Is India's education sy em ? I am not having a good experience as a student; it’s suffocating!





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Chetan Naveen, B.Tech Metallurgy and Material Science, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, Indi...

Yes ,the Indian education sy em is


The problem with the Indian education sy em is ourselves yes we Indians ourselves are big drawback of Indian education sy em


Whenever there is a issue with the education we blame it on our education sy em we say that our education sy em is based only on marks and not on talent but see there are only a handful of Indians who actually see talent instead of marks if we ourselves stop crying too much about marks then the education sy em will look good it is us who made the education sy em what it is now


Even if we made a lot of changes unless and until we change the way we think the changes we make will be of no use we will still end up blaming education sy em


Finally I heard this que somewhere “if you don't like a rule follow the rule go to a position where you can remove the rule”


So if you still think the problem is our education sy em follow it go to the top change it! If you want to and if you can


No offence !



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Indian education sy em is broken. No doubt about it.


BUT you can't always focus on the negative. It is still this sy em which landed a MOM and Chandrayan, so we are doing something also.


And to some extent you are also dependent on your teachers.


Work with them.



Sathish Prabhu V, Manager-Operations & Process Improvement, Experienced in Oil &Gas,Auto Industry

I would classify our education sy em into two parts, School and college education. Both sy ems are good in many ways considering content, syllabus, method of testing, examination etc., results in expanding ones knowledge but both lacks enough in develo skills.


Knowledge and skill development are two most important results of any eduaction sy em and I feel we are knowledgeable but not so skillful as other's for example a European or American. Our sy em needs a small change in curriculum to improve the skill quotient of the education sy em.




I find this too boring as there is no place for creativity. Things teacher teach in class comes in exam. Everybody just mug up the terminologies and nobody knows the application. I am not the topper of my class but i have hudge knowledge as compared to other students around me. I am 16 and i successfully trading in stock markets , busy reading coloums and books but when my parents compare me with other who students who want to become investment banker beacuse they read about it some Chetan Bhagat books i feel shattered.

我觉得这太无聊了,因为没有地方可以发挥创造力。老师在课堂上教的东西都是为了考试。每个人都只是死记硬背术语,没有人知道如何应用。我不是班里的尖子生,但和我周围的同学相比,我有丰富的知识。我今年16岁,我成功地在股票市场交易,忙着读专栏和书,但我的父母会把我和其他那些想成为投资银行家的学生相比,因为他们读了一些Chetan Bhagat的书,每当这时我就感到很心烦。

I opted for commerce with maths and i have to study trignometry , vector algebra and calculus. I don't know about its use in my career. I LOVE DOING MOOCs while nobody in my class knows what are these.



Bharani Kumar, B.E. Production Engineer, Vasavi College of Engineering (2008)

May be, may be not. It will take plenty of analysis to come to a conclusion.


Kee this analysis aside, since you are not having good experience as a student, and it feels suffocating, I honestly suggest you to look at the things that are creating problems for you. List them out, write possible solutions to those problems, discuss specifically about them with others to get some more solutions and to know their perspectives. It will help you to understand if somewhere you yourself are the problem, unknowingly.


Finally ex te the best of the solutions from your search.


If you are the problem, accept it. Chalk out a plan to change that part of you. You must be missing any of KSA: Knowledge, skills or attitude. What knowledge are you lacking? What skills are you missing? What part of your attitude/mindset is creating problems for you? Have an honest introspection and try to identify the gaps, and try to fill them.


If the problem is with school/college management or parents (most possible problem creators), you have to talk with them. Expn them what you need, and what you are not getting. Show the gap, make them understand the gap, and the consequences of having that gap, and together with them, come up with a plan to fill it. One caution while having these talks is to be as diplomatic as possible, as both parents and teachers are very emotional (No disrespect to either teachers or parents ) and may feel like you are telling them that they are not good parents or teachers, they either become defensive or aggressive, when you actually are trying to expn your problems. So, be as respectful and as sincerely polite as possible with them to get what you want. I have seen few of friends pick up a fight with teachers and professors only to become subject to their wrath later for whole academic year.


If the problem is with the sy em, I will say forget about it for now as it is basically out of your area of influence, though it must be under your area of concern (Excuse the usage of Stephen Covey’s terms). Just focus on improving yourself. If the father of our nation were here, he would say, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. And the world shall change slowly by seeing you grace of bnce between your warm heart and cool brain.


Having done all of this, I think the problems suffocating you should at least minimize to certain extent, if not completely vanish.


