Sunil Khopkar, Manager - International & Domestic Business (2008-present)

I have been to a dozen of countries where the Chinese have dumped their “cheap” products. We in India define cheap in terms of price & quality both.

Nobody can deny the fact that a lot of Chinese manufacturers follow unethical practices by supplying less in quality & quantity. India is a trustworthy option all over the world & Indians are known for their honesty & integrity.

Trust me “Make in India” would challenge Chinese dumpsters big way in the near future on global platform.

Jai Hind!!




印度必胜! !


John Sha, BS General Idiocy & Stupidity, University of Stupidity (2023)

Things made in China range from very, very low quality junk trinkets to very high quality Apple products along with native OnePlus phones/tablets/electronics.

Ditto for India.

So there is no way to compare the two w/o specifying type of product and price range.

That said, China has made huge investments (both domestic and foreign) both in infrastructure and manufacturing along with high technology during last several decades, and based on that, if a proper comparison was made, I would expect China to hold the edge.

Now having said that, market competition is not static. I would also expect India to eventually catch up with China and even possibly exceed it.







Partha Chakraborty, lived in China

So far as quality is concerned, we need to consider 3 things. Manufacturing, scale and cost. China has the first two, so it is easier to control the costs as well. Other than textiles, most products are 'sourced' vs 'manufactured'.



Adarsh Kumar, studied at Air Force Bal Bharati School

We can't say , and I always feel comparison is no is no great thing.We both are developing countries and we spare least time giving some thing a quality assurance .Quality testing is something which India and China could not afford and another thing is that our service sector is not as strong as that of developed Nations.

China is having an edge over other developing countries like India in procuring utility based material but Chinese product doesn't show durability up to some extent which for a customer might seem quite notorious.




Thomas Jose Joseph

There is no doubt about the manufacturing ability of china . There workers far better than India. Track built by Chinese for magnetic train is far better than original in Germany. Many of goods produced in China are far better than the original. Eventhough Japan is better in workmanship there quantity and cost are not good



Patel Pratik

Its simple, You get What u paid for.



Bishwas Mishra


China products are actually very costly when they are of a quality. People in developed nations prefer Chinese products because they are long lasting.

Products of China in India and developing nations are very low quality which also cost less. And they are not durable at all.





Neha Krishnan, worked at Standard Chartered Bank

I personally feel china products are far better



Loganathan Nachimuthu, works at Broadridge

It should be. When you see the mobile phones other than Apple that are made in China, everything is ephemeral. Whereas the mobiles that are from India, last long. This is one very small example



Ramesh Kumar

Stop buying Chinese items and save your domestic art. I know , most of you are going to say that domestic products are expensive. But, can I just ask you – would be buying a Chinese medicine substitute for your baby, if domestic medicine of the same salt is expensive? I hardly doubt. I can only use India products

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David Paul Hensbough, M.S from University of Chicago (2014)

There even not comparison. In my daily life almost everything made in China. And I barely could find anything made in India ……



Angel Nx, works at AngeINX Indian Ethnic Wear

Yes,"Made in India" product better in quality than "Made in china " products bcoz one time product will damaged you can't repair them like Mobile phones and specalli specially Toys.



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