Crime in Mumbai rises, 21% more rapes and murders last year


MUMBAI: Led by rape and murder, most categories of crime in 2018 showed an upward tick compared to the year before, shows the city police crime report released recently. Only cases of theft and house break-in dipped.

Cases of rape under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and against children under the stringent Pocso Act showed a rise of almost 20% to 1,459 cases-889 against women and 570 against minors-from 1,218 in 2017.

There were 37 more murder cases in 2018 and almost 80 more attempt to murder cases (see graphic).






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Smart Boy - 3 hours ago -Follow

90 percent are riots done by idiots bsp , comunist and congress with support of goons like shivsena and ncp.



Zaheer - Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 1 hour ago -Follow

with BJP in power what more can one expect



Krishna Nair - Prasad - 3 hours ago -Follow

Paid Media misleading people mind.



Barns - 4 hours ago -Follow

lets blame politicians.



Probie Van Kenobie - 2 hours ago -Follow

Well. Women and young girls are not to be blamed for rapes. The rapists are to be blamed, but sadly they are not.  So if victim reports the crime, we should not blame her. Rather give her the support she needs and try to ensure she gets justice.



Arthur - Mumbai - 2 hours ago -Follow

Going by numbers Mumbai is no less than Delhi. Approx 4 rapes every day on an Avg... Mumbai is becoming hell for obvious reasons.



Sandeep Mandal - Mumbai - 43 mins ago -Follow

"Its all because of Nehru''s conspiracy that all BJP ruled states are virtually jungle raj"

Bhakts(who else)



Mukesh - 1 hour ago -Follow

Time s of India is playing its part in supporting the anti-nationals 100 days before the elections.



Harshal - 1 hour ago -Follow

this is all done by outsiders including this report....



Fairindian - mumbai - 2 hours ago -Follow

Why the reporter is only focused on rapes? Are there no crimes against men needing attention? Are women the all most important thing? Tired of women centric people.

为什么记者只关注印度强奸?没有值得关注的针对男性的犯罪吗? 女人是最重要的吗?很烦以女性为中心的人。


kapilshaa - Delhi - 22 mins ago -Follow

When MP/MLA of ruling party are rape accused in FIRs, openly supporting rapist, threatening rape victim. What better we could expect.



SHYAM LAL - 36 mins ago -Follow

All thanks to BJPee govt



Sharique - 1 hour ago -Follow

Implement saudi law and things will be solved.



SYED ABDULMUQTADIR - Jeddah - 3 mins ago -Follow

Most of the culprits are from the northern states.



SYED ABDULMUQTADIR - Jeddah - 3 mins ago -Follow

So what the population of Mumbai is more than 3 crores



SYED ABDULMUQTADIR - Jeddah - 4 mins ago -Follow

Conspircy against BJP govt to defame Modi.



Ravindra Munvar - Bangalore - 18 mins ago -Follow

I think - more is getting reported now as compared to earlier. I would urge everyone to have the courage to report it and then help stop it.



Pradip Mishra - Kolkata - 24 mins ago -Follow

Time Maharastra Government learnt from UP Government on how to deal with criminals and anti socials .



HIFFI - 25 mins ago -Follow

rapists and sex offenders deserve death penalty.best thing would be to hang them



free spirit - 42 mins ago -Follow

many incidents go unreported. policemen are busy threatening and looting innocents...



Atilla Hun - www - 56 mins ago -Follow

There is lawlessness across the nation, just look at reports of crimes against women from UP each day, they make one shudder



Bhagwati - 1 hour ago -Follow

Naturally,as our Laws are such that real Culprit goes SCOTFREe



dhaldawnekar - 1 hour ago -Follow

Police reforms is the need of the hour! Unless we have better trained, better equipped, better paid and more accountable police force, which is free from political interference, we will continue to see rise in crimes.

印度警察改革是时代的需要!  否则犯罪率将持续上升


Pakistan Ki Maa Ki - Pottistan - 1 hour ago -Follow

I request government to make list of top 10 cities with highest crime rate along with seperate list of culprit to check they belong which state.

Any guess which state it be in top ????



Mukesh - 1 hour ago -Follow

Movies on underworld, don, mafia, smuggling, red light, bar girls, rapes were made in 1970s. It''s common in Mumbai. This news is not new!



Roushan S - 1 hour ago -Follow

Not good! Not good! Catch these miscreants and give them the job of manhole repairs...


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