中国军队比印度军队强大吗?印网友: 我认为印度比中国强

Is Chinese Army better than Indian Army?



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Karthik Pv

Indian army is the most disciplined and professional in the world. They may have better equipment at the moment, but so did Pakistan in 1962 and the Indian army handed them their ass anyways.


Sujay Chakraborty, former Chemist in a Company Research and Development at PCPL Bombay (1997-2010)

As an Indian I think India is better than China .But China's defence force is very large in comparison to India .China is better equipped than India.China’s war machine is much better than India .China's forces are more motivated than India's forces.


Vishal Sharma

Well asset wise yes,but,in practical situation ,they have not engaged in real terms for too long and history will tell you that how big army r asset is,if they sit idle for long ,it's useless.


So, indian army is by far in practice n practical terms more robust n dead ready n capable to fight at short notice wd very effective penetrating n lethal combination


E Anand, B E from B.E Automobile Engineering (2016)

No Because

They may be numerically greater, have advanced weapons, have large number of missiles and so on

But our Indian army never under estimate others and one proverb “GOOD CARPENTER NEVER COMPLAIN OF NOT HAVING GOOD TOOL”

In same way we have willpower, confident and will always ready to tackle any problem with any part of world.





Chandan Kumar, works at Private Sector

If Equipment and manpower just made the best armies in world then Hitler and Imperial Japan would have never lost. The army that has more trained and battle hardened troops will always prevail because experience people dont get cold feet.


Ankit Sharma

Chinese military certainly has more and advanced military hardware. However chinese military is not entirely voluntary and lot of mandatory service people make up the numbers. This certainly dilutes the quality of war fighting in short term , while in mid-long term attrition and war hardened veterans make up these pit-falls. Though tactically the cohesion of unit is never like the one from Indian Army.


Akash Jishnu

In terms of equipment and manpower, yes they are prepared.


In terms of experience and efficiency of destroying enemy troops they are not.


Despite having best of tech and manpower on their side, after failed occupation of Sikkhim they know that attacking India may cripple them politically and economically, hence they have not attacked India ever since


Helios Pearl, studied College Dropouts at Moscow State University

Nopes, it isn't. Many of the world powers today aren’t fighting actual wars other than USA, Russia, Israel and India. So only these countries are prepared for an actual war like situation. So the Chinese and other nations who never fought any actual wars in the past decades are just could be well equipped but cant be called better in most aspects an army has to be ranked.


Prashant Pandey, 500+ movies, none of the Bollywood crap.

Lol, is that even a question?


India still buys such basic equipments as radars from other nations (such as Israel). On the other hand, China is developing cutting-edge stealth fighters with no foreign help. The amount of capital China has began investing in military research and development is much greater than India’s.


Until India becomes self-reliable in defense equipment, it will always been behind China. No doubt about it.


P Khageswara Rao, Junior Commanding Officer at Indian Army

Not at all, In some cases like modernisation of troops mainly high weapons like guns, China is forward than India but in case of effective combact like Artillery Armoured as well as Airforce, India is ahead than China . India lacks modern aircrafts like france made Rafale jet ,U.S made falcon jet but in upcoming years India will strengthen with 5 th Generation Aircrafts as Indian defence Ministry is taking steps to counter part the China's aggression. China is strong because it has more number of aircrafts ,ships, tanks than India but India is also not weak it has effective defence than China and in upcoming years India will surely equalize Chinese army as the Indian ministry of defence spending lots of money for army


Ashish Sharma, M.Sc. Physics & Electronics, Department Of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh (2018)

As Hitler once said ,'If I had Gurkhas, no armies in the world will defeat me.'

I see to your point of view, but in the war still its men over machines. History is witness, Battle of longewala, many other such incidents are enough to prove.



Ayushmaan Pratap Singh, works at Indian Army

How do you compare the two armies?


If you speak of the technologies that both the countries possess,then yes,they are a bit ahead of us. But remember,just a bit.


And if you ask me,(I have served with the Chinese at the LAC),they don't have that spirit in them. The ‘josh' that our men possess, to serve for the nation and to protect it till the last breath, that is what is lacking in them.


