What has been the best decision you've made in your life?



Shreya Paul, Student at Jadavpur University (2016-present)

I believe in love at first sight.

I didn’t find it.

I had a rejection at first sight.

Almost 4 years back I met this high school senior with an excuse of lending me his literature nes.

I had almost flunked in literature (for a reason still unknown to me) throughout high school. I tried borrowing nes from various sources, I tried to study that damn subject everyday as a daily chore but nothing seemed to work.

So, this guy! It was a date, we knew it but wouldn’t say it out loud.

He made me wait for 1 hour that day.

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Finally when he did arrive, he walked towards me swinging his bag from left to , wearing a jeans that would even fit me and with a haircut that a poodle would look better in.

To top it all, he wore a bumble bee( black and yellow striped ) t-shirt.

Mentally I had rejected him 10 times already in his 5 second walk towards me.

I got the nes, I didn’t want the date.

The “date” ended when it was raining heavily outside.

Then something clicked.

He shared his food

Tied my shoes because I kept trip on the long laces.









He held my hand while crossing the road, got drenched in the rain to cover me with his stupid bag, waited in the rain till I finally got an auto(ride), helped me in and stood and waited in this heavy downpour till the auto left. Called me up to check if I had reached home safely.

I was an inexperienced Indian teenager but I knew hardly anyone cares this much for an individual on the first “date”.

I was 17, he was 19.

I decided to give him a chance. I kept mentally rejecting him for atleast 6 months but i didn’t give up. I held on, waiting..

We evolved over the years.

We’re planning on going on a trip for our 4th year anniversary after our graduation happy together.

Give them a chance ladies they might surprise you.










Mohit Raj Saxena, Assistant Manager (Liaison) at Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited or Vsp

The best decision of my life was to marry my school time girlfriend.

Let me start by telling that we both are from different states, different castes and different cultures. When we decided to get married and tell the same to our parents,we were very scared. For me,it was tough but I was not so worried as I had seen many love marriages in my family,but for her family it wasn't the case.

One day prior to telling our parents about our relationship and wanting to get married thing,we decided that if they wouldn't agree,we would not go further. As planned we told our parents and as expected,my parents were chilled and didn't ask much and agreed but the situation was totally different at her end.




She went through very difficult times but she stood by her decision to marry me.

That day I realized that if you love someone with all your heart then it's impossible to leave her/him even though you know how difficult the road ahead is going to be.

A lot of things happened for almost next two and a half years but she never gave up on me ,nor did I.

Finally we got married in February,2016. She is the best wife one can ever imagine. She supports me in everything and always encourages me to do things which ,if not for her, I would never have got the guts to even try.

I feel like she is a superwoman. She gets up early in the morning,makes lunch and breakfast, takes bath, gives bath to our 14 months old baby Yuvi, feeds him and puts him to sleep, goes to office, comes back in the evening, again feeds Yuvi,prepares dinner and then she sleeps. And she never compns about anything. I try to help her as much as I can. But having her as my wife feels like an achievement. If not for her, I wouldn't have been in the position I'm now in my life.

Sometimes small decisions make very big differences in our lives. So never fear ,follow your passion,listen to your heart,you would never go wrong.

This is our sweet little family now.









Richa Rai

I was dating a guy two years back. We were about to be married. Wedding cards were printed, venue was decided. I was about to buy my wedding dress when he got cold feet and called off the wedding without giving me any reason for it. One day, I got up to get ready for work and my mom called me to say he called off the wedding. He didn't even tell me or discussed with me.

I was devastated. Once you decide to marry someone you start thinking in long terms. Being from a traditional Indian family this was a great blow to my family and they were really worried about their face in society like most Indian families do. Our parents tried talking to us and this went on for a month and after a month the guy asked me if I want to get married because its already paid for and his dad is forcing him. I told him No. Marriage itself is messy and requires all your energy and i didn’t want to take the first step with a person who was not even sure about me or respected me enough.

I was depressed for a long time. I was in love with the guy and I spent lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong and blaming myself for not being enough. Now after an year, I know that was the best decision I made. I would never have been happy with him and it would have led to either divorce or being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Life is too short to spend with the person who doesn't value you.





Cindy Smith

Married my husband of 13 years. You see, I never wanted to or planned to marry. I was a happy, professional lady until I was 53. Did I need a husband? No way! Did I want a husband? Nope!

I had met him 15 years before and we enjoyed a good and exclusive relationship. There was only one problem. He wanted to make me his wife. I just did not see the need.

Then my Mom died due to a tragic medical mistake. It took a gruesome week and a half in ICU. While she slowly died, my dear sisters and I sat by her bedside. He left his CFO position to sit outside the ICU to comfort me when I finally came out for the night. He took me to get and something to eat and then took me home and tucked me in to get some sleep to return early in the morning.

One day, one of my sisters said, “why don’t you let him come in to sit with you?” My answer was, “because he is not family.”





It took until after her funeral to realize: he was family. He loved me like family and my Mom had always wanted me to marry him. We were married a little over a year later.

He is the best man (after my Dad) that I have ever known. He is smart and funny and he just gets me. He has loved me through young/old, skinny/fat, cancer and back, and several hair colors. He accepts the good, the bad, and the ugly and has never wavered in his devotion.

I was a 53 year old reluctant bride and and it was the best decision I ever made.





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