Right now, I’d die for a ONE WAY et route from my “lower” caste. I wish there was a provision to file for such a move to the willing, by the go nment. They could ask my accomplishments, current status (or whatever) and decide based on that. Instead of entirely hating caste sy em (which for whatever reason was created by our ancestors), why not embrace it and make it better? Do not have reservations in the high priority positions. That would be an added advantage for all the “higher” caste people and those who are willing to take such a route. Considering the current situation of India, I don’t think that caste can be scrapped away. It is deep roed in the society. I don’t mind any other variant of this provision; PLEASE just give it to me now! Such an et route would be a boon to me. It would be a recognized achievement that I have overcome my backwardness. (Just like when you improve your credit score)


There are people trying to move abroad in order to avoid caste issues in India.

1.Those who belong to the supposed “higher castes”, because of reservations. I understand this completely as some people really take advantage of reservations.

2.Those who belong to the “lower castes”, so that they do not feel discriminated.




I’m 28 and I belong to a “lower caste”. My parents never mentioned any such thing as “caste” to me until it was asked in an application form after class 12. For that, I am super proud of them. I feel that’s a lot more forward thinking than all the other castes out there(yes offence, because you guys are taught about your caste from the day you are born). When they first told me that we belong to a “lower” caste for the form, it was just unbelievable. I prested. Not because we were having a decent middle class life; not because of the caste based po itics happening in India which I did not even know about at that age. The feeling of being lesser than somebody else, was something I never felt before and I could not digest it. My then best friend in school laughed at me when I told him about this (I’m still friends with him but, I hated that moment). Nevertheless, I put my real caste down in the application.


I thus used my caste once (completely legally) in my lifetime for a reservation and have always regretted it. I have made a wonderful career for myself. I could argue that I would have done well even though I did not use my caste. All I can say for sure is, my educational achievements have been on par with my peers. I could still be where I am now without reservation. Someone really in need might have used it. (If only I had known this during the time of decision making!)

I’m a relationship person. I lost 2 wonderful women from having them in my life because of my caste. The first relationship went for 8 years. God bless my mom’s heart; both for accepting my first love and at the end of it all, saying, “don’t force her, it’s very hard for them to accept us”.



The second one didn’t even start. I first confirmed her caste (today), just in case. It just feels so sick. This label will remain stuck to me throughout my life, doesn’t matter IF I USE IT OR NOT.

You could say I’m feeling this now “just because I want to marry someone in the higher caste”. I’d say, it’s not “just” marriage. I’d love to have a wonderful partner for myself. Someone whom I know and love to spend time with. Women around me have made more than 50% of my life until now. As I move further, I’d like to have someone whose personality is attractive to me and fits (not matches) with mine. I am not comfortable with the idea of an arranged marriage. Shaadi.com is just an Indian version of “tinder on steroids” to me. (I do NOT say they are bad, this is just my preference).


你可以说我现在有这种感觉“仅仅是因为我想嫁给更高种姓的人”。我得说,这不仅仅是婚姻。我想给自己找个好配偶。一个我认识的、喜欢和他在一起的人。到目前为止,我身边的女性已经占据了我生活的50%以上。我希望能有一个个性能够吸引我,并适合(而不是匹配)我。我不喜欢包办婚姻。在我看来,Shaadi.com只是印度版的“tinder on steroids”。(我不是说它们不好,这只是我的个人偏好)。

I am currently in the US, working at an zing place, in a job I have always dreamt of. It is hard to find love while satisfying the criteria of caste in a place like this. There are barely any people belonging to my caste here. I feel so lonely without a partner (especially after my breakup). Asking around for caste first is the sickest thing one could do. Yet, it is so important.



Saurabh Shubham, studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Originally Answered: How can caste sy em be abolished in India?

One possible solution could be having name without surnames.

Look at my name, you don’t get to know which caste do I belong to. Thus, you are not going to judge me for the caste which I am from, there will be no sense of superiority or inferiority in your mind regarding me.

Other thing that can be done is abolishing all kind of benefit that people get from being of a particular caste.





Why do only Brahmins get to become priests in temple? Or why do SCs and STs get reservation in go nment colleges and jobs? If there will be no benefit of being from a particular caste, no one is going to give importance to it, it will lose its importance and hence vanish.

On the other hand, we should also acknowledge that any harsh measure to abolish caste sy em can lead to a full-fledged revo tion which can be harmful for our society.




Ashwini RM, India, My country :)

Backward Classes were treated very badly in India. They suffered a lot before independence. They were untouchable.

So the rules were made to uplift them financially and socially.

If they are in good jobs they earn well and people will respect them. That was the idea. But they also set an end to it. Rules say once they overcome their inabilities, they should be no reservation.

You know India would be developed country if every Indian follows it. But hardly anybody does.

And Most of the SC and ST people don't even know they have all these facilities. Their condition is still same in villages. So we haven't achieved that in 70 years.







Anil Chouhan, Born Indian, raised human and feels like world citizen.

Cast your ve and don't ve your caste.

Go nment is unlikely to destroy the caste sy em. Throughout history and across the world 'power is gained by dividing the people' whether it be in the name of caste or any other divide.

Remember the Berlin Wall was not broken by the go nment and po iticians like Lalu Yadav, Raj Thackeray and Mayavati are created by people precting or voting their caste.

Secondly, we should understand that the caste sy em was never to be bad on 'birth' but be determined by 'merit' much like a doctor treating you is a doctor regardless of the caste he was born in.

The only thing that has worked as a natural force is 'people drop the divide' and being human. Until we the people allow the divide that favors us, the po iticians will leverage it to divide and conquer. Only love for humanity and progress and not psychosis of survival or fear can bring equality.







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