India go nment forces the Indian Army to buy India made Arjun Tanks but the India force commanders compn that the Arjun Tanks are even worse than the Russian made T34, Why?



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The Indian Army wants different tanks because the strategic environment has changed - not because of any inherent quality flaw with Arjun



The Arjun was first conceived during the heyday of US-Pak co-operation, when Pakistan was supporting Afghan resistance ag inst USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan. There was talk of US pentially selling the Abrams tank to Pakistan.


As a result the Arjun was initially designed to compete ag inst an “Abrams-like” tank in the Thar desert. This design has meant that it is a larger, heavier tank, incorporating thicker armor to ensure better survivability (following the NATO thought process for tank design) versus a smaller, lighter tank that prioritizes speed and maneuverability (following the Warsaw pact/Russian thought process for tank design)


For the majority of years when Arjun moved from concept to reality, the strategic scenario stayed much the same - Pakistan was a close US ally, and the Indian war doctrine called for a decisive thrust through the Thar desert, splitting Pakistan into two by reaching Quetta


If Indian plans were to center around a major tank push in the Thar, the Arjun is still a great tank for the job.

But…. the strategic scenario has since changed completely.

India and Pakistan are now declared nuclear powers.




So a big, highly visible, tank push through the Thar will invite immediate nuclear retaliation. The new Indian “Cold Start” doctrine relies on small lightning fast attacks anywhere along the entire Indo-Pak border


The Indian Army now wants a single tank platform, that is light enough and versatile enough to be deployed not only in the desert, but also in the muddy fields of Punjab, as well as along the tank friendly landscapes along the India- border such as Ladakh and Sikkim.


The Arjun is simply too big and heavy for that role. The developers of Arjun have been making design changes to shave weight off the tank, but getting to the target weight (below 50 tons with a full armament load) will require a complete redesign of that tank.


Indian Army's tank modification proposals could delay induction by 7 years

Hence, the Indian Army has capped the purchases of Arjun and is instead going for a fresh tank design under the Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV) program

India to Develop and Build 1,770 New Armored Fighting Vehicles





Neeraj S, Sentiment investor and momentum trader.

Arjun tank had some flaws a decade ago but then the engineers worked on that, and the Indian army is happy with them.

Also, Modi govt has unleashed the talent and ability of the Indian private sector companies to manufacture for the Indian defence forces, and the next tank will be made by them.

Larsen is making submarine besides competing with Tata Motors and Force Motors to manufacture the next ICV order.

Tata Power has manufactured a modern Artillery gun and already field tested it. The army will be testing it now.

Reliance Naval is competing with PSU shipyards to fulfill the very large orders for frigate, dest yer, patrol boat, radar, corvette, etc.

Ashok Leyland provides the rocket launcher mobile platforms for Indian army.

The list goes on and on….



除了与塔塔汽车和Force Motors竞争下一个未来新型主战坦克订单外,拿丁集团也在制造潜艇。





Unfortunately the Congress govt never encouraged Indian companies to manufacture defence equipment within India, and chose to purchase this from global won makers and spent a hundred billion $, Lakhs of crores of rupees, for these imports.

Now India will pay this huge amount of public money to the Indian equipment manufacturers who will not only pay 25% income tax to the govt but also create Lakhs of direct and indirect jobs.

Indian companies always had the ability but they were never encouraged to build any equipment.

If you ask me, i am in favour of deporting Sonia Gandhi back to Italy.






Sgsundaram, former Retired DRDO Scientist

i was working in this field of tank renovation during my professional life. the fact that tanks go up gradation every now and then depending on the terrain and the attack of warheads it has to face. as every one knows warheads go up gradation more faster than that of tanks. so to take care of warheads superiority we have to upgrade the tanks accordingly. to que one example of it old Russian tanks does not have the concept of reactive armour to face the attack of warheads. now if it has to be fitted it costs exchequer enormously for each tank. you know our country has three sides encircled with land . imagine what will be cost works out if all the tanks are to be upgraded. as such India is having more than 50% of its tanks which is of Russian origin. in a nutshell it is better to have indigenous source to face the consequences in the long run. it is true that services finds some lacuna in Indian made tanks but it has to be sorted out with DRDO and inspection wings of defense. that will be better for the country.with so many private entrepreneurs entering day is not far off that India will have a superior tanks for services.



Jaajvel E.P

No one forces the Indian military to buy a sub standard product ag inst their wishes. The problem lies in the fact that the Indian border on the western side is having a desert on Rajasthan and Gujarat states, agricultural land on Punjab state, and all other areas are having the natural mountainous boundary of himyas. In the desert heavier tanks like Arjun which is a world class tank with more than 65 tons in weight can operate, but in the agricultural region only tanks below 60 tons like T90 can operate which have to travel through muddy lands, and in mountainous region only tanks below 50 tons like T72 can operate. The T90 or any other tanks currently in possession of other neighbouring countries are no match for Arjun with it's superior features, which have been proven by comparative trials of it with T90 and in the audit conducted by the Israeli team. Hence the deployment of Arjun is restricted to the desert region. If DRDO finds a way in reducing its weight it will rule the world in any theatre. I am of the oion that the Indian Go nment should market it outside India for selling it to other countries.



Adolf Winchester, former Team Leader, Standard Setter


First let's examine the comparison made in question.


120 mm rienmetal gun

Thermal sight

Ballistic computer

Fire control sy em integrated

Pneumatic suspension

1400 bhp engine

MBT classification

Best ergonomics In India

Composite armour

Laser range finder

T 34

One of the first Russian tanks

Poor ergonomics

Not an MBT


No night sight

No ballistic computer

Spring suspension


So, here we are, do we really have a comparison?

The tank is better than the Russians on many counts and is further being improved however the biggest plus is it's indigenous majorly which gives local industry the valuable experience.













T -34坦克












Sayantan Nath

the compnt about Arjun tank and Tejas fighter are also encountered in TV and news.

But, Indian Govt. asked Indian Army to by Arjun Tanks for two reasons mainly (according to my assumption purely):

The money spent to buy tank could stay inside the country and used for its own development so that another Bofors type of scandal would not take place…
may not in forward position in battle, but in defensive position Arjun tank could take a strong hold ag inst enemy






Gautam Somani, lives in India

What exactly is the question here? Why the Govt is forcing the Indian Army or why the Army says it is worse that T34?


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