Why are there so many horrific public rapes in India?




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Praful Bhat, Journalist

There are many figures that indicate rape, molestation, sexual assualts being widespread across the globe. India isnt only country. It is highlighted more because of lack of administrative support on the part of police, and delays at the judicial levels.



Vivek Deveshwar, I know about general and everyday laws

It is not common in India, but the rape-hysteria being spread by western MSM (main stream media) sure makes it looks like that!



Shriharsha Kumar Konda, Manoeuvre

Here are some answers given by our politicians :


Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance, evoking an urge to indulge in acts such as rape and sex. You also know the impact of chowmein, which is a spicy food, on our body. Hence, our elders too advised to eat light and nutritious food.




She is dressed in a manner that people get attracted to her. In fact, she wants them to do something to her.




Ladke ladke hain, galti ho jati hai. (Boys will be boys , mistakes happen.)




Hote hain par 70 percent aise hain, ki pehle sehmati ho gayi. Uske baad kisi ne dekh liya ya, usne paise dene se mana kar diya , toh woh balatkar ho gaya (There are some cases but 70 percent involve consensual sex. Only if someone sees, or the money is denied , it gets turned into rape.)




Apart from the sarcasm, two root causes for rape could be


Gender Biasing




All this could be stopped only by implanting a moral thought that rape is a crime, deep in the minds of the people !



Shivendra Kumar Sharma, studied Engineering

We say but do not respect the women (sister, mother, friends etc) in our life same as men (brother, father). Due to this inequality in home and in society largely, women becomes more vulnerable to this crime.



Purna Tamhankar

Rapes happen everywhere. It is not about one area or one country. It is about the way people think; the way society thinks.


 The main reason for rape is that men think that they are superior to women and they can have their way with them anytime and anywhere they want.


Also, our society believes that if a woman or girl is raped then it is her fault. The reporting of such instances is also very less as the girl will be called names and her family will also loose their "dignity and stature". This gives confidence to those type of men that even if they do anything society will back them and it will always be the "fault" of the girl.



Aashish Thakur, engineering !!

According to me men in this country imagine a women as wearing a saree or a suit in which all her body is completely covered and if they find any women who is wearing some other outfit showing some skin they take it for granted as she is a bitch or as they say it "RANDI HAI SALI". People keep takling about culture and when it comes to women they would like to see other women in short skirt but their own wife is not allowed to wear them,she should be in a saree. The mentality of the people is so cheap they need to be educated to get rid of rapes.



Prateek Parhi, Life and Living

because of weak law and administration.that's it,even in clear cut cases.where the rapist has nothing to prove.our judiciary provides a lawyer for that person.I mean this is injustice, its as if u r giving a second life to them .If u know who the culprit is then. Just kill him straight away because these people are not bad its their mentality which, if not been destroyed can make other people suffer, its like a flu. And these monsters can never be reformed, they can only be destroyed.



Robert Wagner, edited book on child sex abuse

We do not know how many rapes there are. Newspaper reports are for entertainment and promoting causes, Police reports from most states are too low, a few are too high.


Before we can deal with a problem, we need reasonably accurate data.



Sunil Choudhury, works at Cadence Design Systems

Originally Answered: Why is rape so common in India?


First of al the question has gone wrong, Rapes in India are very less compared to US and other european countries, according to statistics 17 out of 100 women have been physically abused in US that  is 17%, but in India it is less than 0.1%. If the western media goes blah blah over things going over India, let them clear their own home first.


The Delhi rape incident which happened in December,is still  making news in India but in western world a rape or any violence against women doesnt make headlines of the day, becuase  its a common phenomenon there.


You may  add that violence against women isvery less in the Islamic ruled countries, it is just because they dont give sufficient rights for the women, the law  itself  a torture for the women there.




As I know, India has a large population (1.27 billion people), so the demographic variation is large also. From top elites to lower hooligans, there are all walks of life you can't even imagine. It is logical that the crime rates are higher. And due to various reasons such as corruptions and cultural issues, law enforcement is just not good in India.


