Ramesh Pai - 3 hours ago -Follow

No matter what, farming is no longer a profitable occupation. Over the generations, farms have been divided to small pieces of land and it is no surprise that a small piece of land does not support a farmer family. The state can only give freebies to the farmer to survive, BUT, on a long term state cannot support a farmer ad infinitum! That is the main reason that Modi wants to industrialize the nation so that country can move forward. BUT, congress keeps on giving freebies and handouts to farmers ...



Bare - 2 hours ago -Follow

Our Parliament is full of big landlords. How many have committed suicide till now. Something seriously wrong.



Godfather Senior - Mumbai - 2 hours ago -Follow

The main enemies are the po iticians who control many of the markets of farm produce. Ando more, these po iticians becoming themselves as farmers in the papers ! There need to a sy em in the loot game called APMC.



Bare - 2 hours ago -Follow

Rich man takes loan doesn't pay back he scoots. Farmer takes loan can't repay he commits suicide. IT'S PURE COWARDICE. So many people not associated with farming take loans , not all can pay back, very few commit suicide. There is something more to farmer suicides which the press rants and raves but never investigates properly.



V - 2 hours ago -Follow

I fully agree that farmers should be allowed to sale their produce in open market as well as in APMC market as per his choice.

Similarly Inter state movement should be permitted of food grains.

Go nment should provide incentive to farmers to export their produce.

These are the possibilities to address Farmers grievances



rajneesh_osho - Location - 3 hours ago -Follow

If our go nment after independence had worked to curtail population growth farmers wouldn''t have been in trouble. I travel in uber for at least 15 days in Delhi and most drivers that I come across come from marginal farmer families. When asked the typical response on the farm size is less than 2 acres per family. The grandfather add more than 30 acres and with division in the family now they are left with two acres or so forth. How can go nment ensure 50000 rupees per month with a farm which is less than 2 acres. And this is the story of 90% of the farmers.



Prabhat - 3 hours ago -Follow

It is due to lack of po itical will. Media has a role to do, but not enough to highlight their problem. We always do a bargain in agriculture commodities if sold by a vendor, and not in mall. Better the farmer sell the product to mall under agreement and go nment should encourage.



Bharath Reddy - 3 hours ago -Follow

Only BJP workers are happy under Modi raj



Bikash Sahoo - Cuttack - 26 mins ago -Follow

Can anyone recall sudden drop of onion price after a raid on a onion traders?? Perhaps in Thane or Nashik!!



Hridoy - 29 mins ago -Follow

It is a fact that subsequent Govt. has with proper planning neglecting the farming community of the country. All Govt. think that only industrial growth give boost to the economy not by agriculture. If BJP want to retain power in 2019 ion they must forget all irrelevant issues like cow, jeneu, gotra, Hindu and Mus m issue. Con trate sincerely on the welfare of the farmers and the poors. These are the people who go to polling booths to ve without fail.



Virender Kumar Singla - 56 mins ago -Follow

All currupt practices were of previous Govts. But heading gives impression as if presently farmers face problems. Big reforms are required especially for small farmers removing middleman. Separate rules for rich farmers who also manipulate everything in their favour.



Ragu - 1 hour ago -Follow

one sector where nobody will.come to help is agriculture sector.. not Gandhi family or MODI go nment whatever nobody helps even if they some good things it will.reach out to the FARMER



Jaihind - 1 hour ago -Follow

What is Ground Reality of BJP Govt. , it's reached Mr.Modi Go nment


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