Lastly, I envy the students of present generation, they have access to vast pool of zing resouces due to the advent of Internet revo tion. I wish this thing had happened when I was a child while I was trying to solve some math or physics problems which gave nightmares to me, which slowly gave way to self doubt in me. But s! it didn't happen then and neither did I have the courage like you to discuss the problems with others like you did by asking this question. I really admire your courage :)


I would like to end it with a line I read from one of Dale Carneige’s books: Education is the ability to deal with life's situations. I really think education is that ability.


Hope this helps and wish you all the best.




It is definitely not RIGHT.


I am sorry if I may sound negative, but let's face it.


The Indian education sy em is a bit too marks oriented. All they care about it is marks and the percentage you have been scoring throughout your schooling, without giving literal importance to what you have, are or maybe in future would learn. Indian schooling concept doesn't lay importance into practical knowledge and applications in the real world probably why we have been forced to mug up things over realising the overall concept. The scope of extracurriculars or maybe the community service you are involved into is limited and isn't given importance.


To sum it up, the education sy em in India is down suffocating. As a person who is suffering through the same thing, I would definitely place the western education sy em a pedestal higher because of it giving importance to the overall personality of the student including interests, passions, extracurricular activities and achievements and the community service he or she is involved in over mere marks.


And relax, try not to stress over it. You will be great. All the best!



Rna Rao, worked at Legalize

A sy em is a working combination of various elements to achieve a desired objective.Coming to education sy em ,its objective is to impart knowledge, through which reasoning ability and the capability to distinguish wrong from are inculcated.


As a student ,you are the nucleus of the  education sy em. What is suffocating you is not clear from your question. Believe you me, many revo tions in this country are sphere headed by students and achieved desired results. Let me assure you, the sy em in this country stood the test of time. Though ,it requires a re-look time and again to put forth course corrections in its trajectory. Towards this,the agencies like NCERT, AICTE, UGC, and numerous other NGOs are working and plugging the gaps in the sy em.


Even when the sy em is perfect and you are in a wrong place you may not be able to r  the  fruits.


The other day, my nephew,an engineering student ,stopped going to college compning that his eight hours in college are a mere waste as the teachers no nothing of  what they are supposed to teach. When I asked him whether he posed any queries to the teacher and considered their answers before coming to such a conclusion that they are useless, the answer was in negative. What I realised was that he judged his teacher and took no interest in the subject. Therefore there was an absolute communication break down between the teacher and the taught.  In such a scenario no sy em can work.


Be the change you wish to see by working from within rather than falling apart.



Ashish Shivram Poojary, An Intelligent Human. A Dumb Student.

Well, I’m nor a po itician neither am a reputed personality to give out a sudden decision.


First is - Teachers. Do you think that above given scheme can be successful without the willingness of teachers to go according to the scheme? No. There are many teachers who still want their students to use the same words mentioned in the textbook. This is proving to be very fatal for the students.


Second is - Textbook itself! If you will try to go through your textbooks properly, you would see that they are designed in such a way that you would hardly have a choice to write anything according to your knowledge, experience and choice.


Also, after studying for 2 years in Karnataka, I got to see that their textbook contents are pathetic! Most of the things are out-dated. They have almost no use in the modern sy em of work. Also, it is comparatively tougher for the students to outshine competitive courses without intensive coaching. Hopefully, that is said to be improving sooner. Karnataka PU Board is set to join its hands with CBSE and thereby the syllabus of Commerce and Humanities would be changed into that of CBSE.


Let us move to the next topic. Creativity and Knowledge. Both are important in this competitive world. Both of these characteristics are inter-connected with each other. You can't be Creative without proper Knowledge. In the same way, you can't gain Knowledge without sufficient Creativity. The proper bnce between these two can only be achieved by proper co-ordination between Teachers and Students.


The education sy em is really improving now. With introduction of new scheme of CBSE(details are here), I've started believing that surely in coming years, the poorest will get the best quality education. Not everybody can afford ICSEs or IBs. Not everybody can afford coaching classes. Not everybody can afford to go abroad. Not everybody have caste certificates.


I know the sy em is worse in some parts of the country but you need to survive and be among the ones who will make our country reach new heights. Remember, struggles bear out the greatest success!



Bji Viswanathan, mentors students

There are two Indias when it comes to education. The schools 90% of Indians have access to - mostly the go nment ones - and the schools that the middle/upper middle class of the population go to - mostly private ones.


