1947 to 2018: India at a glance


August 15, 2018 marks the 72nd Independence Day of India. In 1947, when India broke away from the shackles of British rule, things were quite different. In the course of seven decades, India has undergone a sea change. Here's a look at how the times and lives of Indians have changed since independence.






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Modify India

You have missed one: In 1954, Reservation was 20% and that too for SC/STs. Then in 1982, it was reduced to 15% and OBC reservation was introduced for 35% to steal the seats of poor! Back in 1982, there was hardly 30 castes identified as OBCs. Now, it is more than 6000! And these busturds keep suck1ng the opportunity of meritorious candidates!




those days the common man was under Britishers and now we are under the sl ve of our most corrupted uncouth po iticians in all parties.



ashish kumar

why not they have also shown how much corrupted congress has been and how much development has been in bjp re gie.mainly who are the main reason for such heavy population growth. why have they not shown. in hindu family mainly 2 or mamum 3. but in miyas 8 to 10 kids is very common



John Deepak DSouza

In these 71 years what''s the greatest contribution of Modiji!!!???. Fake news, lynchings, rapes, blunders on economy!!! Yes, he is not responsible but he didn''t take any action nor did he speak!. He only blamed Nehru, Gandhi, Rahul, Sonia and Congress!!!!......and he continues to do the same.....



Abd Kud

what about rapes?? 1 in 1947 now 1 million every year!!

关于强奸呢? ?1947年只有1起,现在每年100万起!!


ps murthy

before 1947: sl ves of Britishers

after 1947: sl ves of a handful of rich and corrupt po iticians




Pradeep Mishra

We have progressed very slowly.. India needs fast growth and one more term for modi.. Bharat mata ki jai



Vickyron Hazarika

1948 Jeep Scam 80 lakhs 2012 commonwealth games scam 70,000 crores




Subodh Srivastava

The cost of tonga ride as mentioned in the article seems incorrect. Rs 2 for a 3 km shared ride is way too costly for 1947. It could be 2 paisa instead.

The gold price is around Rs 30000 these days and not Rs 35000.

So, it seems that the writer was in hurrry.





Missed the literacy rates. Most of the people were too simple but illiterate and therefore easily manipulable by the cunning po iticians



Lord British

British rule should have continued and India would have been a better country. Its in a mess now and will not recover. Hope you all agree.



Pradeep Kumar

All good things Modi did and all bad things Jawahar Lal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi did - According to any Bhakt who are always blind to facts.



Gopkrishnan T.S

You should also show the sry levels of domestic servants and assistants in go nment service.




meaningless comparison and fits only for laughs. British wanted India to degrade, so they played backdoor po itics.



Aditi Nometrics

India is still the same. Cannot change country until mindset dont change. People still want gov to do stuff for them, aka socialism.



Prabhakaran Kanniath

The cost of shared transport and gold in 1947 are way too high. In thestence 60''s I have travelled for 8 annals. The price of gold per 10 g even in 60''s was Rs.70!



Jagdip Vaishnav

People of India were happy with little income, sry .No rupee value is so down , money has lost its charm.

Common man can not afford Hospitalization cost of private Hospital, can not afford to approach High court ,supreme court because of the cost. Rape ,Mob Lynching cases are on ride. Many state Police shields criminals because of po itical pressure



deepak vohra

in 1947 Indians fought to gain independence from foreign rule. In 2018 Indians have become sl ves again of foreign rule, foreign goods, foreign companies



Thanos Nation

2018 India =Cor ion, caste-gen ide, pollution, traffic jams, rapes, drinking gaumutra...etc.



Chhatru Raj

false news

1$= 3.3




India in spirit still the same. People are very loving, intelligent and enjoy each others success. Yes there are instances of communal tensions, intolerance etc primarily due to po itics and po iticians.




Three things should have been taken care of: (1) sto re gious participation in states affairs of the Govt of India; (2) anti-co ption law should have been strictly enforced and (3) the population growth should have been checked from day one.



Raphy Joseph

I thought changes happened from 2014 only



Chintan Mistry

F u c k. You modi

1 dollar =70rs



Manu Mishra

Curious to know about per capita income and country asset value




now show the 4 yrs change also since 2014. Ppl were meeting other re gion in a friendly. now they see them as anti national. When you eat before u had to check the spice. now u have to check if its beef or chicken. You dont know that the money in ur pocekt will be valid or not coz next moment it might b a announcement that its a waste paper n ur life in a flash gets messed up.



Rahul Gaikwad

But people of india struggling for basic infrastructure like smooth & clean road, Clean water, 24hr ricity, clean holy cities, co ption free governance, true 10000 years old ancient Bharats history.




If modi gets one more term vadra and others will be behind bars



Judge Dread

Wishing my fellow countrymen a Happy Independence Day.




Swiss Bank bnce of congress leaders in 1947 = 47 crores

Swiss Bank bnce of congress leaders in 2018 = 47000 crores.

Most lucrative business on earth; growth surpassing Ambanis and Bill Gates.

About BJP, it was nonestent in 1947. We will see 50 years after. til then Modi.

1947年:国大党领导人的瑞士银行存款余额= 4.7亿卢比

2018年:国大党领导人的瑞士银行存款余额= 4700亿卢比。



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