What are some bitter truths about life in India?




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1.Man and woman are in a live in relationship. They have consensual sex. Like all couples they have an argument. They break up. Woman cries 'rape'. The man is instantly arrested and his life ruined.

2.People pi*s, sh*t, spit, vomit, litter on the streets and talk about how much they love India and its culture and how the go nment is not doing its job. LOL!

3.Parents, teachers and elders are Gods no matter what. You don't question them even if they are physically or emotionally abusive. They are always .

4.Almost everyone has a pathetic and annoying habit of staring at you like an animal. Stare back and you'll see cowardice. They'll quickly look away.

5.The law can literally be bought with money and influence. (Salman Khan, Sanjeev Nanda, Manu Sharma, Vikas Yadav)






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6.Women are treated like second class citizens in most traditional families. They must shut up, follow their men and never voice their oions.

7.Re gious institutions spend hundreds of crores decorating their buildings while the poor standing outside beg for a few grains of rice.

8.We have an outdated education sy em that only focuses on a person's ability to memorize. People think that getting a degree alone will get them high paying jobs. LOL!

9.Art, sport, innovation, creativity are ignored. There are no youth sy ems for any of these. India is backward in all these fields in spite of being home to 1.3 billion people.

10.In a road accident the blame is by default ned on the driver of the bigger vehicle no matter whose fault it is.






11.A 30 year old unmarried man is either impent, gay, depressed, underpaid or not human. A 30 year old unmarried woman brings bad name to her family. She is abnormal and probably having affairs with many men.

12.People aspire for Western jobs, cars, gadgets, clothes, movies/TV shows and H-1B Visas, but blame Western culture for all the problems in India. LOL!

13.Most people are inherently racist. Terms like Madrasi, Chinki, Kalu, Bihari are accepted derogatory jokes. White people are welcomed with open arms, but other nationalities especially from African and Asian regions face hatred, isolation and sometimes violence. These same Indians cry about racist treatment when they go to US, UK and Australia. LOL!

14.And lastly, stating any of the above obvious facts greatly offends many people. Only a small part of the population wants to acknowledge and sincerely work towards change. The majority simply live in denial.



13.大多数人天生就是主义者。像Madrasi, Chinki, Kalu, Bihari这样的词都是大家听惯的带有贬义的笑话。白人们很受青睐,但其他国家的人,特别是来自非洲和亚洲地区的人,则被人仇恨、孤立,有时甚至还有。同样也是这些印度人,去到美国、英国和澳大利亚时,又会因为遭受主义虐待而哭闹。哈哈!



Onkar Ashtaputre, an Indian with naturally brown hair and fair skin.

Santoshi Matsa - weightlifting - Silver - Commonwealth 2014.

Seema Antil - discus throw - Silver - Commonwealth and Gold - Asian games 2014.

Parupalli Kashyap - Badminton singles - Gold - Commonwealth 2014.

Vikas Gowda - shot put - Gold - Commonwealth 2014.

Jitu Rai - 10m & 50m pistol - Gold - Commonwealth 2014.

Santoshi Matsa -举重-银牌-2014年英联邦运动会。

Seema Antil -铁饼-银牌-英联邦运动会;金牌-2014年亚运会。

Parupalli Kashyap -羽球单打-金牌-2014年英联邦运动会。

Vikas Gowda -铅球-金牌-2014年英联邦运动会。

Jitu Rai - 10米和50米手枪-金牌-2014年英联邦运动会。

I just picked a few winners from the list and wre them down. In Glasgow, India won a total of 15 Gold, 30 Silver and 19 Bronze medals. How many of these received the amount of spotlight they deserved?

It takes a movie starred by a renowned celebrity to make our medalists famous.






It really saddens me that our sportsmen -fighting ag inst heavy odds, despite getting pathetic support from the administration, training like sh*t - get so little limelight from our media (TV/News/Social).

They are not welcomed as gloriously as our beloved cricketers. Some of them are not even welcomed. They have to try hard to get an auto rickshaw to get home. The prize money is trifling. Not to mention the help from our go nment regarding their training using the funds provided. There are lot of issues.

And the bitter truth is, very few people are concerned with sports other than cricket (and football nowadays).

Then some people whine about how a country of 1.336 billion people can manage to achieve only 2 medals in Olympics.






Daniel Bradley, Founder at ViralEvents99 (2017-present)

Thanks to Sunny Leone, I am perfectly capable of answering the above question.

It was January 23, 2017 around 11 pm. My brother finished watching Motu Patlu and I decided to go for some new songs. I stopped at 9XM after seeing Kaabil’s title song was up next, followed by la Main la from Raees.

