Mukesh Ambani hosts 'Anna Seva' before daughter's wedding

穆凯什•安巴尼在女儿婚礼前举办“Anna Seva”婚前庆典


NEW DELHI: Ahead of his daughter's wedding, Indian Mukesh Ambani along with his family, Friday commenced a special 'Anna Seva' to feed 5,100 people, the majority of them with special abilities, over three days.

新德里:在女儿婚礼前,印度首富穆凯什·安巴尼及其家人于周五开始举办一项特别的“Anna Seva”婚前庆典,连续4天宴请5100人,其中大部分具备特殊技艺。

The 'Anna Seva' is being organised in Udaipur, the city which will host pre-wedding functions of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal on December 8 and 9.

伊莎·安巴尼和阿南德·皮拉马尔的婚前庆典“Anna Seva”将于12月8日至9日在举行。

"As a mark of respect and gratitude to the city of Udaipur, and to seek their blessings for the upcoming wedding of their daughter, the family has commenced a special 'Anna Seva' - taking up the auspicious task of feeding 5,100 people (majority of them with special abilities) three times everyday from December 7-10, to coincide with the pre-wedding functions," a statement by family representative said.

安巴尼家族代表发表声明称:“为了对乌代浦市表示敬意和感激,也为即将到来的爱女婚礼祈福,安巴尼家人已开始举办一场特别的“Anna Seva”庆典,从12月7日只10日连续4天宴请5100人(其中大部分具备特殊技艺)。”


Besides, Mukesh and his wife Nita, Anand's parents Ajay and Swati Piramal and the soon-to-be-wedded couple were present at this 'Anna Seva' function, serving people and interacting with them.

此外,穆克什及其妻子妮塔、阿南德的父母阿贾伊和斯瓦蒂·皮拉马尔以及这对即将结婚的夫妇都出席了“Anna Seva”活动,招待宾客,与大家互动。

"The Anna Seva functions will continue for four days, from December 7-10 and will be performed three times a day at the Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur," it said.

“Anna Seva”庆典将持续四天,从12月7日至10日,每天将在乌代浦市的Narayan Seva Sansthan进行,一天3场。

In addition, the pre-wedding festivities will also see the setting up of a specially curated exhibit called the Swadesh Bazaar that will showcase 108 traditional Indian crafts and art forms from all different regions of the country for the national and international guests.

此外,婚前庆典期间还将举办一场特别的工艺品展览,名为“Swadesh Bazaar ”,向国内外宾客展示来自印度各地的108种传统手工艺品。


"Presenting the art will be master craftsmen and craftswomen themselves, who are kee these traditional arts alive, creating an interesting experience as also an immersion into the India's cultural heritage," the statement said.


Swadesh Bazaar is a unique concept to encourage the craftsmanship of traditional Indian artisans, especially for a lot of indigenous crafts that need conservation and revival and have been supported by Reliance Foundation over the years. The Foundation aims to broaden and deepen its support to the goals of Swadesh Bazaar on a bigger and more sustainable scale in future.

Swadesh Bazaar 鼓励传统印度工匠的手艺,特别是对于许多需要保护和复兴的本土工艺品,这些工艺品多年来一直得到信实基金会的支持。基金会的目标是在未来更大、更可持续的规模上,扩大和深化对Swadesh Bazaar的支持,以实现其宗旨。

From the rich Kanjeevaram, exclusive Patola, intricate Chikankari to fine Bandhani, exhibits cover over 30 types of textiles and weaves. Depicting folktales and local legends, artists will showcase ancient painting forms like Gond, Madhubani, Phad, Warli and Thangka. Weavers, potters and sculptures from all around the country will make this a mega celebration of art and culture.


"This unique exhibit has not just provided livelihoods to thousands of such artisans, but also giving an opportunity to showcase their rare works from every nook and corner of India, for people's interest, appreciation and support," it added.




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Mady - 2 days ago -Follow

performing social responsibilities in good manner



Rama - Mumbai - 2 days ago

They always do social work .There family is in fore front .Good deeds yield good results .Many say negative comments .Those who give negative comments may themselves have contributed anything to poor people .



Bharath - TamilNadu - 2 days ago -Follow

Really good work.



Dinesh Sinha - 2 days ago -Follow

Great respect for late Dhirubhai. Inculcated so much of humility and culture. Hats off to Mukesh bhai.



Bharath Reddy - 2 days ago -Follow

Learning fake show off from his friend Modi on chori ka paisaa



Nageswara Rao S - Hyderabad - 22 hours ago -Follow

at least a small part of the money that is bound to be spent in very lavish manner is being used for good cause Anyway I am one of those speaking who believe these lavish weddings help the economy.



Gopal Sriniwasan - Sydney Australia - 13 hours ago -Follow

A marriage ceremony with a social responsibility. Vow God Bless the Couple and both the families.

feeding the Daridra Narayan''s is the highest form of charity.



Dilip R - 23 hours ago -Follow

Commendable social service.



Shockwave - 1 day ago -Follow




Anna - 2 days ago -Follow

Why not Mukesh gives this money to his beggar real brother Anil who has thrown the public money in the drain?



Mission2019 - 10 hours ago -Follow

Ambanis are good entrepreneurs and good religious people. A good Hindu family is what I will call them. May God bless them. Let us build the nation. Let us raise good children. Let us produce more. Let us help each other.



Swatant - 2 days ago -Follow

Wedding productions and consumptions are undertaxed. Add consumption to GST



Kamalesh Banerjee - Kolkata - 9 hours ago -Follow

Will the other Indians learn from this good gesture towards the poor?



truth is god god is truth - Supreme lord Krishna space - 13 hours ago -Follow

Anna data sukhee bhava is a great Hindu tradition and ethos

Anna Seva是伟大的印度教传统。


CGA ASN - 1 day ago -Follow

He''s a Gujrati than businessman than father, his thinking is as usual, first showcase than briefcase than own case.Rest in between , Indians are gone case


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