印媒: 尼泊尔将和中国一起参加军事演习

Insult to injury: Nepal to now join military drill with China


Nepal's decision to pull out of the joint Bimstec military drill in Pune couldn't have come at a worse time for India with the Nepal army set to participate in a 12-day long military exercise with China later this month.



Nepal Army spokesperson Brig Gen Gokul Bhandaree told TOI on Monday that the second such joint exercise with China, Sagarmatha Friendship-2, was going to take place from September 17 to 28 in Chengdu.


"The main focus of the exercise is going to be on counter-terror operations," said Bhandaree.


Nepal's first such joint exercise with China took place in April last year leading to concerns in India over growing security cooperation between Nepal and its northern neighbour. The second Nepal-China joint exercise will come days after the Nepal government directed its military to withdraw from the first ever joint military drill by Bimstec countries.


The Nepal government, according to reports from Kathmandu, is not particularly pleased with attempts by India to boost security and defence cooperation within Bimstec.


India though is still smarting from Nepal's decision to withdraw at the last moment from the Bimstec exercise - when an advance military team from Kathmandu had already landed in India - and the exercise with China is unlikely to soothe nerves here.


As former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal says, participating in the Bimstec exercise would have balanced the exercise with China. According to Sibal, it is unfortunate that Nepal gets satisfaction in provoking India needlessly.


"By taking such inconsiderate steps they will alienate Indian opinion more and the cost will be felt when Nepal faces a crisis in the future. They have to nurture the India relationship, not create distrust," says Sibal.


To be sure, Nepal hasn't scaled up its defence exercise with China from what it was last year. Like in 2017, and as Bhandaree said, not more than 20 soldiers will participate in the Chengdu exercise. India's own joint exercise with Nepal Surya Kiran involves over 300. It hasn't helped the Indian government's cause though that Nepal PM K P Sharma Oli is widely seen in the media as pro-China. Nepal's decision to pull out from the Pune exercise also came after Modi welcomed the "multi-national military field training exercise" at the Bimstec summit in Kathmandu last month.


That Modi government has also been under pressure from Nepal to unblock the Saarc summit process. Oli had taken up the issue with Modi during his visit to India in April. India though remains reluctant as the next summit is to be held in Pakistan. In an interview to ToI during his visit to India, Oli had said that SAARC had a future because it was the common initiative of the leaders of the region who had nurtured that platform of regional cooperation for the past 3 decades.


"Everyone also knows that the Saarc summit that was supposed to be held in Pakistan in 2016 has been postponed. Nepal, as the current Chair of Saarc, desires to see that we are able to revive the process. However, we are fully aware that this cannot happen unless every Saarc member desires so unanimously," Oli had said.


A source in Kathmandu also said India must stop looking at Bimstec as an alternative to Saarc. "To focus on terrorism is one thing but to participate in a joint military exercise quite another. The government as well as the opposition was unsure if Bimstec was meant for an exercise like that," said the official.




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American desi

No point trying to keep pleasing the loser countries. I seriously think India has bent backwards with Maldives and Nepal multiple times. They should just close the border, put them under visa regime, let them pay for every single thing they import thru India at full price. Of course also pull out all the Indian currency from their country. Do top the flights and bus service so they are not getting any tourism dollars...enough!!




send back all nepaleese back home



Asim Kumar

When you have a leader like Feku, tthings can go even worse. He wasted public money to travel around the world thinking that a mere hugging will set things right. His real agenda was only to get business deal to his corporate friends. But on the diplomatic front which matters India as a whole, he never care. The result is now foe everyone to see as all neighboring are standing against India. Even the UN is now slamming India for Kashmir issue now and then. International media are now filled with news of lynching and the way dalits and minorities are being terrorized here. Even they reporting out new GDP figures as fake. Everyone now knows the real face hidden behind the mask.

如果你有一个像莫迪这样的领导,事情会变得更糟。他浪费公款周游世界,认为光靠拥抱就能使事情好转。他真正的目的只是让他的公司朋友们达成商业交易。但在事关整个印度的外交战线上,他从不关心。结果是现在所有邻国都站在印度的对立面。就连联合国也时不时地因为克什米尔问题抨击印度。国际媒体现在充斥着私刑的新闻,以及达利特和 在这里受到恐吓。甚至他们公布的新的GDP数据都是假的。现在每个人都知道面具背后隐藏着的真实的嘴脸。



Getting snubbed by Nepal and Maldives. Never happened in 70 years. Feku has destroyed India.



G P Sam

Landmark Success of Modi''s Foreign Policy.



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