3ft 1in boy, 17, hopes to become the world’s smallest doctor after overcoming prejudice – and a circus’s bid to BUY him – to be accepted to study medicine


A 3ft 1in teenager with dwarfism has won the to become a doctor.


Ganesh Baraiya, 17, was denied a place at medical school despite acing the entry tests by scoring 233 - with 86 needed to pass - because of his height.


But he took his case to the Supreme Court and last month the judges ruled in his favour, paving the way for him to become the world's smallest doctor.



Baraiya, who is from Gujarat, in western India, expned how his stature has always caused him problems - including when a travelling circus tried to buy him for £1,000, equivalent to six months of wages for his father.

His father refused, but was scared the troupe would try to kidnap his son, so began escorting him to school every day and sitting with him in lessons.


Mother Devuben Baraiya, 53, and father Viththal Bhai Baraiya, 58 expned that they first noticed something was different about him when his head started growing bigger than his body.

They consulted pediatricians but every doctor they met said there was nothing they could do and he had a genetic condition that was incurable.

他的母亲Devuben Baraiya53岁,父亲Viththal Bhai Baraiya58岁。加内什的头开始长得比身体大时,他们才发现儿子的与常人不同。他们咨询了儿科医生,但每一位医生都说无能为力,基因病是无法治愈的。


Mother Devuben said: 'We prayed many times at the temple and we even even travelled 300km to pray at a special temple but nothing changed.

'I even put a tub on his head – like a hat – to try to stop his head growing to give his body a chance to catch up.'

母亲Devuben Baraiya说:“我们在寺庙里祈祷了很多次,甚至跑300公里外的一家寺庙祈祷,但没有任何起色。我甚至在他的头上套了一个桶,就像一顶帽子一样试图阻止他的头继续长大,让他的身高赶上来。”

But what Ganesh lacked in height he made up for in brainpower, and he was admitted into spent all his time studying and showed signs of intelligence from an early age. While some students teased him and laughed at him, others would help him carry his bag and accompany him to the toilet in case he fell as he can't walk properly.


Eventually Viththal admitted Ganesh into a school owned by a doctor named Dalpat Kataria, who has since sponsored his education and legal costs.


Ganesh said: 'People used to always make fun of me and I was always the butt of their jokes. I didn't care what people said about me, it was irrelevant.

'I had plans in life and I was determined to make them happen.'


Under Kataria's tutelage, Ganesh went on to get top grades and applied to study a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree.


But once the the Medical Council of India found out about his condition, they refused Ganesh's to study medicine.

They argued that he wouldn't be able to perform emergency cases in practice and special arrangements would have to be made for him, categorising him as 'physically handicapped'.



'I was very disappointed,' Ganesh said. 'But I refused to accept it.'


Ganesh took his case from the Medical Council to the state court, and then on to India's supreme court after the judges there rejected him.


In the end, at a cost of £4,000 in legal fees, Ganesh won out.


Kataria said afterwards: 'The first time I met him I saw his passion and his dream. I also found him brilliant, so I decided to invest my time on his studies.

'I consider him my second child and will support him until he becomes the medical practitioner that he so desperately wants.'


Ganesh added: 'I am very happy that I got justice from the Supreme Court. Now I can fulfil the dream I've had since childhood.

'I know I'm different but I want to live a good life like other people and make my parents proud.

'I hope life will be good at college but if people continue to laugh at me, I will courageously face them as I always have.'


Ganesh is now e gible for admission to any go nment medical college in his state but will apply to his local Bhavnagar Medical College in the coming year. Dalpat will pay for his education fees.


One day Ganesh hopes to become the shortest doctor in the world and be recognised by the book of Guinness World Records.




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CarrieRose, Norwich, United Kingdom, 21 hours ago

Well done....



Glamour puss, Melbourne, Australia, 2 days ago

Parents hit the jack pot.



Hoofy, Sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

Good on Ganesh for fighting to be accepted a capable adult. Best of luck with his studies and career.



Vinnbet, Penticton, Canada, 2 days ago

What about Jen Arnold? Is she 3'2"? She is a respected doctor in the USA



hen, santa Fe, United States, 2 days ago

What an inspiring story. I bet he'll be a great doctor!



JudgeMoxley, Podunk Falls, United States, 2 days ago

He will be an orthopedic surgeon in the NHS shortly - very shortly.



Fish123, Porthsmouth, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Mr Barayia sounds like a wonderfully caring father. Good luck for the future Ganesh, I hope that your incredibly hard work pays off and you are able to realise your dream.



W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G., Somewhere in Dystopian Britain, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Best of luck to him! With determination and drive like that, plus his obvious brains, I bet he will make a fantastic doctor.



Water Glass, Base Cydonia, Canada, 2 days ago

He will be a better doctor than many in India, who got admission into the medical colleges on the basis of their caste and reservation.



JustMe3, Some Where Out There..., United States, 2 days ago

OHH I LOVE this kiddo. I have no doubt he will achieve his dreams. Can't wait to see him in the world record books. I pray that others accept him at school and he has a wonderful experience. How horrible for people to tease him.



OctoberNovember, Somerset, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Beautiful, uplifting And heartwarming:)



felinegroovy, mid-atlantic, United States, 3 days ago

Hope he takes inspiration from 3 '2" neonatologist and professor Dr. Jennifer Arnold. :)



Ace Lightning, Conestoga Hills, United States, 3 days ago

Good luck, mate.



Their Lively Dad, Somewhere, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

There is a well known dwarf orthopedic surgeon who managers very well.



raquel delafuente, San Diego, United States, 3 days ago

The world needs doctors. How stupid are they to deny him. India is a gross pollutor and not a friendly place to women/children and animals.



AndrewRao, Akhand Bharat, India, 3 days ago

what does women or pollution or animals gotta do with this story Raquel ? You do realize Ganesh is an man/boy & not an girl rite ? Travel to India if you wish to, check out directly in India & then declare India isn't an safe place for animals. India has the largest population of tigers, peacocks - just to name a few & no.of wildlife conservative parks.

@Raquel 性、污染或者动物和这篇报道有什么关系?加内什男孩,不是女孩。你应该先去印度看看,才有资格宣布对动物来说,印度是否是安全之地。印度老虎孔雀以及野生动物保护公园数量是最多的


Flyover Country65, Statesboro, United States, 2 days ago

Although the story is about a young man. The violence ag inst women in India is known World Wide. Why would a woman knowingly visit a country that regularly abuses women young and old ?



DebbyW, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Jennifer Arnold seems to do well as a neonatal specialist in Florida and she's only 3' 2"



Mr Schiffer, london, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Doesnt matter look at tom cruise, hes still successful



jordi40, Bellevue, United States, 3 days ago

This is great! Can't wait for him to kick even more ass.



Marco, North Hampshire, 3 days ago

I suggest that he specialises in something below the waist.



Jonny990, Leicester, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Well done I hope he has a great rewarding life



WomanatLarge, Rabat, 3 days ago

More power to him - and thank goodness he's had love and support to help him face down ignorance and prejudice!



ImeanwhatIsay, Shangri-la, United States, 3 days ago

Good one. I like that look of confidence on his face



Countryman100, Valetta, Malta, 3 days ago

Good for him!



ja5, UK, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Bless him and his family. What an achievement ag inst all odds and prejudices.



Copacetic, Dogpatch, United States, 3 days ago

It's wonderful that this intelligent young man is now THE PRIDE of his loving family!



AndrewRao, Akhand Bharat, India, 3 days ago

age, sex & height should never be an criteria for one to pursue academics. Good luck Ganesh


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