Why can't India become a developed nation at least in the next 50 years?




Arjun Singh, works at DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology

I have lived in Australia and have experienced the difference between Australia and India. So based on that I will answer this question.

India will not be developed in next 50 becuase of the following reason.


People do not take part in developing their own societies. Many things happen in our localities which we all know but we do not come in front and stop them. For example, in my area, Punjab, young boys drive their motorcycles very fast in streets with their noisy silencers which is a trouble for whole of colony but nobody come in front and stop them. I am the only one who stop those guys and tell them to slow down in front of my home because we have neighbours’ children playing there. Now, lets see the counter part in Ausralia. I was in Orange, NSW. Dog of my neighbor use to bark at night. My house mate was Australian. He informed them about noise of dog at night and after that he complainted in Police. He did not care about neighbours. Whereas, in India, neighbours are using tricks to steal electricity and people do not complain about that. How can we built a nation? We cannot even built a colony. This is a very small example. In our daily life, we keep things going on wrong. Personally I dont care about neighbours or my family when they are wrong I will stop them. This situation will not change until we make it change.


Our country has a lot resources still we are developing country because people are still developing. In 21st century, we are the one who do honor killing. We are the one who do corruption. We are the one who praises our leaders instead of questioning them. We are the one who do not want to follow rules.


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Developed countries are developed becuase of their citizens’ attitude.


Lets see, if next generation can make a change. Our parents’ generation has done a great job.



Pradip Gangopadhyay, Seeker of Truth

India will become probably the second largest economy in the world by 2070. However, its per capita income is currently around 129 out of more than 180 countries. Its large population ensures that its per capita income remains relatively low.

Let us now make a crude estimate of India’s per capita income in 2070. Let us assume that India’s GDP of $ 3 trillion will increase by a factor of 6 by 2050 and will increase by another factor of 3 by 2070. Thus India’s nominal GDP will be around $ 54 trillion in 2070. The population would be around 1.7 billion in 2070. This means that the average per capita income would be $ 30,000 at that time. Thus there is a good chance that India might be classified as a developed nation 50 years from now. Situation would be much better in the next century when India’s population is expected to decline steadily.




Sriharsha Pullela, B.tech Computer Science, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (2016)

Why can't India become a developed nation at least in the next 50 years?

A country, in which all people have access to food, education, shelter, clothing, health facilities,protection is called a developed Nation. To be more precise, a ‘morally developed nation’. In such nations, every person will have some basic knowledge and education about his country, surroundings and self. So everyone respects every other person. When they talk about people, they consider humans, but not religions, castes, language, gender, ethnic group.


Coming to India, to be a developed country, all the above characteristics are to be achieved, which is impossible for a country like India, as Religion and Caste plays an important part in this society. People are more educated with religion than ethics and morals (philosophy). Rhetorically, people tend to learn in schools in an unknown language(English) rather than their own language which they understand word to word. So they end up mugging up English sentences and putting on paper in exam, to get promoted to next level. They have qualification but no education. That’s why, we see highly qualified people with masters degrees also gives importance to Caste and Religion in any relationship. Again, the indian philosophy, which is equivalent to western philosophy, turned to Magic Spells of Sanskrit language , and these too, are not understandable to people.


So, people are still marginalizing other Indians, in the name of Caste and Religion and properties and wealth are being concentrated in the hands of a Privileged Minorities.With these conditions, India cannot be a developed nation in any near decades.


The Governments may bring companies from Foreign, may bring infrastructure and engineers from foreign and replicate the look of developed countries in India, by just some concrete constructions, but this won’t make a country Developed. A Developed-Privileged-Minority can be seen here, but not all people will be developed.

After all, Country is people, but not buildings and bullet trains.





Shrikant Umarye General Manager

we will become top developed nation lording over all others in next 50 years,

that leaves no competitor to india in asia, except japan,

we have the brains, resources, man power . it is only the focus by ruling politicians that is needed to direct resources,

it will happen because congress is likely to be wiped out and fragmented regional parties will remain in pockets.

with new leadership of youth dominating indian scene and inner party democracy, new ideas will crop up in science and technology and we will rule in trade and commerce for years to come,








We can’t become developed nation due to following reasons:

1.We don’t know what does it mean by developed Nation. We love being under developed.

2.We are good in finding only problems not solutions and that is the reason we built very good IT Industry (We are good at providing Service (Support) and finding problems (QA) ).

3.We are masters in blame game.

4.We want everything for free.

5.Our society structure is very weak. Kidz are learning corruption even before they born. (Example: Family members giving bribe to God to have Baby Boy).

6.We ask questions like “Why can’t India become a developed Nation?” Question we should ask “What can I do to develop India?”









Puduvail Ashokan, former Retired Professor in Management (2005-2015)

The status of a developed nation is measured by the per capita income.lesser per capita income states use their money to meet primary needs like food water ,shelter education and health.Once per capita income is more then luxury goods come in.

Though our economy is growing faster than other nations ,so is the population.So our money is utilised for meeting basic needs.Governments spend money on this and cannot think of developing much further than the present rate.But It will happen.



Harishwr K, knows German

Personnel integrity and path to innovation will lead India to better place in Globe in next 3 decades, that's the only way forward.

Biz model as sole measure and yardstick for development has to be shunned. India has to find it's own place among developed countries based on it's model which is unique to itself and which includes all classes and walks of Life.

Too much emphasis on resources (ever depleting) has to be parked in this endless consumption (desire driven), has to be kept in check. Today's date call for large reflection of society in developing stable and sustainable development model has to be imagined.

Plan it, and Just execute it.

That's it for now folks.





Mathew Cherian, Indian citizen lived and watched American laborers.

When all citizen can eat 3 to 4 times daily healthy food, then we can say the country is developed.



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