What is the most embarrassing punishment in Indian schools?



Prav Patel, studied at Fanshawe College

Class: 9th Grade

I am the one of the naughtiest student in class since childhood (Hardly i miss a day without punishment)


It was first day of 9th class. we are making noise and my friend who is newly appointed class mon or warned us to stop.

I said : Dude it’s first day, if you want to write our name then do it. Sir will not punish us.

(We all know since childhood that on first day every teacher just warn us and then let go)







Class mon or wre me and my two friends name on board

Sir came and saw the board (Oh my god…It was our PT teacher and he was very strict. we heard this from our seniors)

He called all three of us and said “Take Position”

Me and my friend looked at each other and said “What? Position?”

Sir said : Put your hands on board (I am the first one)

I put my hands on board like this








Then, Sir hits me with stick on my ass….BOOM (It was too hard)

I can feel the pain but can’t rub my ass to reduce pain because all girls and boys of class watching us and already started laughing

I just somehow managed to not touch my ass and started running towards my bench like this





Finally, I was at my seat, now i can reduce my pain

It was so embarrassing that i still remember and all my friends still laugh when ever we share this experience.



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Upal Patel, Learner, trying to learn humanity

I have studied in the same school till 12th. i don't remember the exact class, but remember the punishment very well,though I was not punished.

Our school had started new karate classes and we had one lecture of karate, so it was the day when we had a karate lecture, Bell rang tangggg tangggg, recess completed we rushed to drink water and went to our class after one or two minutes karate sir entered to our class, Generally after recess time we have lot of things to discuss about recess time, about games and all, so class was like a fish market. and sir shouted to make a peace, after two three attempts he succeeded and asked all the boys to stand on the benches kneel to your knee( murgha very common punishment). After 1–2 mins every boys was a Murgha on the bench and girls were enjoying, suddenly one boy made some weird noise and class laughed louder.




After hearing that noise sir told everyone to sit on the benches and asked the name voluntarily to stand up who had done this, I” wouldn't do anytg or wouldn't say any word”(in 99% case it is a trap) no one raised hand voluntarily.. now he became some angree and raised his voice and asked to other guys to told the name of that person otherwise he will punish all the class. Still drop silence in the class, he ddn’t get what he want then he pointed towards the one bench and told them to stand up and more students nearby that benches and told them i know that person is one of you, tell me the name of that person or i will give punishment to all of you(may be 10) students filtered from whole class to 10. And thank GOD I was sitting at other section.

Everyone said, Sir it was not me and I really do’nt know bcz we were looking doward during punishment.. he said okay everyone come out and stand near black board in lines.

Just like this but told that boys to just stand there.





After that sir told the students of 1st bench to slap all the boys one by one and then go to ground for practice. So started with girls they hesitated but sir said angrily to follow his orders other wise they have to face some punishment.

1st girl slap 1st boy just like pampering and slap all the boys very kindly :p another girl came slap all the boys and went to ground another girl came slapped one guys like he brokeup with her.





Vamsi Kiran

It was my 10th class. So, you know how teachers, principal and elders warns us about this particular year as most important part of life because of board examinations. We use to have four sections which were divided based on merit and i am one among the top section. By the end of November our syllabus was finished. So they began conducting revision test every month starting from December. Revision Test 1 was conducted and results has to be announced eventually. Generally class teachers or staffs used to distribute papers, but this time our strict principal came with bundles of papers and marks sheet. She was furious since most of us couldn’t reach her expectations. Total marks was 300. And she expected 285+ score. Among 49 students only 3 students were able to reach her target. She s mmed papers on the table, scolded each and everyone of us with top of her voice. She said this was the worst batch she had ever seen. She made us to kneel down on the floor. Later she ned slips on our shirts which reads "I AM A DONKEY" written on it and made us to stand along the corridor. This looks like this.