Avinash Kumar Sharma, Retired Army Officer

Please clarify as to what is "better" for you. One aspect which I am sure Indian Army can beat any other Army hands down is ratio of officers to men casualties in operations.


Here is an excerpt from Field Marshall Manekshaw's interview ...." So when I put them in a camp, 5000 here, 4000 there, 6000 there; I used to go to meet them. When I went to this one camp, the Subedar Major was a Sikh. I shook hands with him, I shook hands with the Subedar Major of Pakistan and I asked him, Sir can I see it [referring to the camp]? And he said of course. So I asked the same questions, I would have asked my jawaans, “Sir, Do you have bed-bugs?” They said, No Sir. “Do you have mosquito nets?” They said yes. I then asked, “Can I go to the langar [the mess tent]?” Then I went to the langar and a jawaan was making rotis. I asked him if I could taste the food. Then I went to the toilets, there was a Pakistani there, I extended my hand, he refused because he was too proud to shake hands with me. So I said to him, “you won’t even shake hands with me?” and then he did. When we came back, the Subedar Major said, “Sir, would you pardon me [in Urdu].” Your the Subedar Major, of course I will, say whatever you want. Now I realize why you won the war. You came, you asked us about the food, the bed bugs, the mosquitoes, the mosquito nets. Our officers don’t ask these questions from us. They’re too proud."


John Lambert, Director of Risk and Compliance

This is one of those click bate questions intended to get the patriotic juices flowing yet no real substance is given in the answers.


The answers should include.


What is the c4isr data on capabilities for both countries?

What are the anual training Flight hours per pilot?

What are the Range and usability of each countries wepons platforms?

What is the Naval warfare training data?

What are the serviceability and reliability of Current inventory platforms?






Accurate logistics data on each side.

The thing is you can be patriotic, however a well thought out answer would answer all these questions to formulate an accurate answer, not just a my country is better then yours answer.

And to answer the question directly, there is no where near enough data out there on these points as they are a closley garded national secret.




Yogishchandra Kamath, Veteran armchair philosopher


China is a massive, industrialized economy… 5 times the size of India. It spends $200 billion on its military. So, it is not even close.


Of course India and China are not in the same ballpark economically, but the bigger difference is in our technical prowess.



We are about 50 years behind the state of the art in everything that mattes on the technical front. The quality of our people working on these things is embarrassingly low. DRDO is full of poorly motivated, lazy, low-IQ incompetents… who wouldn’t even be shortlisted for interviews if they applied to Boeing or Lockheed Martin. Even the small arms that these bozos built were rejected by the Indian army.


The Chinese defence research establishment, on the other hand, is very close to drawing level with Russia and only slightly behind America in its technical prowess.


If we ever have total war between China and India, it will be a slaughter of the kind that the Americans inflicted on the (comparatively) technically backward Japanese in WW2.


Ajay Singh, Assistant Manager at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (2009-present)

I would love to answer this.


Agreed that China has a big army, ammunition, air crafts and other stuff. Of course the numbers are high but let me tell u that these days war cannot be won only because of the number of resources you have.


Intelligence, war tactics and bravery are the ones which assure the victory.


History is the witness of bravery, Intelligence & war tactics of Indian forces.


1962 war with China- Though we could not win this war but Indian forces fought with great courage and bravery. They were less in numbers but still gave a tough time to chinese soldiers. Even chinese soldiers praised the bravery of Indian soldiers.


1965 India Pakistan war- That time, Pakistan had better weapons, tanks and artillery but still Indian forces won over Pakistani soldiers.

1971 Bangladesh liberation war- The whole world is the witness of India’s victory over Pakistan. 90000+ pakistani soldiers surrendered which is a huge number.



I think these examples are enough to tell the potential of Indian army. I repeat numbers don’t matter. How effectively you use your resources actually matter.




Jebin Cherian, works at Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Historically India has come out the winner more times


May 1841: The Dogras under Zorawar Singh routed the Chinese.


