Is the quality of products made in India better than those made in China?




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Anup Mohan, Indian, Working in China for over 1.5 Years

I am not sure about the perspective that is being considered here. For example, an Indian will definitely say, Indian Product’s quality is better and a Chinese will counter the argument.

However, from a global perspective (read on to understand this better), there is no clear winner here. This is going to be a little complex to understand. This is primarily due to manufacturing ecosystem variances across both the countries. That happens due to the following factors:

Product Variation

Indian Economy is less reliant on exports as compared with China. Thus, Indian products are primarily made to cater to Indian market. This brings a standard to follow for Indian companies by not creating multiple variances of a single product. Whereas, Chinese Products are exported all over the world. This brings a competitive advantage for Chinese Manufacturers in terms of creating large number of varieties for a single product.

In China, if you want to buy a product, you can buy it for RMB 10 as well as RMB 1000 (for example). Since, they have to cater to different countries with different legal requirements and culture set-ups, they need to create different varieties of a single product. The same can be verified by simply accessing B2B E-commerce websites like Alibaba.com.

Personally, I have been to a factory in China which manufactures LV bag, but the same factory also manufactures bags that are sold on the street. The only difference is the ones that are sold on the street won’t have a LV tag. The quality is exactly the same.








Economies of Scale

Since China produces more number of goods, it brings their total cost down substantially. For example, if you set up a factory for $100,00, the cost of the first good you would produce will technically be $100,000. However, the more you make, the more your per unit cost decreases. China is an unbeatable champion of Economies of Scale.

Economies of Scales brings a substantial impact on the complete manufacturing ecosystem. This includes constant improvement of all production related processes including the quality. This is relatively simple to understand. The more you make, the more you understand, the more improvements you can make, the better your products’s quality will be. Therefore, in terms of manufacturing efficiency, for specific component/sub-component of a production/manufacturing process, it is practically impossible to rival China.



This can be verified by how Chinese Companies are setting up factories outside China due to increasing labor cost, more evidently in mobile phones manufacturing. Basically, they have mastered manufacturing on a such a magnanimous scale that now their expertise is in demand across the World, from any country that wants to focus on manufacturing, let alone India.

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Have you heard this term called ‘OEM/OBM/ODM’?




China’s manufacturing is so advanced that it follows a concept of ‘Manufacturing Outsourcing’. Just like how India is the so called ‘Outsourcing Hub’ for services, China is the ‘Outsourcing Hub’ for manufacturing. Just like how most of the customer services centres for English Speaking countries are based in India, their manufacturing is based in China. This is how manufacturing works in China.

This implies that a single factory in China may make products for hundreds of clients from all over the world. Each client has specific requirements, specific quality standards, specific designs, specific delivery timelines, specific budget, etc.

This makes their products more global, more advanced and more diverse.




Quality ‘Premium’

The question of quality doesn’t arise in 50% cases primarily because they are branded products. For ex, companies like Apple, Sony, etc, they all make their products in China. However, it is very unlikely that you will face quality problems with their products. This happens because these companies give clear quality standards to follow for their Chinese OEMs. The same company is may be, making products for another company as well, but better quality comes at a cost.

Is every brand prepared to pay a premium for better quality products?




Customer Awareness

Quality ‘Premium’ is the reason why Chinese products have a bad brand in the market. In most cases, specially in Indian cases, our whole-sellers who source products from China, generally source the cheapest products possible. They know this is what Indians want. And, they make good money on it. However, similarly, an American Product sourcer may not do the same, since he knows that there are stricter quality norms to follow in the US.

When customers are well aware of their rights and when sellers know the repercussions of selling sub-standard products, it is less likely that a country will have access to ‘low-quality’ products.




Infrastructure & Transportation play the most important role for products to have a better availability in the market. China is a clear leader in that segment.


I remember in 2013, I was traveling in Egypt. I went to a souvenir market and I was shocked to know that each and every souvenir was made in China. I asked one shopkeeper, how do you get everything from China, he replied ‘it comes on road my friend. There is a bridge that connects Asia & Africa, many trucks come from China on that bridge’.

This situation is definitely improving but globally speaking, it still needs much more time for India to make its dent, specially when it’s total exports have been relatively stagnant.




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