India is still develo. It still has much to improve. It is really a shame to many educated Indians that some heinous crimes in their country aren't curbed and made headlines in the world




Is India a Rapist country?? NO!


Just count the number of ‘rape’in any Indian related news in BBC or any British news, India is the Rape capital of the World.


Lets see where you’ve most chance of being raped.



Ironically UNITED KINGDOM, and many Western countries who thinks INDIA is a rapist country, have much much higher RAPE rate than INDIA.


You have 6 times more chance of being raped in Bangladesh than in India, yet many Bangladeshis think India is a rapist country.


You have 9 times more chance of being raped in France than in India. Yet, France is the romance capital of the world and India is rape capital.


You have 15 times more chances of being raped in USA than in India.


You have 74 times more chances of being raped in South Africa than you are in India.


Stats are pretty amazing, couldn’t add Pakistan but both India and Pakistan have same rape rates of 1.8 and 1.7, earlier Pakistan had more rape rate than India.


Now the country (United Kingdom) and BBC which always claims India is a rapist country have rape rate of 19.1 while India has 1.8, yet they call India a rapist country.


India is ranked 94th out of 118 countries surveyed, YET, INDIA IS THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.



Vipul Bansal, I work @PushCrewHQ by Wingify

We cannot blame just one reason for the current state.


Everything in life around us has an influence on us either directly  or indirectly. Also its the mentality of people to follow a negative path than the positive one because the former provides a short cut i.e in this case sex.


There are many parents who don't care what their kids are doing, what they are speaking.


Nowadays kids openly badmouth each other and parents don't pay any heed.


Kids thus take it as normal and the silence from their parents gives them the permission to cultivate such bad habits in their daily life. With time and ever increasing curiosity children learn more bad habits and prefer to follow them.


Also we must not neglect the effect of media.


Just explain me- Should perfumes and deodorant be only used to attract women?


This is what they are showing and that too during prime time when whole of the family sits together to have dinner. Children may not utter a word in front of their family but they do discuss about it with their peers the next day...joking and talking about how HOT the girl looked in the advertisement.


Today is a situation when we must admit that children are growing faster than their age! CONTROL IS MUST.



Binay Sahoo, Skeptic. Seeking answers

Rapes occur daily at some part of the country or the other {most go unreported}. It's just that they are being highlighted in numbers before the 2019 elections.


But as usual the reaction would be the same as ever:


1 Mass protest asking courts/ministers for "justice" I.e. death for perpetrator which is a goal seeking behaviour {short term/sighted goal}


2 Ministers finally condole on TV


3 At best criminal gets jail or death sentence


Shouldn't we move on for a goal changing behaviour which aim at eliminating such savagery from the root itself?


1 Modern Education: (not limited to school time)


Formulation of education system that promotes use of logic, equality & empathy and replacing the age-old irrelevant garbage

{this also includes the moral science bullshit (antique irrelevant religious preachings) we've been reading}



2 Setting Right examples:

The punishment/torture for heinous should be so brutal that death would seem to be be an easy way out




Eivind Kjørstad

Originally Answered: Every 54 minutes a rape happens in India. Why?


The number in the question is certainly much too low.Let's do a bit of back-of-the-envelope guesstimating:


There are 570 million women in India. Average longevity in India is about 70 years.


If 5% of Indian women experienced a single rape in their lifetime (this would be low by international standards) then that adds up to 57 million rapes in a period of 70 years ,or an average rate of one rape every 90 seconds. Even this rate is probably much too low, because 5% is low, because some men are also raped, and because some people are raped more than once in their life.


Nobody knows the true number, but every 10 seconds is more plausible than every 54 minutes.


Now, for the substance of your question: what can be done ?


Rape is a cultural problem. Of course the direct responsibility lies with the person who commits the rape. But the entire society contributes to how gender-relations work, and especially to how likely people are to respect boundaries of others.


It's only when people learn (from those around them) that these small transgressions are acceptable, and perhaps even cool, that a subset are emboldened to take one more step, and one more, until the end-result is sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.


The best cure is to nip it in the bud early.


