北方邦: 迪奥里亚收容所24名女孩获解救,负责人被捕

UP: 24 girls rescued from Deoria shelter home, director arrested


VARANASI: In a scandal similar to the one in a Muzaffarpur shelter home in Bihar + , 24 young women were rescued from a shelter home in Uttar Pradesh's Deoria after allegations by the inmates came to light, police here said on Monday.



Police also arrested two persons, including the home's director Girija Tripathi and her husband Mohan Tripathi.



A many as 18 girls are still missing and the shelter home has been sealed, reported news agency PTI.



Superintendent of police (SP) Rohan P Kanay said that the matter came to light when a 10-year-old girl, a native of Betia (Bihar), escaped from the shelter home and narrated her ordeal to the police. The police took action after the girl informed the police that all the inmates were being treated like servants. She also said that cars came to pick up girls above 15 years of age and the girls came back crying the next day.

警司Rohan P Kanay称,一个10岁的女孩,来自比哈尔邦,从收容所逃出来并向警方讲述了她的苦难经历后,事情才曝光。在女孩告知警方所有被收容女子都被当作奴仆对待后,警方采取了行动。她还称,经常有人开车过来挑选15岁以上的女孩,第二天她们通常都哭着回来。


"Twenty-four girls were rescued yesterday from the shelter home at station road in the name of Ma Vindhyawasini Mahila Prakishan Evam Samaj Sewa Sansthan, which has 42 inmates. Eighteen inmates are still missing. We have sealed it," said Kanay.

“昨天我们从收容所救出24名女孩,该收容所共有42名女孩,有18人仍下落不明。我们已经封了这家收容所。” Kanay说到。


The license of the shelter home was also revoked following an inspection by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and its director.



Taking serious note of the lapses on the part of the district administration in handling complaints against the shelter home for women, UP chief minister Adityanath is learnt to have directed the officials to remove the district magistrate of Deoria, Sujit Kumar.

Nitish Kumar will not step down over Muzaffarpur shelter home rapes: JD(U)

在注意到地区行政当局在处理针对妇女收容所投诉方面的失误后,北方邦首席部长 Adityanath已指示官员撤换德奥里亚的地方行政长官苏吉特·库马尔。在穆扎法布尔普收容所强奸案中,尼蒂什·库马尔(比哈尔邦首)未辞职。


The Deoria SP has been directed by the UP Police Headquarters in Lucknow to take stern action against the culprits.



"The entire matter will be investigated, and the local administration is already taking action. The Women and Child Development Department is also coordinating. The inquiry will be done under proper legal procedure," ADG Law and Order Anand Kumar said in Lucknow.



The medical test of the children would be done by a doctor and their statements recorded before a magistrate, said Anand.



"The recognition of the NGO was revoked one year back, and funds were stopped. We will probe how it was functioning till now and see who is responsible for this," said UP women and child development minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi.

妇女和儿童发展部部长Rita Bahuguna Joshi表示:“一年前就已经不认可该收容所了,经费也停了。我们将调查它是如何运作至今的,看看谁应该对此负责。”


"The then district probation officer (DPO) Abhishek Pandey has been suspended and a departmental probe ordered against the two other officers.

当时的地区缓刑犯监督官Abhishek Pandey已被停职,并已下令对另外两名官员进行调查。


"Additional Chief Secretary Renuka Kumar and ADG (Women Cell) Anju Gupta have been rushed to Deoria and they have been asked to submit their report by tonight," Joshi said.

Joshi称:“首席秘书Renuka Kumar和警察总长Anju Gupta已经火速赶往德奥里亚,他们要在今晚之前提交报告。”


"The CM has sent a two-member high level committee to Deoria for the investigation. They will stay there today and submit a report, following which action will be taken," she added.



Girija Tripathi and her husband Mohan Tripathi, who operated the shelter home, and its superintendent Kanchanlata have been arrested already.



However Tripathi told reporters that the charges were baseless and payment of last three years was pending, so she was running the shelter home.



The matter comes in the backdrop of the alleged sexual abuse of young girls at a state-funded shelter home in Bihar's Muzaffarpur which led to a public outcry. Sexual abuse of 34 inmates out of 42 was confirmed in medical examination.




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Sudhip Kumar Sen25092  Sudhip Kumar Sen-1 day ago -Follow

In India the poor and helpless are treated worse than animals.



Ps Murthy1006  ps murthy-Ingeku-1 day ago -Follow

For ages these shelter homes were abuse homes. Only now the villains behind these are getting caught.



Bikash Saha617  Bikash-1 day ago -Follow

the owners and management should be hanged in public so that no other will dare to repeat same ordeal. India should be proud by hanging them.



Sishir Patnaik4846  Sishir Patnaik-brahmapr-1 day ago -Follow

it is most unfortunate that the most cruel animal on earth is a MAN. Lion most powerful animal in the forest do not rape a goat, but a man can do it.



Kamal Narayan481 Kamal Narayan-1 day ago -Follow

Some Hindus of India do not know the rule of Karma. The land that gave us Ramayana, Gita and Upnisad are behaving like an animal.



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy12742  Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy-1 day ago -Follow

First Bihar,now U.P next God only knows. A special audit of similar NGO''S are to be taken on war footing.



Anonymous 227 Mohd-1 day ago -Follow

Good job by the government.Stringent punishment should follow



Tarun Tarun-Delhi-1 day ago

Brahmans and rajputs have destroyed the nation. The one in Bihar is a Thakur and the one here is tripathi. Modiji need to eradicate these Brahmin goons.



Pradeep Kumar12594  Pradeep Kumar-1 day ago -Follow

No truth will come out under BJP misrule. No News Channels will be allowed to air the news as well as happened for ABP news reporters. No one will dare to speak against Modi or Yogi or Shah. All cases of Rape, will be wrapped under the carpet.



Kalifman5419  Kalifman-Bangalore-1 day ago -Follow

UP , Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan - make separate laws for this 4 states. Clean this 4 up and 75% of the crime in India would come down.



Loyed Miranda1440 Loyed-1 day ago -Follow

it's not about Bihar or Up. these scams are running everywhere. the local mla n police are involved.



Cbkpb9581  cbkpb-Mumbai-1 day ago -Follow

Now you can imagine what was india 1000 years ago . RICH PEOPLE WERE THE LAW OF THE LAND.



Bonny Moraes18699  Bonny Moraes-Goa-1 day ago -Follow

What a paradox! "Rescued from shelter"!



Logic5610 Logic-1 day ago -Follow

these people deserve death penalty



Ishita S5073  Ishita S-Pune-1 day ago -Follow

UP and Bihar are a blot on India''s face ...



Sharan Dsouza2277  Sharan Dsouza-1 day ago -Follow

Police are the root cause of all evil in this country.



Taimur 14946 Taimur-Gurugram-1 day ago -Follow

All these girls were supplied to BJP ministers in UP and Bihar.


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