印媒: 普纳荣登“印度最宜居城市”榜首,新孟买第二,兰普尔垫底

Pune most livable followed by Navi Mumbai, Rampur in UP is the worst



NEW DELHI: Pune, Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai are the most livable cities, according to the ranking of 111 major cities on livability index released by the urban affairs ministry. While three cities from Maharashtra have made it to the top 10 list, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, which have high number of big cities, could not make it to the first 10.


The capital cities of poll-bound Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have found place in the top 10. Rampur in Uttar Pradesh is at the bottom of the list.


This is the first-ever exercise undertaken by the go nment to rank cities on their "ease of living" parameters. Though initially there was plan to cover 116 cities, both 100 smart cities and those with more than one million population. Four cities - Howrah, New Town Kolkata and Durgapur - did not participate in the survey. Moreover, Naya Raipur and Amaravati did not fit into the parameters as these are Greenfield cities.


The ease of living framework covered four areas - institutional, social, economic and physical, which were broken down into 15 categories and 78 indicators. Evaluation of cities was done on a 100-point scale across 78 indicators. While institutional and social parameters carried 25 points each, a mamum of 45 points were allocated for the physical parameters and the rest five for economic parameters.

宜居参数包括四个方面- -体制、社会、经济和物质,细分为15类,78个指标。




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Happy that such exercise has started to take place in earnest. This will allow people and companies to decide the place where they can stay or carry on business. Too much of con tration in 4 metro cities makes living difficult at these places.




I am native Punekar. If Pune is most livable city in India then cannot imagine scenario with other cities. Traffic in Pune is day by day deteriorating leading to higher commute time. 12 years back for the same distance it used to take me 15 min of drive at same time, wherein now it has gone to 30-45 min. Infrastructure is badly progressing for Pune.




No city from Gujarat is appearing in top 10. That is why may be even Modi has left Gujarat and residing in Delhi.



Sean Gomes

What a joke. Choosing the most livable city in India is like deciding which gutter smells the best. Even our "most livable city" is a badly planned and polluted shithole.



Sachin Sharma

I have lived in most of cities mentioned here. Chandigarh is best. Thane and Mumbai does not stand near to chandigarh.



Suryanarayana Krishnamurthy

One problem in Pune is excessive dust, especially in summer. Roadside trees will help. Esting trees have been mercilessly cut for roads, and not re-planted.




Pune was livable till Maratha morcha. Now, its no more livable.




this is fake. Unbelievable that bengaluru doesn't make this list.



Sridhar Mangalmurthy

Who is this idiot. Either this reporter dont know what it means living. Or he /she is biased. Pune is one of the horrible places in the country to live. every thing is inflated. untidy city. ruthless, highly indisciplined drivers and more importantly least courteous people. So on what basis it become most livable? Hyderabad is much better place than Pune.




All indian cities are lacking basic necessities. useless surveys.




I am from main Pune. Only Climate is good. Rest all sucks. Transportation very poor, it will take more 5 years for Metro Rail to start. Its become a concrete jungle like Bombay tall unplanned sky scrappers all over, high rates of Rental apartments, Load shedding, Unplanned urban development, Traffic Jams, Pollution, etc.



Mohd Habeeb

Right now the most important thing in our country is to "Save our Women" that no one is highlighting. Our go nment is in worry if they start doing any good thing (implementing strict rule ag inst rapists / killer) then the black money will stop..!!! Sad truth of now-a-days..!!! #killrapists # hangrapist #F**kpo itics..!!!




What about Mysore???

Surely it is one of the most decent Indian city

迈索尔呢? ? ?(印度南部卡纳塔克邦的旧称)



Hashim Khan

UP is a stinking shitpile anyways and always



Sunil Ghotge

Do not agree, as a Resident of Pune since the 70s ! Yes, it was lovable and livable up until 2000 but no longer.. and now being screwed up by Smart City mission which seems a bigger hoax than JNURM ! Impossible to step out of your home with all dug up roads and filth #SmartCity sans public transport and footpaths ??



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