多亏了Sunny Leone,我完全有能力回答上面的问题。

那是2017年1月23日晚上11点左右。我哥哥看完了《Motu Patlu》,我决定听几首新歌。我在9XM台看到了Kaabil的主打歌《up next》,接着是来自Raees的《la Main la》。


My parents were doing some paperwork on the centertable. As soon as Kaabil ended, a short act of Bade Che’s playlist started. I thought it would last for a minute and decided to put my phone on charge in this interval. It took some time to find the datacable. I could hear the starting music of la Main la from my room.

As soon as I returned to our drawing room, my mother pointed to the television and asked, “Who is that actress? I think I have seen her before”. I was stupefied for a few seconds, then replied, “Ma, she is a new actress. This is her first role in a SRK film”.

我父母当时正在餐桌上忙着文书工作。Kaabil一唱完,Bade Che的演出就开始了。我以为会持续一分钟,就决定趁这个时间给手机充电。我花了点时间才找到数据线。然后就听到我房间里传出了la Main la片头曲的音乐声。


“What type of films does she do?” my father asked.

“Papa, she generally acts in short films and documentaries. She will get better chances in the future”

“Oh, this country has a lot of talent. I hope these women get more opportunities.”

I remained silent. By that time, the next song Enna Sona from OK Jaanu was going to end. Ads started playing on 9XM. The first ad was Bullet Deo, the next one was my doom. It was a Manforce Condom ad with Sunny Leone in her seductive postures and exp ions.




我保持沉默。那时,OK Jaanu的下一首歌Enna Sona就要结束了。9XM开始播广告了。第一个广告是Bullet Deo,下一个是My Doom,一个男用避孕套的广告,Sunny Leone摆出了诱人的姿势和表情。


Both my Mom and Dad were watching the ad with undivided attention. I was like, “What is happening?”. My Dad broke the silence - “Surely, this lady has a lot of talent” and smiled.

It was a facepalm moment for me. I made up a homework excuse and left the room immediately. For the next two days, I couldn’t make eye contact with my parents, but it eventually became normal as a few more days passed.

Since most Indians are quite orthodox and conservative about their culture and ethics, often the younger generation has to face problems in freely communicating with them. Still now, talks about sex, intimacy and the human body are restricted to certain limits of knowledge, beyond which our elders consider them as social taboos and moral degradation





Rajarshi, works at PowerGrid Corporation of India Limited

1.Career means only medical and engineering. Anything else?

2.Parents have no idea what's going on in their teenage son/daughter’s life, what hurdles they are facing, how confused they are.

3.You are supposed to spend about 40 years of your life with a complete stranger and call it marriage. God forbid if you can't take it any more and file for divorce!

4.The matrimonial sites are filled with profiles of girls who call themselves ‘Modern with traditional values.’ I don't know what that means.

5.The largest number of poor people reside in our country, and our gt aims to improve internet.






6.Reservations in every important sector, so that the talented people sit out while trashy ones are responsible for betterment. And the irony is, the constitution actually has a section for Equality!

7.You need to compete with lakhs of candidates to be an administrative officer, but need virtually no education to be a minister.

8.We denounce products only as long as it's not our turn to buy those products.

9.We live a hard life. We travel for hours in local trains with unbelievable crowd, daily, just to reach our job. We are tired trying to provide for our family. So we don't bother to care about a raped and murdered girl on the roadside.

10.North Indians don't know South Indian languages, and vice-versa. Most of the mainland Indians don't consider North-east people as even Indians, and call their own countrymen as Chinkis and Nepali. We are a nation only by name.

11.Patriotism in us is strictly restricted to cricket matches and a handful of patriotic songs.







I can go on and on, but let's say these cover the main themes. Each and every individual is proud because they are Indian. Irony is, no one is truly Indian in India.



Subhronil Rakshit, poor but with a lot of opportunity

Nearing 30: Tale Of An Indian Woman



I am among those ill-fated women on this earth who are nearing 30. I often get feelings of nearing doom. In fact, why nearing doom? Reached doom already. I see younger girls settling down and even attaining motherhood. I see younger blood entering my organization and the feeling of reaching doom only strengthens. I feel like I am nearing my end. Actually I am just 28. Just 28, any 45-year-old will say. Then why do I feel that I am running out of time? Why do I continuously get the feeling that it’s over?

My fre m, my identity, my say, and my goals — all seem to be nearing their bitter, unfulfilled end. Someday I will get married. I must not fly too high. I must keep my feet firmly on the ground. I must be aware of the responsibilities that have been earmarked for me since my birth, to be given to me when I reach ‘this age’. I must be ready to make sacrifices for the hapess of my family. I must be happy with whatever I get. Is this what all 28 years old women out there feel too? Maybe yes.



