Why did Russia not help India in the 1962 war against China (the Sino-Indian War)?




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Neo G Doma

Cuba Missile Crisis. US and USSR were busy fighting with each other.

That’s why CCP decided set a war against India.




Vasant Bhilare

Forget 1962…and let us wake up..even today also no body in this world is going to help india.we people n our leaders are still in d fools world…did any one come to help us in 1948…1962…1965..1971…1999….russia…usa..europe r here to sell arms to India n south east countries.


We are neither in group of Russia..or USA..politically world doesn't care for us..see Pakistan they have strongest support from China….second is USA n thirdly all d Muslim countries…they have always rescued Pakistan be it military war…economic..or religious war…on contrast we so called secular…so nor Christian..not Muslim nor Buddhist country care for us…china is militarily..economically 25years ahead of us.. although it got fre m after us…but our useless politics n shameless politicians n co ption n treason oriented culture has maintened our status as of 20th century….so called developments…nothing out of the world had happened…if we c the progress of entire world .(except afrikan).after ww2.. population n growth in.number of enemy countries is Mark of failure of domestic n int.poliitics.we we're 40+ crore..today r 130crore+ ..had no enemy ..after Independence no friend…china..Pakistan..Burma…srilanka..Bangla desh..Nepal or Bhutan…no one is our friend n have their hidden agenda with Pakistan and China

我们既不属于俄罗斯集团。也不属于美国. .政治世界不关心我们…看看巴基斯坦,他们得到了中国的鼎力支持....其次是美国,第三是所有国家,他们总是拯救巴基斯坦,无论是军事战争还是经济,或者宗教战争,相比之下,我们所谓的世俗完全不一样,所以基督徒、国家、佛教国家都不关心我们,中国在军事上…经济上领先我们25年…虽然他们比我们晚独立……但我们无用的政治纲领,无耻的政客,附败,叛国的文化一直让我们停滞在20世纪的光景....所谓的发展……连影子都没有。二战后,人口和敌国数量的增长是国内政治失败的标志。我们从4亿人口增长到今天的13亿。独立后我们没有朋友…中国、巴基斯坦、孟加拉、尼泊尔、不丹,都不是我们的朋友,与巴基斯坦和中国都有着不可告人的企图。

So forget previous wars..future wars also d same..n world is just waiting for opportunity to laugh at us…so we all Indians…may run short of guns .. bullet's..should be prepared to fight with lathis..stones..or what ever…but can't expect help from d world…

所以忘记以前的战争吧. .未来的战争也是如此。全世界都在等待机会嘲笑我们,所以我们所有的印度人可能会缺少枪支子弹. .我们应该准备好用铁棍、石头或其他东西来应战,不能指望世界来帮助我们…


Kishor Shah, Common Man

Cuban Missile Crisis and Indo-China war were during the same period and lot of confusion was prevailing in geo-political affairs, at that time.



Bharat Nadhani, former Ex Mg Director

Nehru followed non aligned politics without own capability. It was aimed to get support of gulf muslim countries , but failed.

Nehru has no sympathy to India, he only enjoyed Chair after lighting the Cigar of Lady Mountbaten.




Pranjal Jain

Simple reason : you should not fight a war which you can't win



Sunil Gupta, works at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

India was the aggressor in that war. A fact hidden so far. Nehru and Krishna Menon paid for their folly.

Maybe Russia did not help because of that.




Anindya Gupta, lives in India

And Khruschev said “ India is our Friend BUT CHINA is our BROTHER”



Tigiripalli Krishna Kanth, Professor,DEAN and A Good Samaritan

At the time of Sino-Indian War our relationship with Russia is only in embryonic in its form; and the rift between Russia and China did not widened so much. Hence, Russian/Soviet Leadership did not make up its mind to help India against China. And more or less Nehru is a idealist and never realized how Chinese are feeling jealousy and envy of Nehru who only speaks about internationalism in World affairs; hence they wanted to teach a lesson to Nehru that the China is more stronger than India.



Gwydion Madawc Williams, Read a lot about this

It was all over quite quickly, with a decisive Chinese victory. And there were still ties between Russia and China, despite quarrels.



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