印媒: 印度空军准备迎接“阵风”战机

IAF quietly making preparations to welcome Rafale jets


NEW DELHI: In the midst of a po itical firestorm over the Rafale jet deal, the Indian Air Force is quietly making preparations, including readying required infrastructure and training of pilots, to welcome the fighter aircraft, offi al sources said.


They said the IAF is sending a batch of pilots by the end of this year to France for training on Rafale jets.



A number of IAF teams have already visited France to help Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer of Rafale, incorporate India-specific enhancements on-board the fighter aircraft.


India had inked an inter-go nmental agreement with France in September, 2016, for procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets at a cost of around Rs 58,000 crore. The delivery of the jets -- capable of carrying a range of pent wons and missiles -- is scheduled to begin from September next year.


Sources said Dassault Aviation has already started test flight of Rafale jets to be supplied to India and the company has been told to strictly adhere to the timeline for delivery of the aircraft.


The Rafale jets will come with various India-specific modifications, including Israeli helmet-mounted displays, radar warning receivers, low band jammers, 10-hour flight data recording, infra-red search and tracking sy ems among others.


A team of IAF pilots have already trained on Rafale jets in France and they will again go there by end of the year, sources said.


The Congress has raised several questions about the deal, including rates of the aircraft, while the go nment has rejected the charges.


Sources said the first squadron of the aircraft will be deployed in Amb air force station, considered one of the most strategically located bases of the IAF. The Indo-Pak border is around 220 km from there.


The second squadron of Rafale will be stationed at Hasimara base in West Bengal.


Offi als said the go nment has already sanctioned around Rs 400 crore to develop required infrastructure like shelters, hangers and maintenance facilities at the two bases.


The sources said France has been regularly briefing India about progress in the project to supply the jets.


In July last year, Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa, during his visit to France, flew a Rafale jet at the Saint-Dizier airbase to gain a first-hand experience of the aircraft.

去年7月,在访问法国期间,空军司令达纳尔B.S. Dhanoa在圣迪济耶空军基地驾驶了一架“阵风”战机,获得了对该战机的第一手体验。

According to the deal, the delivery of the jets will start in 36 months and will be completed in 67 months from the date the contract was inked.




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No in d world can be as morally incompetent and corrupt as Congress . It is not a but a Cancer for this country. Neither it finalised d deal during its time nor it is happy to see Rafale finally coming to India despite serious requirements.

Countrymen shud punish and humiliate Congress for d sin it is committing.




MRCA deal initiated by Atal bihari bajpeyi in 2001, but couldn''t finish, then sonia gandhi was sitting on the files for 10 years and did nothing. Finally again NDA gov finalized the deal in 2017. No one is asking why UPA couldn''t finalized all important deal in 10 years, and compromised national security




Now pappu and his bootlickers chamchas will start howling once again as the days for Rafale jets to arrive are coming near ,but let these rabies infected hynas howl or yelp as much they want to IAF will get these marvelous jets after 70 yeats and thanx to Modiji and his team




Gandhi dynasty is trying to minimize the dge of Bofors by telling lies about Rafale. First of all, babua must tell to the nation, where is the bribe money his father, Rajiv Gandhi, took.



Dilbag Rai

Rafale Jets will definitely add muscles to the IAF.

All Migs should also be replaced in a phased manners as these have become flying coffins.




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