Ice to see you all again! Thousands of snowmen are made during annual festival at China's 'frozen city' where temperatures plunge to -20C



More than 2,000 snowmen have been sculpted in a park by winter revellers.

Families were seen carving and decorating their snowmen in Harbin, dubbed China's 'ice city', where temperatures can drop to as low as -20c at night.

The winter scenes showed people young and old creating snowmen of different sizes near the Songhua River in northeast China.


Altogether 2,019 snowmen were made in Harbin in China's Heilongjiang Province. The snowmen were decorated with sun hats, traditional buttons and tinsel scarves.


Families were seen with snow sleds and others were pictured taking photos of their winter creations.


Harbin has seen a record number of visitors this year going through the city's Taiping International Airport, Xinhuanet reported.


The city's airport topped 20million air passengers this year alone with tourists flocking to its winter attractions.


The average December temperature during the day is minus nine degrees.


It is also home to the Siberian Tiger Park, which houses almost 1,000 Siberian tigers in the cold winter climate.


The city holds an annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival with ice and snow shows and sculptures.




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Paul Moffat, brandon, Canada, 2 days ago

Just like here in Canada, but we don't speak Mandarin (not yet any way), just English or French.




Alan, Newark Notts., United Kingdom, 2 days ago

And no weather warnings........my god!



MrsKlaus, North Pole, United States, 2 days ago




SlappedUSilly, East Verona, Canada, 2 days ago

Copywrite infringement - China!



Sukhothai, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Minus 20? I lived in Harbin for years and it gets down to minus 40 most years. Add the wind chill factor and leaving your scarf and hat at home can mean... goodbye ears, hello hypothermia. Zero homeless people there too, bit too chilly for that. Great city with warm and generous people. Dong Bei food is also maybe the tastiest in China, really warms you up through those long winter months.

- 20吗?我在哈尔滨住了很多年,大部分时间气温都降到了- 40。加上寒风如果忘记带围巾和帽子可能意味着耳朵都会冻掉,体温太低了。那里也没有无家可归的人,太冷了。这是一座伟大的城市,人民热情慷慨。东北菜也许是中国最美味的菜了,能让你在漫长的冬季暖和起来。


administrator, Tampa, United States, 2 days ago

@Sukhothai - is that minus 40F or minus 40C ? LOL !

@Sukhothai -是-40华氏度还是-40摄氏度 ?哈哈!


crazyisthis, Duluth, United States, 2 days ago

Come on up to the northern areas of the US in the winter months around Jan, Feb and you will want to wear many layers of clothing to stay warm as our temps can easily go well below zero, especially at night time. Were used to the cold but its still dangerous for anyone who doesnt respect it.



Budgie, Norwich, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Not many comments yet about the Daily Mail using Fahrenheit or Centigrade temperatures. Which leads me to ask this. When the UK leaves the EU will we revert to the old Imperial measurements (ie, £ s. d; pints, quarts, gallons, etc) or remain metric?



Only Little Me, Richmond, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

It would be wonderful if we could return to Fahrenheit, as those temperatures actually mean something whereas there is so little variation in Centigrade temperatures that one has no idea whether a hot or cold day is signified, but somehow I doubt that common sense will prevail as there is such a tendency to conform with other countries these days and the absurd metric system is so widespread.



Michael Laudahn, Zuerich, Switzerland, 2 days ago

Why do you feel like converting -20 C to '-4 F' on the title page? For the american idiots? Let them get used to the global standard!

为什么有人建议把标题上的- 20摄氏度成- 4华氏度 ?为了迎合美国白痴?应该让他们适应全球标准!


Only Little Me, Richmond, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Fahrenheit is the traditional British temperature scale, so of course the DM, being a British paper, should give temperatures in Fahrenheit rather than kowtowing to those countries which use a different method. I'm delighted to learn that America actually uses the correct scale.



gawdelpus, Dorset, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Fantastic ... probably won't last as long as then Terracotta Army though ...



haikurambler, Warminster, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

amazing spectacle



morpethian, krakow, Poland, 2 days ago

DM out of touch you can not call them Snowmen it is Snow statues or snow people as taught in my Nieces school in the UK



Eurosupporter, Barcelona, Spain, 2 days ago

Snow sledges DM, not sleds

雪橇应该是snow sledges,不是snow sleds


Sweet angel, Brisbane, Australia, 2 days ago

Very nice ;)



GenXX, Brisbane, Australia, 2 days ago

That is so cool (pun intended)... my kids would love it. They were in the pool this morning because that's what our Christmases are like. But we will definitely have to try out a wintery Christmas one day.



gawdelpus, Dorset, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

I think many would swap snow for pool ... find a family and do a swap ...


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