Navneet: 湖南省会长沙,第二部分

Changsha, The Capital City Of Hunan..............Part 2



Alex had sent to me fifty four pictures of Changhsha. Their description was in Chinese and there was no accompanying text about Changsha. I searched on the internet about Changsha. Four years ago, I knew nothing about China, not even whether Peking and Beijing were the names of the same town or they are different.


I haven’t really got a satisfactory answer to this even so far, but I know a little about China and know a few of her people. I say, little because, China is so diverse and vast that it's not possible to describe it in a few blogs. It is said that because of this vastness and diversity, whole of it couldn’t come under colonial rule at anytime.


It is difficult to present true China in a few pictures. The glossy pictures of the cities tell the story of the progress in the cities but not about the pathetic state of the rural interior where people continue to remain poor. Keeping a harmonious society and focus on a egalitarianism is a challenge for any go nment ...


Though China is progressing by leaps and bounds as any foreign observer may report after seeing all the glitter in the towns, but still a large portion of it is rural and poor, a large part of it's land unserviced. There is a huge and continuous influx of migrant labour from deep interior to the cities and the rich and poor divide is increasing. This influx keeps its factories running and producing things at unbelievably low prices.


My link with my Chinese readers is in a state of suspension these days. I used to interact with them on QQ. It is a chat forum like Skype or WhatsApp but because of some bug in the software (I suppose it's a technical glitch and not a bug introduced). After I interact with some of them, I get a Message Box saying- That some suspicious activity is noticed on your account, access to it is therefore being restricted.


The subsequent messages are in Chinese, so I don’t know what to do. Though QQ boasts of international clientele, its primary focus is China. I don’t think, problem of access to my QQ account is due to great Chinese monitoring of internet. My intention of mentioning about the problem I am facing is, firstly to inform my fans, secondly to seek some help, if some one can help me rid of this glitch and thirdly to tell QQ team, if my plaint reaches them, that their Software is not for the global community because besides seeing my interaction with the Chinese as suspicious activity, it gives the messages in Chinese only, which only a Chinese literate can read.


There are so many blogs about China, sent to me by the Chinese and I know they must be excitedly waiting to see them published but there are not many peoples reading blogs here these days. I posted Part 1 of this blog three months ago.


I asked one Chinese friend to translate the description accompanying the photos. I have it with me but there is some sequence mismatch. Let me now post the remaining pictures and the text that I had written three months ago.


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