The guy on the street who shouts "Hi sexy !" after a single woman who pass, he'd stop doing that pretty soon if his friends clearly indicated that such behaviour ain't welcome. "Hi, cut it out, it's embarassing, don't be an idiot." But if instead, they are supportive and treat him as if he did something cool, he's very likely to do it again, and there's a risk it will escalate from there.


Everyone focus on the horrible stuff: the rapes and murders. That's where it ends. But it's not where it starts.



Anshul Ranjan, If I'm going to end up as a pawn, I'd rather be a pawn for India.

Let's deal with the second point first. Lack of sex. I think this makes a somewhat insubstantial contribution to the number of rapes in our country. I understand that majority of the Indian population do not have 'awesome, crazy sex lives' but neither are they completely sex-starved. Plus, even if I don't get great sex every night (which I don't), it does NOT give me the excuse to rape a girl! And then, if lack of sex was such a big issue, prostitution would never have been such a big problem for our country, don't you think?


Now, about the weak mentality. This could be the case. Some sex-hungry guy rapes a girl because of his lack of self control. Probable. But to account for the ever-rising numbers and the increasing brutalities, we must look deeper. What causes this weak mentality? A quick answer that jumps to the top is that they don't care. Well, of course they don't. Human beings are selfish creatures. The real question is 'why don't they care'? And the answer is simple. Because they are not scared. They believe they will get away with it. And the icing on their cake is that they usually do. A few years, if they get caught and convicted, is all that is at stake for them.


Over the years, it has been hardwired into us that our legal system is fallible, morally corruptible and pliable. And we can't wait years to change this. We need some drastic measures.



Parth Gupta, Innovation needs imagination, not thinking

Originally Answered: Why do rapes happen in India?


Lack of education, and awareness in the society.


By education I mean ethics, which should form the basis of our education, but somehow are left behind as OPTIONAL SUBJECTS



Saurin Jhaveri, Ride, think, love, live, drink, work, play... No particular order here!

Originally Answered: Why do rapes happen in India?


Most wrong will be avoided if the punishment is a deterrent. In India, the law is a toothless tiger and this encourages crimes against women.



Krishnaprasad V Sathees, Doctor,Captain, INDIAN ARMY,

Originally Answered: Why do rapes happen in India?


No sir... It just mean there are criminals in India took just like all over the world.... Doesn't have anything to do with sensitivity of men or women



Jorvon Marchel Carter

There are over a 1.3 billion people in India. That’s 2x the population of Europe, almost 1.5x the population of the Americas, and slightly higher than the population of Africa. Given that there are so many people in India, it is to be expected that there will be a lot of rapes.


Indian society has not yet been sexually liberated to the extent that Europe and the US have been. There is a strong stigma against casual sex, and it is difficult for non-married couples to find places to have sex. Men are sexually repressed.


India suffers from patriarchal ideas about women




They stop growing and pass each day of their life with a fear that someday some thing might happen to them or their loved ones.



Govind Melitte, studied at DAV Public School, Nerul

Lack of stricter law enforcement and/or punishment (Capital Punishment) in a country with such a high population as India.




There's no top-down hard-headed solution to this.


Society needs to evolve and change-- and the change will by consciousness-- not by calling out a problem and demanding solutions here and now.



Jayavant Joshi

The recent rapes in India seem to be mainly an outcome of film industry and internet.Short dresses , free behaviours of girls are the main reasons.[Even some modern mothers who could not enjoy their young days are responsible for freedom to their daughters.]On the other hand the uneducated youths with poor financial status, hate the girls from rich class, but actual rape the common females/girls.



Mrinal Tiwari, Marketing & Growth Enthusiast

80% of Indians still believe that women should stay inside their houses and perform all household work. They cant accept the fact that women are better then man in all aspects. If a man cannot control its urge of sex then he is ready to put the blame on the girl that it was her dressing sense and attitude that has cost her being raped.


I don't get it when will the individuals understand that people have equal rights why the hell should the girls not be allowed to live according to their wishes . .  When a boy is out on streets t night no one questions unlike girls.


aRape in India can only stop when these dominance of male over femal can be overcome.


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