A 28-year-old professional today is an independent woman, with her own bank account, own house, own career and own dreams. Gone are the days, when the woman was supposed to dream her husband’s dream. Today, she has her own dreams, visions of future and goals. She seeks a life-partner who will walk with her on the journey of her dreams. She will feel fulfilled only if those visions come true.

We can’t see a girl striving on the life path alone. Unsettled, depressed, lonely, they call her. I call her passionate, brave and credible. We talk about fre m, equality and woman empowerment. Those are words said without knowing their meaning.




Where does equality go when a girl is not allowed to pursue her passions after marriage? What happens to fre m when a girl is expected to marry and settle down even before she understands herself and what she wants from life? Where is the fre m to allow girls to live and experience life on their own and make them stand up on their own? Why are women still not seen in creative, challenging roles like pilots, photographers and chefs? Because we don’t like to see them there. Because we are afraid to grant them this real fre m. The fre m that really matters. However open-minded parents are or the husband is, stereotype comes in. Women are still expected to be the ones making compromises. Parents still teach their girls to learn to compromise. Why? Why aren’t they taught to look up and dream high? Why aren’t they encouraged to love themselves and fight for their dreams?


I am an unmarried, single girl of 28. I have a lot of pressure from my family and society to marry and settle down. While my family (and their friends, too) are busy desperately searching for a groom, I am dreaming about shifting careers and starting my own freelancing work in various fields. My family would get a nice little jolt if they come to know about my plans. Wouldn’t they be dismayed to hear that their intelligent daughter, who topped in school, wants to leave her successful, Human Resources career for something unreliable and ridiculous like writing, photography and travel? Why should she be travelling like crazy and waste energy when she can easily marry a software engineer settled in US and enjoy life? Well, that doesn’t make me happy at all. Travelling around the world makes me happy. Going out with my girlfriends makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Trying out world cuisines and photographing food makes me happy. Sad. They don’t see that.


The thought of burying my dreams scares me. I do not want spend a life of regret. I do not want to get the feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction at the end of my life. I would want a husband and a family who will support me in my travel expeditions who will let me go back to studies, who will feel happy if my aspirations come true and who will accept me with all the imagination, craziness and weirdness that I have.

Like any other man, who wants to be different, who wants to make it big, women today dare to be different, too. Given the support and environment, they can create wonders too. There are many a talented and confident women out there, who can make the world a better place to live in, with their vision and talents.




Sanjay, Dating Life Since Birth

  • According to Indian parents, Career means only medical and engineering.
  • 对印度父母来说,只有医学和工程学才算得上正经事业。


  • We all are fake devees
  • 我们都是假信徒

We worship Krishna-Radha but not the love of our own child. We worship Sita-Ram but still the castes & Kundali Matching matters in marriages not the one who win's her heart.

Arjun married Draupadi by just hitting the target.

Bharat on whose name our country India is called Bharatavarsha was a love child of Shakunt and Dushyant.

If you are ag inst love and Inter-caste marriage than you should be ag inst living in Bharat (India) and ag inst the lord Krishna ji and Shri Ram.

“I love her, she loves me, her parents love their caste.”







  • What society will say matters more than the hapess and future of our own son or daughter.
  • 别人怎么议论,比自己儿子或女儿的幸福和未来更为重要。

It is “log kya kahenge” which always decide all major decisions of our life.

  • We only appreciate and buy tickets for mas movies of Salman, Shahrukh and Varun, not Rajkumar Rao and Irrfan khan.
  • We are making begging a tradition, giving rise to begging scam industry and encouraging people to beg instead of working and earning.

This picture speaks a lot


  • 我们只观赏和购买萨尔曼、沙鲁克和瓦伦主演的电影的门票,不看Rajkumar Rao和Irrfan Khan的电影。
  • 我们使乞讨成为一种传统,催生乞讨诈骗业,鼓励人们乞讨,而不是工作和挣钱。



  • She can't talk to strangers but can sleep with the stranger parents choose for her.
  • 她不能和陌生人说话,但可以和父母为她挑选的陌生人睡觉。

She can't even decide her life partner !!

  • Seeing Policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe.
  • Our educated administrative officer works under and follows the instructions of our uneducated ministers.
  • We need somebody to teach us simple things like, throw garbage in dustbins and keep your streets and surroundings clean.
  • We don’t stop for a red light on traffic signal but will stop seeing a black cat crossing.


  • 看见警察我们会紧张,而不是感到安全。
  • 我们受过教育的行政在未受过教育的部长的指导下工作。
  • 我们需要有人教我们一些简单的事情,比如,把垃圾扔进垃圾箱,保持街道和星期围环境的清洁。
  • 我们不会因交通信号灯上的红灯而停车,但看到黑猫过街就会马上停下。


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