填补。

An official release said the first phase of fresh recruitment of 1.31 lakh posts shall be initiated in February-March. This cycle shall be completed by April-May, 2020. Subsequently, the recruitment of approximately 99,000 personnel against the vacancies arising out of retirements shall start.

官方消息称,第一期13.1万个新岗位的招聘工作将于2月至3月启动将于2020年4 - 5月完成。随后,开始聘约9.9万人填补因退休而产生的空缺。


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Tvkon - 3 hours ago -Follow

While new job opportunities are required each govt department need to work towards improving existing staff productivity. There are many lazy people who should be monitored and action taken.



Chandrashekhar - nepal - 3 hours ago -Follow

world s number one recruitment ,

only modij can think BIG,




KR Nair - PUNE - 3 hours ago -Follow

Well done Modiji!! now common man also will get quota for go nment job!!

得好,莫迪! !现在普通人也将得到政府岗位的配额!!


sr Mohanty - bhubaneshwar - 2 hours ago -Follow

Bjp govt is doing its best.



Ajit Leo - India - 2 hours ago -Follow

Well done Modi.



Chand - 3 hours ago -Follow

Railways have huge Land and residential coloneys. Govt should get the houses vacated from old reired employees.Build high rise multi story residential buildings and also sell to people other than railway employees



Zokhuma Lushai - 3 hours ago -Follow

Good news. The only trouble is with the recruitment itself. We must consider the aptitudes, aims, desired profession and the main objective in live of the candidates. But this is India..



Ramaswamy Vaithinathaswamy - India - 3 hours ago -Follow

Excellent but please ensure that those recruited have dedication, involvement, competency and other merits and also to ensure that they have no criminal background.



Zokhuma Lushai - 3 hours ago -Follow

The word India and railway goes hand in hand; as the Indian railway network is the biggest and largest in the world. More over, new railway tracks are being built. Making Indian railway bigger and mightier ever. Therefore, it has to hire and employ more and more man power. In fact, rail way is the life line of India.



Subbu India - Bengal - 3 hours ago -Follow

BJP could not keep its promise of employment. Now they will be using Railways to keep their promise and increase the overhead of IR. And we common men will bear the burden.



Arvind Roy - 3 hours ago -Follow

Great decision....hope this is implemented quickly...



Jai Bharat - 3 hours ago -Follow

Railways should scrutinised new employee on highest norm to improve to world class level.



Suresh - Faridabad - 3 hours ago -Follow

Railways should publish records of retirements and hiring people annually.



Zokhuma Lushai - 3 hours ago -Follow

Good news for the unemployed. Unemployment number in India will ease down some what.



Naresh Kumar - 2 hours ago -Follow

Plain elelction jumla... what did they do in last 5 year that they will hire in next 2 years..



Sandeep Mandal - Mumbai - 3 hours ago -Follow

Hahahah. Lollypop for 2020. No one trusts BJP. So 2Lakhs jobs will be given by Mayawati



Sandeep Kumar Dutta - 3 hours ago -Follow

Hopefully its before elections



Hiranmayee Goswami - 1 hour ago -Follow

Remove all other reservation except the economically backward class.

Then only you the BJP party think of getting majority again in 2019, otherwise not , not at all.



YO MAN - 2 hours ago -Follow

super plan. make railways bankrupt with mass recruitment. get votess. then SELL railways



Ahmed Shaikh - mumbai - 2 hours ago -Follow

Political propaganda for 2019 election, after election babajee ka tullu milega



Gopinath - 3 hours ago -Follow

It will become another air India. Feku's comody will end soon.



Pbch Chowdhuri - India - 38 mins ago -Follow

It is good that the railways are generating jobs. All railway employees should also be made accountable.



Bhupin Kumar - 1 hour ago -Follow

lots of vacancies are coming up in the railways this is a good and the great news for people who are looking for jobs



Atilla Hun - www - 1 hour ago -Follow

Since the Govt has failed to generate employment this is appears to be just another announcement to fool the youth



Gulab - 2 hours ago -Follow

Close to 5 years and 1.5 laks post cold not be filled.... how will they fill 2.5 laks..... Fir Jumla maar diya..... are bas bhi karo Jumla Sarkaar



Gorachand - Bhubaneswar - 2 hours ago -Follow

My father is working in Railways. I personally felt quality of service is better than before.

Good Job ..



Arun Kumar Gupta - 2 hours ago -Follow

It is just a simple election gimick nothing else


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