The Dogras under Dewan Hari Chand and Wazir Ratnu again beat the Chinese in the Battle of Chusul after which Ladakh officially became a part of India.


3.1839-1842: The First Opium War. The East India Company expeditionary forces comprising 7,069 navy personnel, 5,000 British troops and 7,000 Indian troops took on Chinese forces of 200,000 and inflicted 18,000-20,000 casualties for 69 killed 451 wounded. This gave the Punjab Regiment its crest showing a ship and the motto“sthal wa jal”, emphasizing their fighting prowess as maritime expeditionary forces.

1839-1842:第一次鸦片战争。东印度公司远征军由7069名海军人员、5000名英国士兵和7000名印度士兵组成,与20万兵力的中国军队交战,造成1.8万至2万人死亡,69人死亡,451人受伤。这使得旁遮普省团有了自己的徽章,上面印着“sthal wa jal”,凸显了他们作为海上远征军的战斗力。

4.1856-1860: The Second Opium War. Again a similar number of Indian soldiers participated with similar results.


5.1900: The Boxer Rebellion where Indian troops were the major part of the British contingent and defeated the siege laid by the Imperial Chinese forces.


6 1967: the Nathu La and Cho La episodes when the Chinese were given a bloody nose.


7.1986/87: Sumdorong Chu, when the Indian Army successfully stared the Chinese down.


1962 was thus an aberration.


Deepak Kumar, works at Self-Employment

No, indian army is better, but there are some problems of arms & ammunition fast supplies, modernisation & computerisation and equiping the forces with latest weapons, advanced surveillance equipments, if all this is done in time india’s armed forces are the best in the world, add few more numbers may be add 5 lac jawans we would be better in numbers, plus increase field training & guerilla warfare with counter terrorism, nuclear & chemical protection traing enhancement programmes is also rquired


Abhishek Kumar

Yes they're are don't listen to other comments see china make it's most of the weapons while India import it this can lead to some serious problems for india if it was in war the selling country can increase the price and equipment alos take time to reach India . So India should really foucs on making its own equipments which are made in India and made by India . Make in India campaign is a joke in this campaign India is inviting other companies so that they can setup their plant here and make weapons.


Satish Kadyan, works at New Media Guru

Only thing I know from experience is everything they make are cheap in each sense. Cheap in price, cheap in quality. Then how can they better in army. They are cheap in every sense there too. As this is in their gene.


Sahil Panwar, Have read the history books

I dont think it matters that much. The technology and weapons gap between China and India isn't that big. You can show numbers and tell who is superior but that will just be on paper.


Only in war is when you can tell which army HAS better ADVANTAGE. Strategy and planning is what matters and both armies have shown that they can fight wars in bitter conditions and poor logistics.


I have been reading a few answers on the china-india standoff and many people here especially some writers claiming to be Chinese have been potraying the Chinese PLA as weak and incompetent, however, they wouldn't have been saying this with such confidence if they had read there history lesson.


If you go through the history, one can easily know that the Chinese PLA has had some battle experience and is not completely a paper army.


This I say because I have gone through the Korean war documentaries and history books that show the competence of the Chinese PLA to fight any agressor head with nothing but hand weapons.


The Korean war is the one where the Chinese PLA drove the U.S. army out of the North Korea to 38th parallel. This was/is known as the biggest bugout of the US Army in the history.


The US had all the artillery and mordern weapons at that time but was kicked in face by that times poor (literally poor, only hand weapons, no trucks, tanks, absolutely no motorised vehichles) PLA with only hand weapons and a proper strategy to beat the US Army.


If you like I can share the documentary with you.


Never underestimate your enemy and that is exactly what India is doing by recently pouring some 45,000 more Army in and near the disputed regions in addition to the 2 lakh personnel already posted in the region.


The Indian army is competent as well and history shows that as proof eg. 1971, 1985, 1999. Believe it when our Army chief says that India is ready for two and half front war. We can engage any aggressor in any theatre at this moment.


If the PLA Dragon strikes, we have made sure that this time it will bleed. I really hope the situation doesnt escalate to the point of war.


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