印媒: 美国放宽对印高科技产品出口管制

US eases export controls for high-tech product sales to India



WASHINGTON: In a major boost to India, the US on Monday eased export controls for high-technology product sales to it by designating it as a Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) country, the only South Asian nation to be on the list.



The granting of STA-1 status to India comes after the US recognised India as a "Major Defence Partner" in 2016, a designation that allows India to buy more advanced and sensitive technologies from America at par with that of the US' closest allies and partners, and ensures enduring cooperation into the future.



"We have granted to India Strategic Trade Authorization STA-1," US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced today, adding that this is "a very important change" in India's status in the export control regime.



Responding to a question at the first Indo-Pacific Business Forum organised by the US Chambers of Commerce, Ross said the STA-1 designation "acknowledges" the India-US security and economic relationship.



The designation authorises the export, re-export and transfer (in-country) of specified items on the Commerce Control List (CCL) to destinations posing a low risk of unauthorised or impermissible uses.



Currently there are 36 countries on STA-1 list. India is the only South Asian country to be on the list. Other Asian countries designated as STA-1 are Japan and South Korea. Till recently India was designated as STA-2 countries along with seven others.



Ross said that India has partnered with the US to improve its own export control regimes and has met most of the export control rules which the US thinks is useful.



STA-1 status, Ross said, provides India with greater supply chain conditions for defence and other high-tech products. It increases the integrity with the US systems and reduces time and resources needed to get licenses approved, the Commerce Secretary said.



According to the Department of Commerce, items that are eligible for export to STA1 destinations or nationals include items that are subject to control for: national security (NS), chemical or biological weapons (CB), nuclear nonproliferation (NP), regional stability (RS), crime control (CC) and significant items (SI).



Experts believe that looking at current exports from the US to India, 50 per cent of those eligible does not require a license under STA-1.



This can free $2.1 billion in trade, make US exporters more competitive in the global marketplace, help provide India more advanced US technology.



"This is a significant step. This is an important thing that I'm glad has happened," Ben Schwartz of US India Business Council told PTI after the announcement by Ross. The move would help in the integration of the defence industry, he added. "This is a recognition that the US government put real trust in the Indian government in a way that hasn't been the case before," he said.



Over the past few years, Schwartz said India has basically build robust export control procedures that the US government is competent in terms of their security and the fact that when things are exported there they'll remain controlled and not be diverted to alternative users.



"When India was designated as major defence partner, the US government was in discussions with the Indian government and with USIBC and other businesses said what can we do to enhance and deepen the major defence partner designation?" he said.



"One of the ideas was granting India this STA-1 status beca iuset would cut in half the amount of licenses that are required under the current number of exports that are coming from US to India," he said.



That represents based on last year's statistics, about $2.1 billion in trade according to the Commerce Department's data.



"That's a huge percentage of the overall trade occurring that will not require a license," Schwartz said.



"This also comes following India's admittance into pretty much all the major non-proliferation regimes, the only one being NSG. I think everyone recognises that India has made a good faith effort to join the NSG and that it is not the Indian government that controls the outcome," he said.



"This will make things easier for the trade relationship between the two countries. It'll make it easier for an India to receive more sensitive technologies. It'll make it more competitive for American companies and it'll facilitate joint partnerships .. coproduction and codevelopment between US and Indian companies," Schwartz said in response to a question.




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Tukaram Pujari20635 Tukaram-9 days ago -Follow

India is a stretegic geo political freind and ally of U S



Truth Is God God Is Truth11445  truth is god god is truth-9 days ago -Follow

Another master stroke by Modi which can have ripple effect on strategic security in Indo pacific region as India is poised for securing all allies for world peace and prosperity from evil forces of land and sea grabs as well as terror forces.



Ajay Varma11129 Ajay-9 days ago -Follow

Modiji foreign policies positive vibes has not only benefited India with other nations but are bringing better results from US now as they (US) has eased export control high- tech product sales to India which had never happened in scamgress. 70 years rule Modiji and his team's hard work are bringing positive results for the nation



Mohit Chaturvedi598 Mohit-Lucknow-9 days ago -Follow

Good step but nation building is dependent on indigenous products, Employ IITians in govt and stop brain drain with adequate funding in research and development



Ramakrishnareddy Reddy5635 Ramakrishnareddy Reddy-9 days ago -Follow

Modi is great leader



Aaaa Bbbb1076 Aaaa-9 days ago -Follow

production in India and exports should increase that's master stroke...not imports...pls understand economics.



Ankush552 Ankush-9 days ago -Follow

merely increasing the expenses wont lead India to a power. India should think seriously to increase its exports and trade. Not just purchases



Shankar753 Shankar-9 days ago -Follow

Two large democracies which value human values come together and it would be a victory for mankind as a whole.



Ilias6986  Ilias-USA-9 days ago -Follow

I think this happened after India agreed to reduce oil import from Iran.



Aryan Thakur9931 Aryan Thakur-9 days ago -Follow

Haha USA trying to steal one more defense cluebt from USA, but at the same time GOI busy screwing Indian consumers by increasing import duty on consumer product, truly master stroke by Modi ji haha



Ash4766 Ash -9 days ago -Follow

India cannot trust trump india should seriously should become self reliat as china did



Lallalallalord Lalla4545 Lallalallalord Lalla-9 days ago -Follow

USA can ditch us down anytime , beware

and also they will never give the current weaponary and technology.

I have never heard of US giving technology transfer




Himwant Prasad7707  himwant prasad-South Asia-9 days ago -Follow

Our friendship with USA is sweeter then honey, higher then Everest and deeper then Sea. USA''s efforts in making this world a better place to live for humans will be supported by equal efforts from India.



DD NAYAR254 Dd Nayar-9 days ago -Follow

Dont understand who is the gainer India or USA.I think seller USA.



Trumpy Gg1180 Trumpy-Canada-9 days ago -Follow

Don't depend on Trump he makes U turns every 5 minutes.



Umesh Bhalerao104 Umesh-Others-9 days ago -Follow

Relying on others, buying from others is not going to help, we need to innovate, produce and sell.



Anupam Mukate1467 Anupam Mukate-9 days ago -Follow

We still buying from other countries? RIP our pais taxes



Deepak Tiwari1266 Deepak Tiwari-Mumbai-9 days ago -Follow

For 50 years we begged Russians to give us weapons, now we are begging Americans. Pity



Sreekumar Prabhakaran783  Sreekumar Prabhakaran-Thiruvananthapuram-8 days ago -Follow

Oh, excellent! Mutually beneficent if U.S. don''t introduce ifs and buts into the equation. India cannot possibly let go of oil from Iran and procurement of arms from Russia. Besides these contentions, there shouldn''t be much in the way of any pact between the U.S. and India.


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