Navneet: 回忆在中国生活的日子

Living In China- Memoirs- 1


On Returning to China on 01/04/2017


We were in India for two months. We had shifted to another apartment before going. The owner of our previous apartment wanted to sell his property, so he wasn’t interested in renewing the lease though he was happy with us. Most of the Chinese are interested in renting their property to the foreigners. The kind of the rent the Chinese owners get from the foreigners, is impossible to get from the fellow Chinese. Chinese are not much different from us Indians. They don’t like their fellow citizens and trust them still less. There’s a definite degree of suspicion in the mind of a Chinese who meets another one for the first time. This, I think is the legacy of the "Revolution" when people were rewarded for spying on one another and the children were praised and elevated in their ranks in the Red Brigade or given badges of honor, if they spied and reported against their parents.  


I don’t know what would have been the outcome if the British had tried to bribe us for spying within the families, but they effectively used it  for envious Indians will do anything for money. Their policy put paid to the hopes of many Indian nationalists who wanted to drive the Brits out of the country. While we may not have any qualms about spying on fellow Indians but spying on parents, for gaining favours from the state will definitely be considered unethical. But with rapes and murders of minor girls happening every day, I am hesitant to speak of Indian morals and ethics. However, when it comes to renting out one’s apartment, we have much in common with our Eastern neighbours.



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Good rent, no hassles, no bickering and bargaining. How similar are we in behaviour, even the jealousy quotient of the envied neighbours is the same. It’s easier for the Indians to negotiate deals with the foreigners, while the Chinese have to depend upon the interlocutors, who often don’t render their services for free.


Well, I am not talking of showering money only but of love too, Haha. Let me, keep it a secret but it’s no secret that many Chinese women want to compromise with their morals for being friends with prosperous foreigners. I can’t be talking of these things, when I have lived happily here for three years, with the harridan, who had stunning looks when she was young. She still stuns me by her gaze and from others even still she gets compliments for her looks. Many people stop to have a second look and many come forward to call her piaoliang, meaning beautiful. While, I stand by her side, stupefied, with a grin frozen on my face, wondering, what could they see in her that I can’t. And then as if shaken from my stupor, I stammer to her the meaning of what they intend to convey.


It’s only then I realized that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and perhaps the desire in women is controlled purely by natural urge for procreation and there is nothing more to it, and all that we get to see or read in movies or books, is exaggerated. We must therefore respect the personality of the woman as a whole, than her physical attributes. However, the weakness for material things is strong in women and Chinese women are no exception to this. Perhaps, it gives them a sense of security and although education and economic fre m is rewriting the complex code of their DNA, it has millions of years of data of evolution to re-process before instilling in their minds the confidence in their own superior ability.


I do not know about the Chinese girls falling head over heels for the Indian males but for those of the white race, they do, even if they are from bankrupt Greece or some little known European Union countries. The skin colour numbs their sense of judgement. It’s not that Indians don’t get, even a second look, they do, more than that that, when the bulge in their pants on either side of the groin, is noticeable or known. I believe that it is a universal truth and all other bulges they show to matter in sexual innuendes, in movies and books are myths created by misinformed or imagining directors and writers, the colour of the skin, religion, race and country of origin be damned.


Getting a Chinese girl friend or someone who does it for money (let me not use a crude word) is not difficult, anywhere in the world. A colleague of mine who was much younger to me, had a young Chinese woman friend, coming to him exclusively for sexual pleasures (so he would say). She was married and had a daughter too. Her husband came to know of her rendezvous and one day, he accosted him ( my colleague) and assaulted him. Because of the language barrier, the poor cuckold couldn’t tell the reason of his anger, but he hit him with a rod on the thigh as he alighted from a taxi.  When my colleague tried to present it as a case of xenophobia or Indophobia, to get the help from the local police, by taking the shipyard personnel along for support, the police, unlike their Indian counterparts, didn’t have to seek CCTV footage from the cameras in the neighbourhood, they had enough footage of his activities of their own. He was summarily told, that it would be in his interest to pack and leave the country as early as he could do it.



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Hello Eni.

It's a pleasure to read your comment. I visit this site very rarely and so I am delighted to find a comment. I agree, that things are changing in China because of economic fre m the women are getting because of them being educated and capable of earning as much as their husbands do. In fact it is necessary too these days with increasing prices and smaller pay packets. In my observation, the Chinese women are better off than their Indian counterparts. According to Confucius- "In traditional Chinese society, women should observe the Three Obediences and the Four Virtues. Women were to be obedient to the father and elder brothers when young, to the husband when married, and to the sons when widowed"- It is not different from what it is in India and so, the women have to slog all their lives for being accepted- tragically those who employ the code are the women themselves. The mother in laws have strong hold on their husbands and their sons too, which they don't want to relent and the daughter in law has to "steal" the son from her. It is the same in India :)). As far as falling for the foreigners is concerned, it is indeed the money angle plays the most important role...and that is a universal truth.




Eni Chen

Hello, Sir. I am a Chinese lady from Shanghai. The Chinese women I know are not the same as you know. Chinese women's family status is rising because they have their own jobs and salaries. The ranking of family status, wife first, husband second, is the status of most families at present. Women are becoming more independent and assertive and are respected by their husbands. As a result, Chinese girls don't choose foreign faces so casually nowadays. Unless it's true love.



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