英媒: 中国一酒店使用美女机器人迎宾

Luxury hotel in China uses a life-like robot called Madame Wei to welcome guests (and many people don't even notice it's not a human)



Fancy talking to a realistic robot on your next trip? Head to the city of Hefei in China.


A luxury hotel in the capital of Anhui Province has been using a stunning humanoid to welcome guests.


Apparently, the talking robot is so 'human-like' and 'pretty' many guests have failed to realise it is a machine at first, according to Chinese media.


The 340-room hotel, Chinese Calligraphy Building, has prepared a wardrobe filled with ancient Chinese robes for the mechanical beauty. They have named it Madame Wei - after a female calligrapher from the Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD).


Mr Yin, a deputy manager of the hotel, told MailOnline that Madame Wei started to 'work' in the lobby from September last year, and has been highly popular among their guests.


He said Madame Wei can perform simple tasks, such as greeting people and giving directions, but most work in the lobby are still being done by human staff.


Madame Wei was built by Hefei-based technology company Ke Da Guo Chuang.


The company's general manager, Mr Gao, told MailOnline that his company was contacted by Chinese Calligraphy Building to make a robotic receptionist last year. His company then purchased the components and assembled the robot.


Mr Gao said Madame Wei's facial features were custom-made by one of his suppliers after the hotel said they wanted it to look 'gentle', 'elegant' and 'classical'.


Mr Gao declined to reveal the technical details of Madame Wei, insisting his company used 'existing technology' to build the robot. However, Madame Wei's appears to be highly similar another life-like talking robot Jia Jia, which is developed by The University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei.


It took the team three years to complete Jia Jia, which can speak, show micro-expressions, move its lips and body, yet seems to hold its head in a submissive manner. Jia Jia was unveiled in April, 2016.


Jia Jia has natural eye movement, speech that is in sync with its lip movement and refers to its male creators as 'lords'. According to Xinhua, experts used the facial features of five female students from The University of Science and Technology of China as the inspiration of Jia Jia's looks.


Its inventor, Chen Xiaoping, predicted that within a decade or so, artificially intelligent robots like Jia Jia would begin performing a range of menial tasks in Chinese restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and households.




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Ruffguy, Tulsa, United States, 8 hours ago

I would love to hack her electronics and reprogram her to insult guests. Lol



bosco99, Shepherdstown, United States, 9 hours ago

The best thing is she lets you pinch her cheek without complaining.



Radical tarquin, Brighton, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago

Englishmen would probably try to kidnap it into their hotel rooms.



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