Soon the lunch bell rang. Many juniors from 6th to 9th and other sections of 10th stared at us like they were watching some circus feats. Almost everyone were shocked first and later started laughing, giggling as they passed by. We were teased by other students. We became a laughing stock that day. Many of us started crying especially girls and we boys stood with our head bent in embarrassment. After the lunch break we were made to sit in the class and had our lunch. That was the most silent lunch break i had ever witnessed in my life. I cannot forget this embarrassment.



Prasanjeet Ghosh, YouTuber (2018-present)

How many of you guys have remember this game?



Image source: Yahoo

This was responsible for my most embarrassing punishment in school.

I was in 7th or 8th class ( I forget which class this in dent happened).

It was history class ( I hate that subject, It was difficult for me to scored in that subject as compared to others).

I preferred the last bench in history class. As I was feeling sleepy so I and my friend decided to play the game to pass the time. So we choose this one...

So, we started the game...







As we were enjoying the game (we both forget that the class was going on) suddenly teacher had doubt on us and she was moving quietly toward us and eventually, she caught me ( "I don't know why she caught only me").

Bad luck, that at the same time principal was in the round, she entered to our room and asked our teacher that what happened? Our teacher expned everything.... means everything.

My principal said to me let's play one more game but it is a bit different from your one that I'll ask you four question choose any one question and answer that question.

If you will not able to answer then you will stand tomorrow in front of the whole prayer assembly and repeat "Tippy Tippi Tap, Which Color Do You Want?" until the assembly end.

Eventually, I lost the game...




如果你答不出来,那么明天你将站在整个祈祷集会前,重复“Tippy Tippi Tap,你想要哪个颜色?”一直念到集会结束。



Aditya Sa nkhe, former Curator at TEDx DYPU (2017-2018)

Warning: I’ll advise hardcore feminists don’t read this answer and make haste judging me or maybe you can, we all deserve punishment for our sins.


As a child, I always hated girls like most other boys do. With their pony tails, k school bags, high pitched crying, flowing noses and mean nature, I used to run away from them. Until the day came when puberty hit me, really hard. Until the whole hormone dr started. And all of sudden, just like other guys, I too became wasp for them. It was the time my masculinity turned into my weakness.



The most embarrassing punishment in my school was to make the notorious boys sit in between two girls. Trust me, boys used to cry like hell, begging for forgiveness from this punishment!

Now, as I sit in those boring engineering lectures with guys half dead comparing Messi and Ronaldo from ages, I wish the professor punishes me the same way they did 15 years ago!




Sarhad Choudhary

There's this one punishment that's extremely embarassing. The only thing that's worse is Parents call.

Standing at the front of the class, but facing the blackboard, like this…




Now imagine, there's not much that you can possibly do in such a position. Even looking back at the class is a crime.

You can't risk laughing or talking to your partner in crime, as the teacher is close by.

If you turn around, all you see is your classmates, sneering at you. They're mocking you, some smart ones are trying pathetically to make you laugh.

You smile a little, out of embarassment, and then have a quick glance at the teacher. The timing is absolute perfect. She's staring at you.

The stupid grin on your face? It's long gone. It's her mercy that you're still alive.






Now, if you stare at the wall, it gets really weird. If you have a bad con tration, things get even worse. You simply can't focus.

If you do stare at the wall, and bring your hands infront, it looks absolutely embarrassing from the back. It kind of gives the impression that you're peeing.

How worse could it be? :/

My favourite punishment is -

Get out of the class!!

As you're about to get out, signal your close friend. He'll come out as well, in no time.

Then you can have a lot of fun in the corridor( I used to play handcricket ).

Just keep an eye out for a random teacher passing by.











Dhruv, B.tech EXTC Engineering (2021)

Embarrassing punishment? huh?

how can we forget this one….

Here’s what happens in primary school

Me: ( talking too much in class)

Teacher: Dhruv, you are talking too much..stand up and sit there. Right between them

Me: Miss, but they are…are….girls.( in a bit emotion)

Teacher: Now please talk as much as you want with them.

whole class:










For me this was the most embarassing moment in the class.

As I grew up, I wished for that punishment




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