The first India is plagued with rampant absentee’ism of both teachers and students, lack of even basic facilities like clean toilets and good desks. The second India has schools that have the basic facilities and committed teachers [who are often overworked].


When students mostly compn and whine [middle class are experts at whining], it is the second India. However, this second India doesn’t lag behind rest of the world in its education. Braving all the visa and financial hurdles, students from there are able to both start a wide range of companies in Silicon Valley, London, Singapore, Bangalore, Pune or work/lead at world class enterprises both in India and abroad.


Not just in tech and entrepreneurship, this India also scores well on arts, music, movie making etc. And this India also leads the world in basic metrics like reading books.


Sure, the second India is not perfect and has to go a long way in metrics like sports and advanced sciences. But, for Olympics and Nobels, the facilities required are far more than what schools can provide. It is up to the go nment to create those advanced facilities.


This is where the dichotomy is. The Indians who trot around the world often have little hesitation in realizing that the second India’s education sy em is among the best in the world. Almost every one of my schoolmates are doing great in their careers. No bullying or sh ting or drugs or any such. I would not mind my son studying in one of the same schools I studied especially one particular one that I believe is better than the schools I encountered in Boston.


But, when it comes to some of the fundamental problems - such as student suicides, illiteracy and students drop out, it is predominantly in the first India. Fing that doesn’t require any jazzy Fsh style education, but sticking to basics first - getting quality teachers committed & coming on time, getting the pregnant mothers to eat healthy & take the supplements [Folic Acid, iron etc] for fetus brain growth, having the children avoid malnutrition, getting parents more involved in student’s education, providing basic facilities like toilets and libraries and proper guidance.


I’m not saying India’s education is perfect and like in the rest of the world we have to move to a maker centric education. But, to assume that somewhere in the world has a perfect sy em that is quite ahead of the second India’s sy em is quite a fallacy.



Shilpa Vijay, IIT JEE 2012 | B.Tech 2012-16 | PhD student 2016 - present

An education sy em caters to an average population in a broad sense.


What are the characteristics of an average Indian school going child?


Are they those who have to walk long distances to school, sit on the floor as one person teaches all the subjects, eat the midday meal and then go back home to help out their family earn more?


Is it someone who attends the night school after working throughout the day so that they can dream of a better future?


Is it someone who goes to school as a step stone to college and then a financially secure future because their parents have succesful done so before?


Is it someone whose parents force to get good grades AND do well in the extracurricular activities? Who do all they can to ensure that everything has already been planned out for the child?


Is it someone whose attending school just because their parents think “Meh, what else they could be doing any way! They'll anyway have to join the family business after 12th”?


Is it someone who attended school so that their parents’ connections can get them an admit to a university abroad and into the affluent sectors of the society?


I am sure I might've missed many other types here. Given the large population and a dynamic difference in the social structure, there will be childern ( and parents of the children) wanting different things from the schooling sy em.


BUT, infrastructure has not yet developed to cater to everyone’s individual needs. Hence we pick an average student and build a sy em to cater to their needs.


  • A person from poor family may want to see eduation as a ladder to climb up financially.
  • 一个贫穷家庭出身的人可能想把教育当做在经济方面往上爬的梯子。
  • An average middle class child is looking to go the safe way to get a good college admit and be “set in life”
  • 普通中产阶级的孩子寻求的是进入好大学的安全道路来“建业”
  • An average rich child needs education to maintain their social status.
  • 普通富裕阶层的孩子需要教育来维持他们的社会地位。

So what is correct for whom? It's relative! The societal spectrum is too broad to be averaged and fitted for every individual.


As Bji Vishwanathan mentions, we have done really well. Even if we haven't produced a Steve Jobs in India, haven't most of our lives been better than our parents? Haven't our parents had a life better than our grandparents?

正如Bji Vishwanathan提到的,我们做得非常好。即使我们没有在印度创造出史蒂夫·乔布斯,难道我们大多数人的生活不比我们的父母好吗?难道我们父母的生活没有比我们的祖父母更好吗?

As an economy, India needs a massive workforce to fill up skilled jobs. Examples include the IT industry, manufacturing industry and the service sector. Most of these are catered by the educated population whon get decently paid. If the current generation is economically more stable, the next one will easily be able to study subjects like art and music without having to worry about where the next meal is coming from.


That's why, the education sy em is better than the most even if it's not perfect. And it has produced many succesful people who are steering the economy to the direction. Students are generally focused on getting good education for a better future instead of getting dragged into drugs and alcohol.


I will be more worried about the quality of college education.


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